How Much Does a Tesla Battery Weigh?

If you own a Tesla or are planning to own one, you might be curious to ask – How much does a Tesla battery weigh? What is the present cost of a tesla car battery? What was its previous cost?

If you are in this situation, this article was made for you as it contains every information you need to know about a Tesla battery’s weight.

Tesla vehicles are very famous and highly sought after in the market. However, it is its unique features that draw people’s attention. This includes their cutting-edge tech and total electric powertrain. Amongst the interesting features is its car batteries. Their batteries are larger when compared with the gasoline-powered traditional vehicle batteries, and their weight.

As you read, you will also find out more about the Tesla battery, which might interest you and others. 

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An S Model battery weighs 1200 Ibs and has the lengthiest range of the entire Tesla vehicle’s, making the battery heavy. The 3 Model weighs 1060 Ibs, the X Model weighs 1183 Ibs, and the Y Model battery weighs 4,416 Ibs.

Although Tesla’s Vehicle batteries weigh more than the gasoline-powered traditional vehicles and car, it packs so much power. For instance, the Tesla Model S on a single charge has about 412 miles stored in it. Hence, not minding that the battery is heavy, it still affords drivers sufficient range and power.

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Tesla Model S Battery and Features

Tesla’s Model S battery is about 1200 Ibs, and the mile range is 412 miles. The S Model has a lighter weight and is made with aluminum. It is robust because it is manufactured with the steel of high strength.

Light aluminum lowers the vehicle’s general weight, allowing quick acceleration with its top speed at (100 km/hr), 60 mph in about 2.1 seconds.

It has been stated by Tesla that weight has been shaved off from the model P100D. The S model has a glass roof that is panoramic and built with Gorilla Glass. The car is all-electric, with about seven seats.

Tesla Model X Battery and Features

The Tesla Model X battery is about 1200 Ibs. Its horsepower is around 255. The car range is up to 305 miles. It takes between 25 to 30 minutes to charge when you use a Supercharger.

An X Model has its special features. It also has wheel drive, which gives it traction and great stability in every weather condition.

The vehicle has the door design of a “Falcons Wing,” which makes it easy to access the third and second-row seats. In addition, the Model X has a panoramic windshield that offers a clear view of the road.

Tesla Model 3 Battery and Features

The Tesla Model 3 is for a person of average standard. It is not expensive and ensures efficiency and performance as well. The 3 Model can be compared with the S Tesla Model in the market.

Although the S model is made for a premium class because it is bigger, the 3 Model bears high safety in mind. It weighs lesser than the S model.

Model 3 Tesla is made of aluminum and steel of high strength. Its roof is all glass, and this aids in its light weight. The ratio of metals is two, giving it apex stiffness without impacting its weight.

Tesla 3 Model battery pack is about 15% lighter at 1060 Ibs, unlike the S Model, and also 6% lighter than a P100D. Using the battery cells of 2170 is what aided the weight reduction and notable weight decrease.

Adding a nickel led to a noticeable reduction in the weight of the battery pack. The reduction in package size results from a new cell of battery being tightly packed and smaller.

Tesla Model Y Battery and Features

Y Model is a small SUV, and it’s light. Like other models, the car’s body is made of aluminum and steel reinforcement. However, it is not as expensive as the Tesla Model X and S and can accommodate about seven passengers.

This Model has an all-wheel dual-motor drive. In about three seconds, it can go from zero to sixty mph. The range of this car is about 303 miles. Y Model battery weighs about 4,416 Ibs (2003 kg).

This is why it remains amongst the heaviest SUVs in our market but remains lighter than other Tesla brands/models.

Why Is Aluminum Used in Some of Tesla’s Car Batteries?

There are so many reasons for this. One is that aluminum is a good electricity conductor and can aid the battery in recharging and discharging fast.

In addition, aluminum is not heavy, but it is strong. Hence, using it in electric cars that need to save some weight is ideal.

One other reason aluminum is being used in a couple of Tesla vehicle batteries is because of heat dissipation. It is needed because while electricity is being generated, heat is also produced and, if not cared for, can cause damage to the cells of your battery. Since aluminum is good for dissipating and conducting heat, it helps make the Tesla battery function and cool efficiently.

How Does a Tesla Battery ‘kWh to Weight Ratio’ Compare to Other Electric Vehicles?

Tesla’s kWh-to-weight ratio is the best of the electric vehicles in production. Having the biggest kWh batteries, the Tesla models have less weight than other vehicles. The Model 3 and S have 82 kWh to 100 kWh, and over 2200 kg has a 22.4 to 26.3 kWh to weight ratio.

How Long Do Tesla Car Batteries Last?

The estimated lifespan of the Tesla car battery is between 300,000 to 500,000 miles. However, many Tesla drivers say their car batteries last longer than those mentioned earlier.

How Much Does a Tesla Car Battery Weigh?

How Much Does a Tesla Weigh Without the Battery?

Now that we know how heavy the various batteries of the different models are, you can easily calculate the models’ weight when subtracting each Model’s weight from a curb weight. Continue reading to find out more.

Model S of Tesla

This Model’s curb weight is 4,647 to 4,940 Ibs. Its battery will weigh 1,200 pounds. When you remove the battery, it will weigh 3,447 Ibs.

Model X of Tesla

This Model’s curb weight is 5,421 Ibs. However, this particular Model’s battery weighs over 1200 pounds. If you remove the battery, it will weigh 4,121 Ibs.

Model 3 of Tesla

The curb weight is 3,552 Ibs. Its battery weighs 1,054 pounds. When you remove the battery, it will weigh 2498 Ibs.

Model Y of Tesla

The Y Model’s curb weight is 4,078 Ibs. Its battery weighs 1,168 pounds. When you remove the battery, it will weigh 2910 Ibs.

Tesla Roadster

This Model’s curb weight is 2,887 Ibs. The battery weighs 1,836 pounds. If you take out the battery, it will weigh 1051 Ibs.

What’s the Weight of Coming Tesla Models Batteries?

Besides producing SUVs and sedan cars, Tesla has expanded its horizon and produces vehicles of heavy duty. News has it that Tesla will provide its semi truck and Cybertruck for cargo transportation.

We will discuss the fantastic car batteries and their weight as well.


A Tesla Cybertruck should measure up to a Ford F-250 Crew Can’s weight, and its estimated weight is 8,330 Ibs.

The battery pack of a Cybertruck will weigh 3,100 lbs or 250 kWh. Its cargo capacity is large, so it is logical to have this weight and battery pack.

Semi Truck

Since Semi’s debut, Tesla has made notable advances in battery tech. For example, the battery pack of 100 KWh weighs about 1300 pounds.

A battery pack of 600 kWh is around 8,000 pounds. Therefore, a battery pack of 600kWh on a Semi Truck is needed for payload capability.

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Frequently Asked Questions – How Much Does a Tesla Car Battery Weigh?

How much do Tesla batteries weigh?

These are some things you have never heard. The Energy Storage System, or battery system, comprises 6,831 Li-ion cells. This is possibly the same size as the storage trunk, which weighs 900 pounds.

Why are the Tesla batteries very heavy?

Having a new battery tech, the desire to reduce weight. They are very heavy because of the number of battery lithium-ion cells it needs.

How heavy is a Tesla Model 3 battery?

A standard Range version holds 2,976 cells aligned in 96 groups of 31. Then the Range version, that is, Long, holds 4,416 cells aligned in 96 groups of 46. Its weight is 480 kg (1060 pounds) in a volume of 0.40 m³; its density is 150 Wh/kg.

How much does a Tesla battery cost?

The battery costs between $10,000 – $13,000, depending on the Model. Yes, you will spend an additional $100 for labor (this amount is a less estimate)

How large is the Tesla 3 battery?

The vehicle has a battery of about 60.5 kWh- in line with the up-to-date reading by the app ScanMyTesla- about 57.5 kWh can be used. This is above 9% than before.

Conclusion – How Much Does a Tesla Battery Weigh?

The weight of an S Model battery is 1,200 Ibs. The Tesla S Model is the most famous because of its large battery. Tesla 3 Model’s battery pack is 1,060 Ibs. The X Model’s battery of Lithium-ion weighs 1,183 Ibs.

Then the Y Models battery of lithium-ion weighs 4,416 Ibs (2003 kg) New cells in Y Model batteries are tightly packed and smaller, leading to a reduction of 15% in weight.

As a result, the Y Model is the lightest SUV Tesla car but is still heavy. Not minding if it’s a battery of smaller size, Y Model’s range is shorter than the X and 3 Models. It is because its battery size is smaller. Regardless, its market share is comparable.

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