Is Driving Barefoot Illegal (Everything to Know)

Is driving barefoot illegal? Would you like to know if there is any law against driving barefoot?

There’s a common belief amongst most Americans that driving barefoot is illegal. It surprises most people that the belief is just a legend.

Driving a pickup truck, car, or similar car without shoes in all fifty states is legal. Jason Heimbaugh, in the 90s, wrote to all fifty states’ departments of motor vehicles to be sure about it. With time all of them responded and confirmed that driving without shoes is legal. This law has never changed ever since.

In this guide, we are going to know all about driving barefoot in the United States, lets get started.

Why do people think it is illegal

It’s not illegal to drive barefoot, yet how this misconception came about is not known by many. It is possible that it was a misunderstanding or an after-effect of the reality that many drivers wear shoes while driving.

However, most people have come to believe that it is dangerous to drive barefoot. This might have evolved with time to the myth that “driving barefoot is illegal” for some paces.

Most police units have this policy that doesn’t allow driving barefoot. This factor could be contributing to the belief that driving barefoot is illegal. If driving barefoot is one of the factors in accidents, the drivers might be subjected to an additional penalty.

Driving without shoes is not illegal, even when you think it is dangerous. So the police officers can’t do anything more than advising people against driving without shoes as no law condemns it.

Is driving barefoot illegal

Is It Unlawful to Drive Barefoot in Any State?

It’s not illegal to drive barefoot in all fifty states. However, the practice is discouraged by many as they put into consideration the safety risks related to driving without shoes to be real issues.

Driving barefoot on a motorcycle is prohibited in only Alabama. However, your choice of footwear is irrelevant when it comes to driving other vehicles.

You could face a civil fine or be charged in Nevada, Arizona, California, and Arkansas if driving without shoes is the reason for your accident or contributes to your reckless driving.

Driving barefoot or with an open heel shoe is considered unsafe in these states: Wyoming, Virginia, Missouri, Ohio, Iowa, and Indiana. It’s not banned in these states, but they discourage their drivers from not putting on their shoes when driving.

Only Tennessee is an exception because some local regulations contradict their federal stance regarding barefoot driving. For drivers in Tennessee, it’s advisable to find out more from the local authorities in your area. Is it illegal to drive barefoot across all states of Tennessee? The answer is “negative,” but it could be true in some areas and cities.

Finally, both Wisconsin and Michigan encourage driving barefoot if it’s letting you control your car better.

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What Would Happen if I Drive Barefoot in a State That Prohibits the Practice?

To discourage doesn’t mean the action is illegal. States like California might hold the driver accountable if driving attracts the authorities’ attention. However, if he’s found wearing no shoes at his wheel and hasn’t been presenting any form of danger to other drivers, there’s no reason he should be scared of a fine.

Why Does Public Opinion Consider It Illegal To Drive Barefoot?

It is very difficult to identify who or what created this urban barefoot driving myth. Although we guess it is just a situation where people do as others would: since many drivers drive with their shoes on, it’s easy to assume that they are all following a specific rule.

In reality, there’s no federal law that requires a driver to wear his shoes. However, we need to be aware that not being in a vehicle without footwear can make one accountable in cases of accidents or driving recklessly. This is to say that your footwear choice could lead to serious consequences, although any state law does not explicitly prohibit it.

Are Shoes Always the Best Solution for Safe Driving?

Some states like Wisconsin and Michigan encourage their drivers to drive without shoes if their shoes would interfere with their driving to avoid putting other people at risk. The clear reasons for this recommendation: shoes that aren’t safe can in so many ways be more dangerous than wearing no shoes at all.

There are shoe styles that are recognized publicly as having the potential of being more harmful than no shoes at all.

  • Flip-flops: This type is not fastened and is not difficult to lose. However, it can cause difficulty in operating the pedals when they get stuck under it.
  • High heels: This footwear changes the ankle and foot’s inclination and can affect safe driving.
  • Excessively long laces: The Long laces can entangle the pedal easily.
  • Dress shoes with leather soles: In as much as a sturdy leather sole is of good quality, they’re usually slippery.
  • Open-heel shoes: While wearing this type of shoe, your foot can slip out of your shoe, affecting your control over the vehicle.
  • Open-toed shoes: While wearing this type of shoe, your foot can slip through the shoe’s front. Additionally, some drivers may avoid applying pressure on their pedals for fear of mistakenly hurting themselves.
  • Shoes that have wedges or thick soles: It is difficult to feel the amount of pressure you’re applying on your pedal with thick soles.

Experts on road safety recommend having safe footwear in your car, so you can always access it when you want to drive.

Is driving barefoot illegal

Why You Should Not Pedal on Barefoot

The general public does not agree with People who think that driving without footwear is safer or better than driving while wearing distinct types of footwear. The possible dangers of driving without footwear are outlined below:

  • Driving barefoot makes your feet more sensitive to falling off your pedals, especially when wet.
  • Driving without shoes might make it difficult for you to apply brakes hard.
  • The authorities can charge you with distracted or careless driving if you cause a casualty or an accident while you drive barefoot.
  • It might be difficult for you to distance yourself from an accident or leave your car if you’re barefoot
  • There may be laws against driving barefoot in some areas. Not minding the fact that driving barefoot is not illegal, you have to be careful when doing it.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Is driving barefoot illegal

Is it illegal to drive around barefoot?

No, it’s legal to drive around barefoot. No law prohibits this practice in all fifty states. However, there might be specific policies or recommendations in place in some states.

Where is it illegal to drive barefoot in the US?

Is driving barefoot illegal in any state? It’ll please the drivers that barefoot driving is not banned in any fifty states. However, the practice is discouraged by many as the safety risk of barefoot driving is considered a fundamental issue. Alabama happens to be the only state where driving a motorcycle without footwear is prohibited.

Is driving barefoot in UK legal?

In a nutshell, this is the law: Driving in the United Kingdom without footwear is not illegal, and this equally applies to wearing flip-flops – this has a catch, though. You’re free to get behind your car wheels wearing flip-flops or barefoot, as far as you can operate the car controls safely.

Is it illegal to drive with flip-flops?

Currently, there’s no explicit law banning driving without footwear, in flip-flops or heels, or other forms of footwear or sandals. However, it is stated in Highway Code 97 that before you embark on a car journey, it is important that “footwear and clothing don’t stop you from using your controls correctly.”

Is driving in heels legal?

Firstly, there’s no particular legislation that deals solely with the problems of driving while wearing high heels. Motorists are allowed to wear any kind of shoe (flip-flops, stilettos, or high heels included) while driving. Furthermore, driving without footwear is perfectly legal.

Can you get fined for driving barefoot?

Although it’s not technically illegal to drive wearing socks, flip-flops, or barefoot, it’s not advisable to do so because it can be harmful. Also, you can get penalty points and be fined. 

Is it illegal to drive in socks UK?

The same way you drive barefoot, driving in slippers or socks isn’t illegal, although you could still get into trouble. You can be charged with careless driving if your barefoot makes you drive erratically/if you’re involved in accidents.

Is it legal to drive in heels UK?

No law in the UK makes driving in any kind of shoe illegal. So legally, you are free to drive without footwear, in sandals, 6inch heels, flip-flops, and even ten-inch platforms as you wish. However, if you’re involved in an accident due to wearing inappropriate footwear, it can lead to serious consequences.

Is it illegal to drive with sandals UK?

No law in the UK states that wearing sandals to drive is illegal, yet it doesn’t tell us if the idea is good! So before getting behind your car wheel in your newly purchased Havianas, let us explore choices of footwear and break them down.

Conclusion – Is driving barefoot illegal

Finally, while driving barefoot, if discouraged by some state laws, there’s no law against it. Tennessee is the only exception, where some cities and local areas prohibit the practice. So ensure you check with the local authorities when driving through the state.

You can, however, link barefoot to possible accidents and threats on the road, and it could have dire consequences for the drivers and every other person involved. So, when you decide to drive without footwear, remember that even though it’s not illegal, the idea is not usually good either.

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