How Much Does It Cost to Lift a Truck?

Lifting a truck has become a regular change for truck fanciers. Truck drivers lift trucks for many reasons, such as better shock absorbers, large tires, and better off-road ability. For this reason, one might ask, how much does it cost to lift a truck?

Several benefits come from lifting a truck. Nevertheless, one factor that defines the potential of venturing into such an operation is the cost.

Various components, directly and indirectly, influence the cost of lifting a truck; this component includes the truck’s size, type, the truck lift you intend to use, and whether you schedule service with a mechanic or do it yourself (DIY) route.

This article will enlighten you on everything you need to know about the cost of lifting a truck, your various options, and which one to pick.

Let’s begin.

What Kinds of Truck Lifting Processes Are There, and How Much Do They Cost?

Truck owners lift vehicles for various purposes. One is to set up a larger tire, which enables the truck to be appropriate for off-roading. It is a customized method designed to improve the truck’s performance and gives it a more unique and aggressive appearance.

Irrespective of the objective, there are two crucial facts to analyze before lifting. The first is to decide on the proper appliance for the task; second is choosing the right method for the induction – both influence the full expanse.

Before we explain further, “what is the cost of a lifting device for a vehicle?” and “How much does it cost to lift a truck?” we’ll have to discuss the various categories of lift devices that are accessible. Based on your dealer’s attitude, one lift device can be more cost-effective for you than the other.

Lift device installation can range from seven to fifteen hours for basic setups and extensive modifications; It also offers guidance on how useful a lifting device can be when connected.

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How Much Does It Cost to Lift a Truck?

A lifting device can lift your vehicle from 1.5 to 6 inches and above. Before confirming the lift device to use, You are expected to analyze why you require a car lifting, the number of tires to be obtained, and if u will employ an expert to do the job or u will do it yourself.

Below are three different types of lift devices, their demerits, and merits:


Spacers are Discs connected to the roof of a spiral spring that emerges from 1 to 3 inches of additional surface release. Spacers are cheap and vary from ten dollars ($10) to about a hundred dollars ($100), depending on the equipment.

They are simple to launch, don’t require profound change, don’t need any repairing or changing of original equipment manufacturers (OEM), and it doesn’t alter existing spring costs.

The spacer has some weaknesses, which include: not adding spring travel, some being virtually inserted, and if not connected to the pillar, they can fall, thereby inducing unnecessary damage to the vehicle’s suspension part. Also, contrary to other suspension advancements, they don’t change suspension parts themselves.

Most people see spacers as an inexpensive way to get your truck lifted without developing improved suspension boosts or a genuine improvement in skill.


  • They’re economical
  • They can do many functions: such as working with plant suspension or an automobile device, irrespective of the halt device you carry.
  • Spring cost is always constant.
  • The amount for lifting is fixed; they don’t negotiate or bargain.


  • Spring cost remains the same: there is no ability to alter the springs
  • The spacer can get damaged
  • Unlikely a higher spring, you’re omitting the possibility of more inches in spring movement
  • The major problem with a spacer is that you keep expanding size.

Leveling Kits

This is another type of truck lifting, which lifts up the cloak of vehicles by 1 to 2 inches to balance it to the seating area. Lifting the vehicle’s front area provides you with a minor extra surface release. Relying on the equipment suspension and truck model, you can achieve these by utilizing extra sizes, pane springs, or torsion volumes. Leveling devices are economically applied to body lifts.

Lifting the truck’s front gives stability to vehicles undergoing instability. This instability is mostly affected by packing massive devices in the vehicle. A leveling device is suitable for vehicles that require raising by 2 inches or less. What will be the price to raise a truck by 2 inches?

Two-inch vehicle leveling payments are approximately sixty dollars ($60) to hundred dollars ($100). The induction cost for a 2-inch vehicle leveling is roughly $300. Therefore, leveling a vehicle by 2 inches can amount to $125 to $1000. Two-inch Leveling raise device for F150 doesn’t retain various components, hence is understandable to install.


  • Simple to set up
  • Improve the looks of the vehicle
  • It’s more affordable compared to other lifting devices
  • Enhances pulling achievement


  • It doesn’t enhance the suspension expedition
  • Few tire releases

Body Lift Kits

Body lift devices are also referred to as spacer lift devices. It is an inexpensive method of lifting your truck. The device requires spacer specifications to lift the truck’s body off the rack. A body lift device gives you a 1 to 3 inches lift. The devices also comprise the back and front bumper racks. Those that wish to perform a body lift always want to know the cost of lifting a vehicle by 3 inches.

Body lift devices merely lift the vehicle’s trunk. The truck’s suspension and frame maintain their initial length from the surface. This implies that you won’t be able to get excess approval. These lift devices are applicable for launching bigger tires on vehicles without influencing their lift value.

Body lifts are suitable for vehicles mostly driven on streets and freeways for a steady conveyance. It offers more extensive changes to your vehicle’s exterior and enhances its capabilities.

The price to install a body lift device depends on the lift’s magnitude. If you carry out the installation yourself, it will cost roughly $400 to $4,000. Nevertheless, if experts perform it, it will amount to about $800 to $8,000.


  • It is cheap and affordable
  • It offers the vehicle a smooth look
  • It doesn’t endanger the plant lift
  • It enables larger tires
  • It improves visibility


  • Insufficient lift distance
  • It Has no action objective

Suspension Lift Kits

Suspension lift tools are the most costly and extremely difficult to install, but they are also among the most famous method to lift vehicles. As anticipated, suspension lift devices contain valuable suspension factors like a driveshaft, sway poles, control arms, alignment components, shocks, U-bolts, shock halts, spiral springs, and leaf springs.

The price of this lifting device is mostly ascertained by the value and cost of parts contained in the device, and some of these lifting devices do not contain all those listed gadgets. The truck type or model also determines the price.

The most affordable and easiest suspension lift device can amount to $150, containing just 1 or 2 factors. The most affordable lifting device is implied for the bottom of pickup vehicles, and they only contain panel springs and U-bolts.

Several valuable suspension lift devices can cost approximately $10,000, and they come with extra appliances, including skid plates; therefore, they need welding and extra comprehensive changes to launch. For these possible changes, an experienced installment is required. On the other hand, it might double the amount of installation and hasten the process.

How Much Does It Cost to Lift a Truck?


  • Enhances additional surface license
  • It offers space for heftier tires
  • Improve suspension achievement
  • It Modifies the vehicle’s look


  • It’s very costly
  • They are Difficult to install

Which Approach Should One Take To Lift a Truck?

The installation procedure also increases the price of lifting your vehicle. Installation of lift devices can be done in 2 methods: the DIY (do-it-yourself) approach and paying a technician to perform the job.

Do It Yourself

Consider that the procedure requires a professional before agreeing to do it yourself. You can only attempt to install the kit yourself if you’ve previously installed them and are aware of the procedure and knowledgeable enough to conduct the task.

If not, hiring an expert to perform the task is advisable to assure defense and suitable induction. It might sound like a simple job, but once you get going, you could easily damage your vehicle if you don’t know what you’re doing. If this occurs, it will cost you extra because you will have to fix the broken truck and install the device with an expert.

Notwithstanding, this awareness may not pertain to you if you understand inducting lift devices. An authorized technician can verify whether the induction is appropriate and stable to function. Therefore, it is advisable to visit an authorized technician, to observe the installation and ensure everything is performing as it should be.

Hire a Professional

Even an experienced “automobile man” can encounter complications when setting up a lifting device. Thus, it is often the best method to install your lifting device.

Employing a technician will not only give you an effortless induction method but will give you inner peace, knowing that an authorized technician is dealing with a complicated tool. With a professional, you would not be bothered about making a crucial error during induction.

Despite the doing-it-yourself (DIY) approach, employing an expert will certainly increase your expenses. This is because the cost of induction relies on the device, various tasks, and the vehicle type.

The price of installing a lifting device is possibly the exact cost of the lifting device itself, most times a little extra. For instance, installing a $150 leveling device can cost approximately $150 for induction. It’s also applicable to set up a $2000 body lift device, though the more vast the device, the higher the price of induction.

Determining which method is good for your use greatly relies on your understanding and skills in vehicle and lift devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions – How Much Does It Cost to Lift a Truck?

How much does putting a 2inches lift on a truck cost?

The list price for a vehicle lift device that can lift the truck by 2 inches is rated from $400 to $ 12,000. The bigger vehicle lift device, which lifts vehicles by six inches or more, is rated from $11,000 to $14,000.

How much is a 4-inch lift on a truck?

For social work, it’s advisable to use a suspension lift device, rates from $300 to $12,000 for 2 to 5 inches of length. If you are going for 6 inches or extra of lift, it is rated approximately $10,000 to $15,000 or more occasionally.

Can I install a lift kit myself?

Installing a lifting device is time-consuming and requires a professional, but if you are optimistic about your skills and can understand, then you and a friend can perform the whole procedure. Endeavor to Pay more attention when discarding the coil spring.

How long does it take to lift a truck?

Experienced and authorized mechanics can install a new device for about 7 to 15 hours. However, when installing a lifting device at home, You are required to consume twice the time, Even if you’re a master in DIY service.

Do lift kits hurt your truck?

If a lifting device is not installed properly, it can destroy the trunk, suspensions, or frame. On that note, you should allow an expert or individual with the potential or knowledge to perform the task with your truck’s accurate specification in their minds to prevent unnecessary loss in the process.

Does a lift kit void insurance?

Lift devices don’t invalidate safety. Nevertheless, you are required to allow your safety provider to learn about the lift device changes, receive adequate procedure approval, and retain proper content.

Conclusion – How Much Does It Cost to Lift a Truck?

The cost of lifting a vehicle is ascertained by the installation procedures, the vehicle model, and the type of lift device, but doing the induction yourself lessens the cost of lifting your vehicle.

Suspension lift devices are expensive, but they improve your vehicle’s performance. Leveling and body lift devices are cost-effective. It’s advisable to take your vehicle to a technician to ensure all is intact after lifting it yourself.

On the contrary, you can employ a professional if you don’t have the knowledge to install, it will increase the installation price, but it’s worthwhile.

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