Paintless Dent Repair Cost (Explained)

One damage suffered by most car users is a dent. Dents can occur at any time and anywhere. No car user plans to get a dent in their vehicle, but they might bump into a pole or the edge of a wall with carelessness.

Most people do not like having dents on their vehicles because they fear spending huge amounts on repairing those dents.

A paintless dent repair is an effective and inexpensive way to repair the dent on your vehicle’s exterior. But what is paintless dent repair cost?

This article examines the advantages and disadvantages of paintless dent repair and discusses the cost of paintless dent repairs.

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Paintless Dent Repair Explained

Paintless dent repairs describe restoring all damaged dented vehicle panels to their original form. This relatively new repair methodology focuses on restoring minor dents and dings without destroying the factory paint on the vehicle’s panel.

Paintless dent repair is also known as PDR, and this innovative technique is slowly gaining popularity for its capabilities to reduce the time spent restoring dented vehicle body panels drastically. The PDR is also praised for its eco-friendly status, making it safe to perform in residential areas.

There are many reasons to like the PDR technique. It can be used on steel and aluminum body panels and is relatively affordable because it does not require you to redo a paint job on your vehicle’s body panel.

The PDR boycotts processes like sanding, smoothening, etching, and other bodywork to reduce the time spent completing the paintless dent removal technique.

The paintless dent removal technique is simple. It requires heating the damaged body panel to a temperature where it becomes more flexible and using a metal rod opposite the heat source to knock the dent out from its depth. When the dent is almost out, you may need to stop knocking on it and push it out slowly to not create a bulge on the other side.

The paintless dent removal technique comes with its bottleneck; sometimes, it will need you to remove many parts of the interior trim to access the internal parts of the panel.

There are many limits to the paintless dent removal technique, and these limits become evident in certain scenarios, including when;

  • The paint layers inside the dent are broken or scratched.
  • The dent is situated in an area that has undergone previous bodywork.
  • The dent possesses sharp edges or torn metal.
  • The dent occurs at the edge of the vehicle’s panel. In this case, the difficulty of using the paintless dent removal technique has increased and will cost more.

Paintless Dent Repair Cost

What Affects Paintless Dent Repair Cost

Many factors can affect the price of a paintless dent repair; however, this section will look at the main factors that directly affect the paintless dent repair cost.

Here are some of the major factors affecting paintless dent repair;

Where the Dents are Located and Affected Areas

A more damaged panel will require more work to get the panel back to its former glory. If the number of affected areas is much, will it directly impact the cost of repairs?

Fixing many dents on a panel can cost as much as $2500.

The location of the dent is also vital in determining the cost required to fix the dent. Dents on flat panels are usually cheaper, prepared an edge or a line.

Also, the car’s brand and the material it is made of can affect the cost of repairs.

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Who Does the Dent Repair

Getting a professional with years of experience to perform your bodywork is always wise rather than hiring a novice.

Hiring a professional is always more expensive than hiring a movie, but the bodywork comes out of high quality. Hiring a novice will cause you to spend more in the long run as bad bodywork will cause you to redo the repair.

Some signs of bad bodywork include spray, sagging/running paint, blotching, inconsistent textures, and color mismatches. So. it is wiser to do your body work in high-standard workshops that give you the best value at a standard price rather than going to bargain shops.

How Big the Dents are and Method of Repair

The size of the den and the method of repair is a major factor that decides how much time and material will be used in repairing the dent.

Extremely large dents will require a lot of material to be used up and time in the end; if you had to employ a professional rather than do it yourself, the submission of labor cost and material costs would rise above $2000, which is quite expensive.

For medium-sized dents, restoring your vehicle to its former glory will require spending anywhere from $1500 to $1900. For smaller dents, minimal materials will be used up, and labor costs are cheap; therefore, repair costs will range between $50 to $125.

You must also understand that paintless dent repair is not an option for repairing scratches, scruffs, and tiny dings. The affected area needs to be sanded down smoothly and repainted to repair panel damage like scratches and scruffs.

The repair method is also a major constraint on the price needed for a paintless dent repair. If the affected area is the front and back bumper, different methods will be used for the paintless dent repair, possibly costing more. This price hike is because bumpers are usually made out of plastic, which changes the skill level needed to execute the task properly.

Fixing a dented bumper scan costs as much as $1000.

Paintless Dent Repair Cost

What is Paintless Dent Repair Cost?

Over the years, many technological innovations have been made in the automobile industry, including the paintless dent repair technique. This technique has made it easier for car owners to fix little dents on their vehicles, which was regarded as a waste of money in the past due to the high repair costs.

It is difficult to say how much a paintless dent repair will cost as many variations and factors will affect the cost of a paintless dent repair.

If the dent is light, the paintless dent repair will cost as low as $50 to $130. If the dent is medium-sized, the paintless dent repair will cost anywhere from $75 to $350.

The paintless dent repair will cost anywhere between $360 to $550. For the larger dents, which may be severe and rugged. However, the average price of repairing a dent with the paintless dent repair technique is between $200 and $300.

Other factors that affect the repair cost of using the paintless dent repair techniques are the dent location, size, severity, and panel material. In most cases, the brand of the vehicle can affect the price.

Methods for Self-Service Paintless Dent Repair

There are many DIY methods you can use to carry out paintless dent repair, and here are some of them;

  • You can also use a hair dryer and compressed air for plastic panels on your vehicle.
  • You can use boiling water for dents on plastic areas of your vehicle, like the bumper.
  • You can use a plunger to pop out small or medium-sized dents.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Paintless Dent Repair Cost

How much do scratches devalue a car?

Scratches can devalue a car by a minimum of 10% of its value and a maximum of 85% of its market value, depending on the severity of the scratch.

Can PDR fix small dents?

Paintless dent repair can fix over 80 to 90% of minor dents.

Should I fix the dents before selling my car?

To get the best value for your vehicle, it is always advisable to fix dents before putting your vehicle up for sale.

Conclusion – Paintless Dent Repair Cost

Paintless dent repair is a technological innovation in the automobile industry that has invented the ease of bodywork repair. However, you must understand that paintless dent repair cannot repair every kind of dent, and it’s not even an option for scratches or scruff.

It is always advisable to employ the services of an expert when trying to repair dents on your vehicle as a proper diagnosis on the best repair methods to use will be made available to you, and the result of your body work repair will be of high quality.

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