KIA Sedona Tow Capacity (Everything to Know)

Are you curious about the Kia Sedona tow capacity? Do you want to know if you’d bring enough extra equipment when its time to pack the minivan for your upcoming trip?

The minivan has great functionality, and if you want to find out things you can tow behind this minivan as an outdoor lover, then you are in the best place.

The Sedona is a good option for towing a vehicle since it has a powerful engine that can deliver a strong, front-wheel-driving pull.

This article examines the Kia Sedona’s towing capacity in more detail, ideas on how to couple this adaptable minivan with pop-up, teardrop, mini, or even mid-size campers for your upcoming vacation and more.

Continue reading to learn!

What are the Features of the KIA Sedona?

One popular, reliable minivan that constantly has been available in sales for a while is the Kia Sedona. It is renowned for its roomy interior and powerful towing capacity. For those families who require lots of space, a Kia Sedona surely is a fantastic option. Both persons and baggage can fit inside with ease.

The Sedona is a fantastic option for families because of its many features. Power windows with locks and cruise control and even an interesting entertainment system are included as standard features. Additionally, the Sedona provides options for warm, heated seats or a good GPS.

An excellent family car that provides you comfort and protection is the Kia Sedona. With 12 balanced cup holders, bottle holders in the front and back doors, and an efficient 12V power.

High-strength steel comprises more than half of Kia Sedona’s structural components. Twin front advanced airbags, dual front seats accompanied by mounted airbags each, and a full-length thick curtain airbag will provide you with more than enough protection.

All sitting positions have three-pointer seatbelts. To make driving as simple as possible, drivers benefit from electronic system stability control, traction control, and cornering brake controls, with anti-lock powerful braking systems.

It possesses a great deal of power on the engine. A V-6 engine with 276 horsepower is included. Additionally, the Sedona can tow up to about 3500 pounds. This implies that it can tow one small-sized trailer or even a boat with ease.

The LX, EX, and SX are the three trim levels offered for the Kia Sedona. The cheapest model, the LX, includes amenities like strong power windows with locks, good cruise control, and even an interesting entertainment system as standard equipment.

The next step up is the EX, which includes luxuries like warm seats and GPS. The very topping pile SX model has a sized sunroof and a high-end sound system, as well as all its bells and whistles.

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What Is the KIA Sedona’s Tow Capacity?

Irrespective of the trim level, the Kia Sedona vehicles manufactured from 2018 through 2020 have been rated consistently for good towing capacity, all about 3,500 lbs. With this towing capability, you can tow a mini (small) size to mid-size camper, even a PWC, or a lightweight trailer with ease.

Therefore, Kia Sedona models, regardless of trim level, have the ability to tow about 3,500 pounds. This indicates that you should search for a mini (small) or a mid-size trailer if you’re thinking about buying a trailer that would fit your Kia Sedona’s towing capacity.

How Much Horsepower Does the Kia Sedona Have?

A V-6 engine powering the Kia Sedona generates 276 horsepower and majority of families could use that much power.

Although horsepower is significant, it should not be the only factor taken into account when purchasing a car. The ability to tow must also be taken into account. Additionally, it directly affects the total weight this vehicle possibly tows.

How Much Torque Does the Kia Sedona Have?

The total twisting force engines produce is known as torque. The V-6 engine in a Kia Sedona cranks out 276 hp at 6000 rotation per minute (rpm) and 248 lb-ft of torque at 4000 rpm.

Even though Kia Sedona produces enough amounts of torque, it’s crucial to keep in mind that it still functions as a minivan and is not intended to tow heavy trailers or be used off-road.

Torque is significant because it represents the maximum total rotational force the engines are capable of producing, which is what enables the car to haul a hefty load.

KIA Sedona Tow Capacity

What Travel Trailers Can Kia Sedona Tow?

The Kia Sedona can pull a variety of lightweight trailers thanks to its 3,500 lb maximum towing capacity. The versatility of styles and build qualities of the lightweight travel trailers are benefits.

To ensure that the camper trailer won’t exceed the maximum Kia Sedona towing capability when fully loaded, pay close attention to the lightweight travel trailer’s weight with the unloaded vehicle, the capacity of carrying cargo, and Tongue Weights before making your purchase.

Here are a few trailers that Kia Sedona can tow with ease:

Forest River R-Pod 172

Do you own the Kia Sedona? are you searching for a camper that will fit it? The Forest River R-Pod 172 should be your first choice. This elegant, portable, and light camper is made by Forest River.

Despite its small size, it provides enough living room for the whole family, even leaving enough cargo capacity to keep your outdoor equipment and supplies.

When fully loaded, the Kia Sedona can tow a medium-sized R-Pod 172 camper without going over its maximum towing limit.

Basic Specifications for the Forest River R-Pod 172 include;

  • Tongue weight: 243 lbs.
  • The capacity of carrying cargo: 905 lbs.
  • Weight with an unloaded vehicle: 2,338 lbs.

Aliner Ascape Camp

Pop-up campers like the Aliner Ascape Campers are a great choice for the Kia Sedona’s towing capabilities. It has a portable and lightweight camper, making it simple to tow behind the Sedona.

The camper type also affords you plenty of space for your many outdoor equipment. Additionally, the living area is sizable, and you will even adore it more when you and your family explore new regions.

Basic Specifications for the Aline Ascape include;

  • Tongue weight: 229 lbs.
  • Capacity carrying cargo: 1005 lbs.
  • Weight of unloaded vehicle: 1,495 lbs.

Jayco Hummingbirds 10RK

This is another well-known company that produces high-quality campers that meet the demands of many outdoor enthusiasts and provide memorable camping trips is Jayco. Their Hummingbird 10RK product is of high quality.

For those with vehicles with limited towing capacity, this choice is fantastic. Because of its size, portability, and adaptability, the Kia Sedona will make towing it simpler.

You and definitely your family can camp in comfort thanks to the big interior living area and storage room.

Basic Specifications for the Jayco Hummingbirds 10RK include;

  • Tongue weight: 160 lbs.
  • Capacity carrying cargo: 430 lbs.
  • Weight of unloaded vehicle: 1,570 lbs.


Droplet is another choice that precisely matches the Sedona towing capabilities. Camping at Droplet will be enjoyable as you get up close and personal with the natural world.

This camper is the perfect choice for a traveler who wants to travel very comfortably because of its high-end construction embodied by the wonderfully aerodynamic design.

Basic Specifications for the Droplet include;

  • Tongue weight: 95 lbs.
  • Weight of unloaded vehicle: 950 lbs.

Taxa Outdoors Cricket

The final travel trailer on the list is ideal for the Kia Sedona’s towing capacity. The camper is highly durable because of its straightforward and unfussy design.

You can now tow it comfortably behind the Sedona everywhere you go, thanks to its portability and lightweight design. Despite its compactness, it has enough space to comfortably fit a simple family of four, even still providing enough space for living and even for storage.

 Basic Specifications of the Taxa Outdoors Cricket include;

  • Tongue weight: 170-plus lbs.
  • Capacity carrying cargo: 700 lbs.
  • Weight of unloaded vehicle: 1,732 lbs.

Camp-Inn’s 560 SUV Raindrop

Camp-560 Inn’s SUV Raindrop type, a distinctive teardrop, offers convenience and adaptability while you camp. Use your Kia Sedona to tow a 560 SUV Raindrop to enjoy individualized camping anywhere.

Basic Specifications for the Camp-Inn’s 560 SUV Raindrop

  • Weight of unloaded vehicle: 1,040lbs to 1,430lbs (varies depending on options)
  • Tongue Weight: 150 lbs to 185 lbs (varies depending on options)


MeerKat is a tiny camper that offers all the conveniences of home in a small, nimble package. The lightweight MeerKat can be readily towed by a Kia Sedona, allowing you to go to far-off places.

Basic Specifications for the MeerKat include;

  • Tongue weight: 100 lbs.
  • Weight of unloaded vehicle: 900 lbs.

Does The Kia Sedona Come With a Towing Package?

There is no towing kit included with Kia Sedona, but you can buy one and attach to it. It is important to speak with your neighborhood Kia dealer if you intend to pull a big trailer. They’ll be capable of giving you advice on the best towing package for your particular Sedona.

If you intend to tow a big trailer, it is worthwhile to spend the extra money to add the towing packing.

A Kia Sedona tow package’s cost varies. At, the tow bundle with a normal hitch and harness would cost about $395. Depending on everything you have to buy separately, the hitch might cost anywhere from $120 to $200 in total.

Is Kia Sedona Able to Tow Boats?

The Kia Sedona can pull a lightweight boat with a weight of about 1,700 lbs when it comes to boat towing. Additionally, you can pull light sailing dinghies. Make it an important factor to determine the empty trailer weighs before you begin towing boats with your Kia Sedona. Making sure the entire load doesn’t exceed the Kia Sedona’s maximum towing capacity will help you.

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What Is the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of KIA Sedona (GVWR)?

The maximum operational weight of a vehicle, known as its gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), is established by the manufacturers, as I have explained in earlier articles. The maximum GVWR limit should never be exceeded because doing so could seriously harm your car.

The engines, chassis,

accessories, fluids, baggage, and even people within the automobile are all included in the GVWR. Understand that the GVWR does not include the weights of the trailers being hauled. The Kia Sedona’s GVWR may reach a maximum of 6,085 lbs.

Frequently Asked Questions – KIA Sedona Tow Capacity

What weight can a Kia Sedona tow?

A Kia Sedona is capable of towing from 1,000 to 3,500 lbs. As an illustration, the maximum towing capacity of the 2021 EX FWD trim model is 3,500 lbs., but the maximum towing capability of the 2014 Wagon EX trim model is 1,000 lbs. Brake capacities apply to all towing capacities.

Can a Kia Sedona tow a camper?

The Kia Sedona tows pop-up campers; even a trailer so far it weighs below 3500 lbs.

Does a Kia Sedona have a hitch?

A maximum tongue weight and trailer weight for the hitch are each 400 pounds. It’s perfect for moving both light and heavy objects, including things like cargo carriers and bike racks.

Can I install a trailer hitch myself?

Can you put a hitch by yourself? If you have the appropriate tools, you can always install the trailer hitch all by yourself. DIY hitch installations are an excellent technique to reduce the cost of installing a trailer hitch.

Can you attach a trailer to a car without a hitch?

It’s risky, but it’s feasible not to use a hitch!
When not using a hitch, you can tow a car using very strong ropes or chains. Once that is done, proceed as follows: go to a spot up in front of your car, and fasten the rope or chain.

What is the ground clearance of the Kia Sedona?

This ground clearance (GC) of a Kia Sedona is six inches.

Can you attach a trailer to a car without a hitch?

It’s risky, but it’s feasible not to use a hitch! When not using a hitch, you can tow a car using strong ropes or chains. Once that is done, proceed as follows: go to a spot up in front of your car, and fasten the rope or chain.

Conclusion – KIA Sedona Tow Capacity

Kia Sedona is a stylish, dependable, and safe car. It is a fantastic option for anyone who needs to tow a small travel trailer as well. The towing capacity of a 2017 Kia Sedona is about 3500 pounds. You can still purchase and attach it to the Kia Sedona.

It is important to speak with your neighborhood Kia dealer if you intend to pull a big trailer. They’ll be capable of advising you on the best towing package for the Sedona.

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