Power Steering Pump Replacement Cost

Is your Power Steering Pump bad and urgently needs a replacement? Are you wondering what Power Steering Pump replacement costs, so as to enable you to get an estimate of what you will be charged?

If yes, then you’re at the right article. We’ll help you understand all you need to know about Power Steering Pump replacement costs.

In this article, we will provide you with all you need to know about Power Steering Pump replacement, the signs to note for a malfunctioning power steering pump , and lots more. 

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Because the power steering pumps cannot be repaired for major power steering problems, the best option would be to have them replaced.

The vehicle model is a sizable element when considering how much it would take to fix the pump. Additionally, the complexity of the vehicle and access to perform the replacement also counts.

The job would cost around $300-$800. Regarding labor, most vehicle models would take a maximum of 1 hour. Also, some models of cars can take at least 4 hours of labor.

Explaining the Power Steering Pump

Many cars in recent times possess power steering that permits you to steer easily, without using excessive energy or strain. The power steering functions due to a certain pump, that aids fluid in the steering to circulate into the gear. The steering wheel turns easily, because of the appropriate help applied by the gear and the pump. Power steering would be impossible without the power steering pump.

Cost of Repairing Power Steering System Leaks

It is important to fix the power steering, even in situations where the reason behind the lack of power steering is minor. These may include O-ring issues, faulty suction hoses, leaky hoses, etc. This is vital in preventing additional harm and, consequently, high costs. It could also be feasible to repair the power steering pump, as a part within the pump might have long been damaged. For instance, this could serve as a seal for the bearing or the pump’s O-ring.

A hydraulic power steering pump has six components. Leakage could take place in several locations. It may be from the pinion assembly, rack or return hose, high-pressure hose, reservoir tank, and pump. To pinpoint the source of the leakage, you could get beneath the car.

You may also simply have an expert discover the exact location. The following are anticipated prices, for the replacement and repair of the leaking regions of your power steering pump.


Cost of Power Steering Pump Repair

The common price for replacing the power steering pump is between $200 and $350. Replacement of the power steering pump with a brand new part is around $400-$800, which relies on the shop that will fix it and the vehicle model.

Cost of Power Steering Reservoir Tank Replacement 

The power steering reservoir tank leaks are usually connected to the hose connector and the cap. Also, on certain occasions, while the reservoir tank’s filter is turning, a clog from the filter may cause noise or a spill. The common price for replacing the PS reservoir tank is between $150-$250, and this relies on the car and how difficult accessing the reservoir can be.

Cost of Power Steering Hose Replacement

Rubber is usually the material that power steering hoses are made of. The power steering hoses convey the power steering fluid to the pinion, and rack of the system. In time, the rubber hoses develop cracks, which, in turn, bring about leakage of the fluid being conveyed.

The replacement should involve changing both the power steering return hose and power steering high-pressure hose, due to the cracks that allow leakage of the fluids. The cost of replacing the brand new hoses would probably be around $100-$300, for the components. But of course, your car’s model is also a huge determinant.

The fee for labor would range from $80-$160, which relies on the mechanics’ charges per hour. Most, usually take around $80-$120 hourly, and replacing a power steering hose would take up to 1 hour to accomplish. So, to replace this would cost around $180-$460.

Steps To Replacing Power Steering Pump

The following are guidelines when you want to replace a power steering pump.

  • Drain the system, by removing the lo-side hose from the gear.
  • Once this is done, put the hose back and fill up the reservoir.
  • Detach the lo-aspect hose from the pump.
  • Detach the hi-side hose from the pump.
  • Unscrew and detach the bolts in the bracket, and take out the pump from the vehicle
  • Install the bracket bolts, and the pump again.

Cost of Power Steering Hose Repair 

In a situation where you need an inexpensive and transient option, other than replacement of the hose, or in a situation where you are not within the town, and you need a quick repair, you could personally repair the hose.

You merely need to buy 2 hose clamps, a male-to-male brass coupler, and something for cutting the hose. Locate and cut away the leakage section within each hose, put the coupler, and put them in the cut-out spot, and using a hose clamp, tighten each side.

Although this solution is transient, it costs less than $10, which would put you on the highway again. However, because the condition of the hose has deteriorated badly and might take on more leakages, sooner or later you will find the need for absolute replacement of the hose.

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Cost of Power Steering Rack and Pinion Repair

To repair leakage on a rack and pinion assembly ranges around $500- $1,200. This is way costlier than other components of the power steering system because complete overhauling of the pinion and rack is needed.

This involves changing all O rings and replacing all the oil seals within the steering rack, including a front wheel alignment. It is better to replace the pinion and rack, as there isn’t much difference in the prices.

Symptoms of Bad Power Steering Pump 

1. Stiffness in Turning Wheel

The usual sign is that one might be finding it difficult to turn the steering wheel. In an attempt to turn, mostly at a very low speed, you will feel the stiffness of the steering wheel. Therefore, to turn, you will require a lot of pressure. This could imply failure in the power steering pump connections, or the power steering pump itself. Either way, it is best to check it out.

2. Whining Sound 

In a bid to steer the wheel, you may notice a disturbing (whining) sound. This implies that there is an issue within the power steering system. Among other reasons, a leakage in the power steering pump could also cause this noise. Another reason could be a low level of power steering fluid, but it’s best to examine the two cases.

3. Squealing Sound 

When you turn your ignition on, you might hear a squealing noise that may last about 1 minute. This could result from faulty power steering pump, which then makes the belt within the system slip. In this case, realignment of the belt and replacement of the pump is advised.

4. Groaning Sound 

This noise is worse than the rest, and it occurs as a result of disregarding an already existing issue with the power steering pump. Insufficient fluid or leakage in the pump is usually the reason behind this, and this issue might damage the entire power steering system. Replacement of the whole system is advised in this situation because it won’t be enough to replace just the pump.

5. Chrome Flakes in Fluid

The current state of the power steering pump can be determined by checking the power steering fluid. Aside from checking the condition and fluid color, you will need to ensure a proper quantity of power steering fluid. For example, gray-colored fluid or chrome flakes within the fluid signify a damaged pump.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Power Steering Pump Replacement Cost

How much would a power steering pump cost?

You may be asking the correct question now if you have a faulty PSP. A PSP replacement price is someplace around $400-$1000. Of course, the price relies on numerous factors, which is why the range is very broad.

Can you drive a car with the power steering pump out?

Beyond driving the car to a mechanic, you are not advised to operate it if the PSP is completely out. This is because more recent models of cars are produced to function perfectly using a PSP.

How long does it take to change a power steering pump?

A capable mechanic would require about 2-3 hours to replace a PSP. The replacement cost varies within the country, depending on the dealership or garage.

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