How To Reset Honda Accord Radio Code Error E

Does your Honda Accord radio show the code error E? Do you want to know how to reset the Honda Accord radio code error E? Are you bothered that this could have a more complex root cause?

The radio in your Honda Accord is often relied upon to entertain you and get you updated while driving. Then what should one be doing, if their preferred channels are blocked from playing, whenever the dreadful “Error E” shows?

Don’t panic or get frightened, we’re here to assist you with the resets!  There are some possible causes and solutions.

This guide will demonstrate how to fix the Honda Accord radio code issue and all you need to know about it.


If the Honda radio prompts users to enter the code, the batteries probably need replacing or have already expired. You’ll need the code found in the Honda database to fix it.

Even if this is your first experience, do not panic; once users follow the instructions, the procedure is easy, but just requires some mins.

How To Reset The Honda Accord Radio Code Error E

Step 1: Find the Serial Number

Find the radio’s serial number first. It is written on a label attached to the radio’s side or top. Contact Honda customer care at 800-999-100, once you’ve found the serial number. Then, call 9 and ask about your car’s radio code.

When users contact, make sure to confirm the details available:

  • The radio’s serial number
  • The identification number of the car (VIN)
  • The contact I can call to reach you

A user would be asked for such data, by a customer service agent to establish their identity, and retrieve the code for the car.

Step 2: Place the Car on Auxiliary Mode

Click the “AUX” switch on the radio, after starting your vehicle. The radio will enter the auxiliary mode. As a result, enabling users to enter the code.

If you can’t find an AUX switch, check for a “SOURCE” or “MODE” button instead. Up until the auxiliary, pushing the key would flow through the various modes.

Users could also put the vehicle in auxiliary mode, by twisting the key towards the “ACC” position, and not igniting the engine. The radio will turn on without the car, enabling users to enter the code.

Step 3: Turn off the Radio.

Push the “PWR” key to off the radio, after using the auxiliary method. Normally, these are found just on the radio’s display.

Step 4: Turn on the Radio.

Using one spare hand, depress the key written PWR while pressing the digits six and one. The radio’s serial number in the car will be visible to the user.

Step 5: Using the Preset Buttons on Your Radio, Put In the Five-Digit Code.

The first preset key is associated with the first number of the code, etc. One could click “43” when the code, for instance, was 43679.

When entering all 5 numbers of the code, let go of the one and 6 keys. The radio ought to come on, so you can use it normally.

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What Should You Know About the Honda Accord

A Honda Accord is a line of cars, produced first by Japanese carmaker Honda in 1976. Its 4-door sedan model, which has been among the biggest-selling vehicles in the US since 1989, is the Honda Accord’s most well-known model.

In different areas of the globe, the Accord moniker has been seen on a range of automobiles, comprising of a crossover, hatchbacks, coupes, and wagons.

A fully engaging entertainment system, incorporating technologies like Android Auto integration and Apple CarPlay, and HondaLink is the standard satellite radio, and on more recent models of the Honda Accord. Thanks to this method, your ride quality will be more efficient and joyful.

Are There Other Methods for Resetting the Error E Code?

Sure, there are various ways to reboot the Honda radio in addition to the previous one. However, all power of the radio must be turned up, and the power key must be depressed for at least 2 secs.

Such a process occasionally enables the radio to recall its default configuration, for everyday use. You won’t need to input the code ordinarily in this situation. And if it doesn’t work, follow the instructions above.

Must I Reset the Radio Every Time I Disconnect the Battery?

Yeah, cutting off a battery results in the power loss of critical radio, and automotive equipment. To allow everything to function properly, you must restart. For example, if you change the battery, you would need to hit the reset button on time and input the code for the vehicle’s radio system.

What Could Happen if the Honda Radio Error Code E Won’t Reset?

The radio will not function if such error code “E” is not cleared. Thus, one must drive to a nearby Honda shop, to fix the issue.

Some Other Error Codes for Honda Radio

There are various Honda code problems apart from the error code “E”, including

  • Honda code error 4
  • Honda CRV code error 3
  • code error 3 Honda accord
  • Honda CRV code error 9
  • Honda Code error 1
  • Code error 3 Honda Civic
  • Honda code error 8
  • Honda code error 6
  • Honda code error #2

Why Do I Need to Reset Your Radio Code in a Honda?

You might have to reconfigure the radio code if the Honda experienced a prolonged power outage.

For example, when you change the battery in the vehicle, unplug the battery wire, just let the battery run entirely flat, or amass an alternator problem, you risk losing power. In such scenarios, one radio might lose its reference voltage for an extended period, necessitating a reset.

Irrespective of the Honda version you’re riding, the problem can arise. Any Honda Civic, Accord, Honda Pilot, Honda CR-V, or Honda odyssey may require a radio code redo if the voltage of reference is lost.

How To Reset The Honda Accord Radio Code Error E

How to Reset Other Radio Codes in Honda

To get the radio code back and reboot the radio, ensure the following.

The radio code is required to restore the radio. When looking up radio codes in Honda’s database, a nearby Honda shop would require a serial number from the radio (and afterward, its car identification number).

Note: The radio must be adjusted if the car has been mapped in a Honda shop.

  1. Once users have obtained the SN of the radio, users would need a notepad and a pencil, or a tool to document this.
  1. Place the car inside the auxiliary (not quite the begin or operate) place, by turning the ignition key or pressing the power button.
  1. Arrive in the off direction for the radio. (CODE and ERR should not be shown on the radio. The display ought to be empty.)
  1. Use one hand to hold down buttons 1 and 6 at the same time.
  1. Use your single finger to switch on the radio, while holding keys 1 & 6.
  1. An eight-numbers s/n shall appear, whenever the keys are held. (on certain previous models, there may be two serial numbers displayed. I.e. U1234 – l5678)
  1. After the s/n is showcased, disconnect keys 1 and 6, but also note or document the eight-digit s/n for afterward usage.
  1. Often, regional Honda vendors will require the seventeen-number VIN to enter, recover, and restore the radio code for you. These seventeen numbers s/n, are located on a label on the vehicle’s middle pillar post, on the flank of the dashboard, noticeably underneath the windshield, and on the car registration and the proof of insurance. The seventeen-digit VIN, and the eighteen-numbers radio s/n, should then be sent to the neighborhood Honda dealership.
  1. Go to your car after you have acquired a five-digit radio code, from the regional Honda dealer.
  1. Put your car in the auxiliary (not the ignition or move) position, by turning the car ignition button or using the power button.
  1. Switch on the radio. The term “code” ought to be listened to on the radio. Unplug your dark -ve under-hood battery wire, for one to three minutes to restart the device, if the radio indicates an error (ERR). Then, restart the radio and listen for the term “code.” the 5-digit radio code must be entered. Turn off the radio again.

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Frequently Asked Questions – How To Reset Honda Accord Radio Code Error E

How do I clear the error E on my Honda Accord?

Unplug the dark negative battery connection out from the radio, for approximately 1-3 minutes to restore it, if error code E is shown. The radio should turn back on if you search for the text “code” and input your unique identification radio code.

How do I reset the radio code on my Honda Accord?

When you’ve discovered it, just use preset radio keys to input the Honda Accord code. If the sound system code of the Honda Accord reads “22271,” for instance, one should hit “2” 3 times, “7” once, and “1” once. The vehicle’s audio setup will be unlocked and restored as a result.

How do I reset my Honda radio without the code?

Simply hold down the power key for two seconds, and the radio should restart itself and work correctly, not requiring users to input a code.

How do I reset my Honda radio code?

Switch off the radio to ensure that CODE or ERR isn’t on display. Next, hold down just one (1) and six (6) keys on the radio, with one finger at the same time. Then, turn on the radio with the spare hand, while pressing only one and six keys.

How do I get rid of error E on my Honda radio?

Remove the dark -ve under-hood battery wire, for one to three mins to refresh the device, if the radio shows an error (ERR) signal. RESTART Your RADIO, and LISTEN For Something like the Term “CODE.” A 5-DIGIT RADIO CODE MUST BE ENTERED. TURN Off the RADIO AGAIN.

Why does my radio not work after changing the battery?

Anti-theft “option,” which activates battery power anytime it is disconnected from a car stereo, is the more frequent cause for it to quit functioning, once the batteries have entirely died. If that occurs, everything users must do to get it up and running quickly, is to input the proper auto radio code.

How do I enter the radio code for Honda?

Utilizing the Civic’s radio setting controls, merely input the code. Consequently, if the radio code for the Honda Civic is “44771,” one should hit “4” two times, “7” two times, & “1” once. The device would open when users input this code, giving you full control of the radio features on the Honda Civic.

Can I get the radio code from the VIN?

Usually, normally input the VIN, the radio’s serial number, and mobile numbers like your telephone number, and e-mail address, if the company that developed your car supports internet code verification. Then, you could receive the code by mail as a personal reference.

Conclusion – How To Reset Honda Accord Radio Code Error E

You’ll notice that users can’t access the Honda communications system, after just changing the vehicle’s battery, which implies that you won’t be able to listen to your favorite songs while driving.

Most likely, you can’t get in because a factory-activated safety system, for anti-theft, is on. It can shut out another user, even though it’s designed to prevent cd player thieves, from accessing the music system.

Thankfully, the problem is widespread & easily resolved. Just adhere to the instructions provided, so you’ll be able to drive while enjoying your favorite songs.

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