Top RV Curtains Ideas (Top Picks)

Most people think using shades or curtains in an RV is unusual, but there are certain advantages that this feature gives to your RV.

How do you fix these curtains to suit your taste and as well match the environment you are in? Are there certain designs or arrangements that are specific to the purpose?

In this article, we will explore some RV curtain ideas and reasons for using curtains in an RV.

Let’s start!

Why Might You Want to Use Curtains in an RV?


Some RVs are made of materials that conduct massive amounts of heat within a short time, which can be inconvenient when in the sun for long periods. Curtains usually act as an added insulation that reduces the amount of heat that reaches the occupants of the RV.

Decorative Reasons

A curtain can be used to improve the interior aesthetic of your RV. A simple curtain installation in an RV gives the interior cabin a facelift and decorative difference, which is more pleasing to the eye and improves the laid-back interior feel.

RV Curtains Ideas

Privacy Reasons

Privacy is one of the loveliest reasons for having an RV automobile; however, there are reduced levels of privacy in campground settings if you do not have a curtain installed in your RV. These curtains reduce or eliminate the visibility of your interior cabin from the surroundings.

To Create a Dark Room

An RV vehicle is an automobile that prioritizes comfort, and most people do not feel comfortable when relaxing in an RV that has excessive sunlight. Curtains block out excessive sunlight and make the interior of the RV more comfortable, especially during long-distance journeys. A darker interior always improves sleep and relaxation.

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Make Interior Last Longer

Constant heat can cause the materials used to build the interior components of an RV to degrade faster than normal. Over time, materials like leather or fur installed on dashboards and walls of the RV can degrade due to heat from the sunlight entering the RV. Curtains are used to prevent this wear and tear from occurring as it blocks sunlight from entering the RV and causing damage.

Manke Your RV Cool

The ambiance room temperature In the RV rises when excessive sunlight passes through its windows and windshields. Sunlight propagates heat and light. You can reduce the temperature of the RV’s interior cabin by installing curtains that block out the sunlight and regulate the amount of heat that enters through the windows. These curtains are specially designed and are usually designed to be reflective.

Best RV Curtain Ideas To Try Out

It is always a great idea to install curtains in your RV. Once you have purchased a curtain, there are some curtain installations and designs that can drastically improve your RV experience with an improved aesthetic feel.

Here are some RV curtain ideas you can try out;

1. Make Use of Sheer Floral Curtains

Sheer floral curtains are unique curtains made of light materials and easy on the eye. These curtains add great aesthetics, making the RV look more like a home.

One great feature of the curtain is its beautiful interaction with the breeze, which flows in and out of your RV.

You Can Use Blankets To Make Winter Drapes

Applying the same recycling knowledge to blankets can help you create the perfect budget-friendly winter drapes for your RV.

Blankets and winter drapes are usually made of similar materials with a characteristic insulating property.

You can cut them into drapes to perfectly fit your windows and install them using curtain rods, command hooks, or heavy-duty thumbtacks.

DIY curtains made from blankets can also serve in the summer as drapes that block out sunlight from entering the RV and maintain a comfortable room temperature throughout the year.

Use a Well Insulated Curtains

Few curtains are designed to regulate the temperature for winter and aummer. One of these curtains is the heavily insulated curtain. Installing heavily insulated curtains will keep your area warm during the winter periods and keep sunlight out during the summer.

Grey Makes a Good Color

There are many colors to choose from when theming the interior of your RV. But among all these colors, using grey is preferable.

The grey-colored curtain can go well with any background theme, and you do not need to worry about constant stains.

In addition, grey color curtains can be tweaked to become high thermal insulators.

Use More Than a Curtain Set

Multiple curtain sets can help set the tone of comfort in the RV’s cabin at different times and seasons. For example, using comfortable curtains in winter may not feel as cozy during summer. Therefore, investing in more than one set of curtains is wise.

White Color Can Make The Space Feel Large 

Most people do not like staying in a claustrophobic environment, and with the wrong arrangement and decoration, RVs can become claustrophobic.

It is wise to use light-colored curtains and fittings when decorating your RV.

Another option is to install large mirrors in different positions in the RV

You Can Choose to Use Blinds 

You can always try installing blinds behind your curtain as it improves privacy and provides the interior space of your RV with a chic look.

Curtain Tracks Can Devide Your Spaces

Installing curtain tracks will help you divide your RV carbon into compartments at minimal cost. Dividing your RV into compartments improves privacy within the cabin of the RV. Curtains also add more color to the aesthetics of the interior cabin.

Reflective Shades Can Be Useful

Installing reflective shades behind the curtain is a strange way of adding an extra insulation layer. These will improve the thermal properties of the curtain and block out more sunlight. Also, it is the perfect budget-friendly alternative to blackout curtains.

Command Hooks For Curtain Rods

Suppose you are having some problems installing curtain rods and command hooks. Installing command hooks is way easier and less expensive. Get some self-adhesive hooks and grommets to install your curtains perfectly.

Unlike installing curtain rods requiring drilling holes in your RV, command hooks help you avoid drilling stress and destroying your RV with holes.

However, you must ensure that the weight of your curtain can be installed on the command hooks you got from the store.

RV Curtains Ideas

Double Curtains Is Always The Best

One strange but highly decorative idea that has made a Mark in the decoration of most interior spaces is the installation of double curtains, which are of different materials. For the RV, the combination of weatherproof drapes and sheer floral curtains can drastically improve the aesthetic appeal of your interior space.

Although this idea can cost more in terms of installation, it always turns out to be a game changer in the decorative space.

Use Thumbtacks When Installing Thin Curtains

One unconventional but budget-friendly way to install your thin curtains is to use thumbtacks instead of curtain rods or command hooks. Using thumbtacks to install heavy winter drapes will not work; thin curtains can be installed as room dividers and on Windows with thumbtacks.

One convenient thing about using thumbtacks for installation is that they can be found in almost every store in your area.

Flat Sheets as Curtains

Reusing flat sheets as curtains is a great way to recycle and save costs. Just so you know, you may not be able to use flat sheets like that, but with a little creativity and experience in joining fabrics together with either adhesives or sewing threads, you might be able to create the curtains of your dreams.

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Frequently Asked Questions – RV Curtains Ideas

What kind of fabric should I use for camper curtains?

The best fabric to use for camper curtains is a lightweight curtain or Genuine Ultraleather.

 Do Command Strips damage RV walls?

Command strips are removable and will not damage your RV walls, unlike nails or screws.

Can I use regular blinds in the RV?

You can use regular blinds if you are aware; however, you must be considerate about their size when buying one for your RV

Conclusion – RV Curtains Ideas

Using curtains in your RV has many advantages; however, most people do not know how to install these curtains in a way that looks lovely and less cramping. This article has provided Hilton with a great range of RV ideas that will help you improve the current decor of your RV and maintain comfort all year round. You can try out any of the options above to enjoy a great feel of a cozy home.

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