Is Your Keyless Remote Battery Low? (Here’s What To Do)

What should you do when your keyless remote battery is low? Are there any negative or risky results?

We will find out here. Supposing you drive a contemporary automobile with technological features like a key fob, you probably need to know this information.

In recent decades, the automotive sector has experienced significant growth. Numerous modifications have been made to various parts & compartments of recently produced vehicles.

The usage of a key fob or keyless remote in most modern cars is made possible by computerized systems, which is one of the notable advancements.

With the help of this feature, you may easily start your car, lock and unlock the doors, and switch the car off. The remote, however, takes batteries, which can be used up.

This article explains what to do when your key fob battery is low. It will also discuss low remote batteries on CRVs, regardless of the brand or model.

What Happens if Keyless Remote Battery Is Low?

The transmitter of a fob battery losses its range as the battery gets weaker. This implies that you have to get closer to the car for the fob to work. For cars to with a push-button start, the vehicle may not always recognize a smart key fob in your purse or pocket if the fob battery is weak.

What Does It Mean to Have a Keyless Remote Battery Low?

A technology that tracks battery usage is included in contemporary cars with electronic systems that also employ keyless entry.

As a result, it becomes a benefit to the computer keyless remote’s battery’s power monitor voltage output. In the majority of cars, the structure is set up such that the car’s key fob battery low light on the dashboard turns on when the battery power falls to a certain point.

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Before the car’s remote battery depletes/dies and it becomes difficult for you to start, lock, unlock, etc., the lighting comes on to ensure you are informed.

It is essential to replace the battery immediately if you discover that it is suddenly low because the remote indication/warning light will be visible on the dashboard. Replacing the keyless remote’s battery right away will prevent you from having to control this when the battery eventually runs out & leaves you stranded.

Keyless Remote Battery Low

What To Do When Your Keyless Remote Battery Is Low

Your key fob’s low battery situation can have you perplexed. Often, you’ll discover that your automobile contains an immobilizer(security chip) inside the remote key fob, allowing you to access your vehicle even if the battery dies or is critically low until you are able to get a substitute.

Place your car’s key fob near your car to enable the car startup if your battery is low and you can’t get in.

The battery needs to be replaced before this alternative stops working and leaves you without access to your car, even though it might work temporarily.

Fortunately, the majority of keyless entry systems have a mechanism to keep you from losing access to your car. The keyless remote fob’s battery voltage is maintained by the contemporary electronic versions, which also monitor battery usage.

Additionally, your dashboard’s low-battery indicator for the keyless remote will be activated, and you’ll probably start having trouble using the keyless fob’s features. To avoid any more troubles, you should swap the batteries as soon as you can when you run into these problems.

How Do You Gain Access to Your Vehicle When Having a Low Battery on Your Keyless Remote

You might end up locking yourself out of your car and unable to start the car if you unintentionally waited too long to replace the batteries in your key fobs. Supposing you lock yourself out of your car and are searching for a way on how to get inside so you can start the engine, we’ve listed a few ideas for you.

Battery Replacement

The (1st)first method is more obvious, by simply replacing the battery in your car’s key fob, you can easily fix your access problem by yourself for only about $5. With a dime or a little screwdriver, you can get beneath the battery cover and access the battery in your car’s key fob.

Your key fob’s battery will resemble a silver button & feature numerals that indicate the battery type. To avoid complications with your car’s key fob, use the same kind of battery when replacing the old one.

Remote Application Unlocking

A pre-set PIN can still be used to obtain access if you lose your key fob because many vehicle models include an unlocking function. Consider these instances:

  • If your car’s key fob breaks, you can still use remote unlocking services using the myAudi App from AUDI.
  • On their websites, BMW provides remote unlocking through the Connected Drive Program.
  • Ford cars made in 2017 & 2018 might have SYNC Connect; however, models made in 2018 and beyond will have FordPass application access, enabling you to access many car services without needing a key fob.
  • HondaLink, an app that offers keyless entry & 24-hour roadside assistance from virtually anywhere, will be available for free during a trial period on newer models of HONDA vehicles.
  • Through their website or Nissan Connect app, NISSAN provides owners with remote access.

Other car models exist that provide comparable services and frequently have their applications for these functions and other things as well. For more details, consult your car manufacturer.

Hidden Key

Your fob can contain a hidden key for this situation if the preceding steps aren’t available to you. You can manually open your driver’s door without using your keyless entry fob. If your key fob has a leather jacket on it, take it off, this will release a little catch and a mechanical key will pop out.

How Do You Start Your Vehicle?

Normally, starting your car is not too difficult the moment you have gained access into it. The system often has backups built into the car’s key fob that can be used if a key is not available and was created to function with a non-functioning fob remote.

On the steering column, a secret key slot is often accessible beneath a plastic cap that can be removed without difficulty.

In cases like this, backup systems are mostly fitted in vehicles with push START technology to ensure trouble-free starting. The START button should function when used with your car’s key fob.

How to Replace a Keyless Remote Battery

However, you must ensure that you get the right battery for the remote and that it is installed properly for it to function. Replacing the low remote battery in your car can be done very easily. You can use the following procedures to check the keyless entry battery in your car, which may be low on power or inactive.

Open Fob/Remote

The first step is to open the remote after purchasing a reliable vehicle dealer accessory’s keyless entry system. It is quite simple to figure out how to access the car’s key fob for battery replacement.

Use a tool that can assist you in carefully opening the remote to accomplish this. Make sure to first release the holding, then screw the two parts together, as you probably won’t be able to open this with your hands.

Remove Old Battery

After removing the remote’s battery, inspect the original battery’s placement and take note of any alerts or battery status. Normally, batteries are installed in a circular location and are shaped like a circle.

Suppose there is a free space near the old battery, slide it out first after you have recorded the new battery’s proper location. If that doesn’t work, look for any clips holding the battery in place. If any are present, carefully push it aside and slide the old battery out.

Fix New Battery

Replace the new battery in the same way the old battery was fitted after removing it.

Switch Off/Lock Keyless Remote/Fob

Reverse the steps you took to unlock the remote and relock it after you put a fresh battery in it.

To make sure they fit correctly, look closely at the pointing sides of the holes.

What Are the Signs of a Weak Fob Battery?

The transmitter’s range decreases with deteriorating fob battery power. As a result, the key fob requires proximity to the vehicle in order to operate.

If a smart key fob in your handbag or pocket has a low battery, a push button starting car won’t always detect it. The driver’s display in some vehicles may sometimes flash the warning, “Key fob battery low.”

Will the Car Start if the Fob Battery Is Weak?

The immobilizer (security chip) included inside the majority of automotive key fobs operates without a battery, though only when the key is held very close to the vehicle. The car should therefore start even though the fob’s battery is weak.

It might be necessary to place the smart key fob into a certain slot or hold it closer to the “Start” button to start the car. You can find instructions in your owner’s handbook. Alternatively, the fob might contain a traditional mechanical key. If the battery in the key fob dies or the car’s primary battery discharges, this mechanical key can still open the driver’s door.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Keyless Remote Battery Low

Can you drive with a keyless remote battery low?

You may still move through gears, drive about, & even park your car when the keyless remote battery is low. Once you’ve started the engine, the car will function normally without the key. Without the remote or key fob, you can drive around at the moment without any problem.

What does it mean when Honda keyless remote battery is low?

When the automobile detects one or both of the batteries in the fob as being “low,” the warning light illuminates. As a result, the dash warning light will turn on if you change the battery in one key fob while the battery in a different key fob is low or dead and within range.

Can you replace the battery in the keyless fob?

Your automobile key fob may malfunction, as can anything powered by a battery, and mostly when you least expect it. These batteries can be changed easily, which is a good thing. The key fob is a feature that is standard on newer cars. It can be an independent piece of equipment that you hang from your keychain and has buttons for locking and unlocking your vehicle, or it can be built right into the key.

How do I reset my Honda keyless remote battery?

The “LOCK” button on the remote fob should be pressed and held for a second. The key should now be in the “Off” spot/position after you release the button. Repeat this procedure twice.

Can I just replace the battery in my key fob?

Although you might need to utilize a small screwdriver to pull out the car’s key fob, automakers generally make replacing a battery very simple. Some fobs need two batteries, and these often cost about $10 or less.

How do I know if my key fob needs a new battery?

A weaker fob battery causes the transmitter’s range to decrease. A clue that your range is dwindling is when you find yourself having to stand much closer to your vehicle than usual. Changing your battery is indicated by this signal.

What happens if my keyless remote battery dies?

Driving will continue if your car’s key fob depletes/dies. The key fob’s limited functionality as a starting and unlocking device will ensure that the automobile keeps running. The key fob’s capacity to change the engine or ignition after the car is moving is completely gone.

How long do keyless fob batteries last?

What is the lifespan of a key fob? The battery inside the remote or fob for your automobile will eventually require to be changed, just like any other battery. The normal lifespan of a vehicle fob battery is three to four years.

Conclusion – Keyless Remote Battery Low

A low battery won’t stop you from using your key fob. The door can be locked or unlocked by placing the keyless remote near your automobile. You must also put it near the start button for your vehicle to start. A low-keyless remote battery won’t stop you from operating your car.

However, before it drains, it is advised that you replace it immediately. Performing the following steps will enable you install new batteries: Release the Keyless remote Remove the old batteries Replace the old batteries with the new ones. Close the Keyless remote.

You can change the batteries in your key fob by yourself. But it is usually recommended to take the fob to an automobile battery expert at a maintenance shop to make sure you don’t damage or break other sections of the device.

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