Problems After Using Cataclean (What to Expect)

Cataclean is one of the special cleaning agents for catalytic converters. Cataclean can also expel specs of dirt and harmful chemical deposits from your car’s fuel system and engine, making the products very useful.

But how do we use Cataclean to clean the engine’s fuel system and catalytic converter? What are the pros and cons of using Cataclean, and what are the problems after using Cataclean?

This article will examine the answers to the abovementioned questions and help us understand everything we need to know about the product “Cataclean.”

We get started! 

What Does Cataclean Do?

Cataclean is a cleaning agent that helps reduce the accumulated carbon deposition in the catalytic converter and fuel running through your system.

Cataclean can be described as a fuel and exhaust system cleaner. However, the cleaning capabilities of Cataclean are not limited to just the exhaust and fuel system; rather, Cataclean also cleans other components like the oxygen sensors gaskets and fuel injector heads.

One great characteristic of Cataclean is that even if it is poured into the fuel tank, it allows the fuel to retain its original properties without causing any reactions in the fuel tank.

Cataclean’s compatibility is because Cataclean has a hydrocarbon chemical base and can be used in gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles. It can even be used in some hybrid vehicles that run on propane fuel.

The chemical composition of Cataclean makes it the perfect cleaner for the catalytic converter fuel system and your entire exhaust system.

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How Does Cataclean Work?

As mentioned earlier, Cataclean has a mixture of chemicals with a hydrocarbon base, which allows it to be mixed with hydrocarbon fuels like diesel and gasoline. However, some still wonder how exactly Cataclean can remove the accumulated carbon deposits and expel them from the exhaust system and catalytic converter.

First, you must understand that one of the chemicals found in Cataclean is acetone. This chemical can increase the number of octane wells and reduce incomplete combustion that causes carbon deposits within the exhaust system and catalytic converter.

Just the Cataclean being mixed with your fuel in the fuel system will cause the fuel to produce less carbon buildup generating a higher efficiency for your vehicle’s engine.

Suppose you are still unsure about the cleaning abilities of Cataclean, or you are still confused about how it works. In that case, you can confirm by checking the engine light that usually pops up due to high carbon buildup in your engine or catalytic converter.

You will notice that it will disappear after you have put the recommended amount of Cataclean into the fuel tank and driven for a while.

Problems After Using Cataclean

What Can You Expect After Using Cataclean

There are some problems you might face after using Cataclean, and these problems include;

There May be Effect on your Catalytic Converter

In contrast to what many believe, expanding the vast majority of the carbon buildup in your exhaust system will cause your catalytic converter to deteriorate over time.

Exhaust Smoke is a Common Occurance

Due to the high combustion properties of Cataclean and its high acetone content, you will tend to see dense white Smoke expelling out of your exhaust after using Cataclean.

Drop in Efficiency of Engine

There is no doubt that Cataclean is an effective carbon buildup cleanser; however, there are some drawbacks that can come from using Cataclean in internal combustion engines.

Using Cataclean will improve combustion; however, it can affect the vehicle’s fuel economy negatively. Also, the engine’s performance may drop because some carbon buildup deposits will accumulate on vital components like filters, fuel injectors, nozzles, and sensors and can even block gasoline lines.

If the abovementioned components are tampered with, the vehicle’s engine performance will be reduced.

Problems After Using Cataclean

Change of Vehicle Sound

Using Cataclean in your vehicle wrongly can lead to the sound of your engine changing drastically. Although this is uncommon, some people sensitive to their engine sounds are uncomfortable with the new way their vehicle sounds after using Cataclean and sometimes complain about it.

But not to worry, this problem can be fixed by employing an expert to look at your engine and make the necessary adjustments to get back your preferred sound.

Having dangerous pollutants and carbon buildup filtered by the catalytic converter shows that your vehicle is in good working condition.

Reasons For Cataclean Issues

There are some reasons why users will face challenges after using Cataclean on their vehicles, and some of these reasons include;

  • Excessive misuse of Cataclean is another reason a user might face problems after using this product. Excess Cataclean in your fuel system can destroy plastic parts and damage the catalytic converter later.
  • Neglecting to examine the condition of your vehicle before applying Cataclean to your engine and fuel system
  • Another reason that can cause problems for users is trying to use Cataclean on a full fuel tank.
  • Using Cataclean in inappropriate ratios to fuels in your vehicle

How to Use Cataclean

Using Cataclean wrongly can cause problems for you and your vehicle, as your engine might develop complications, causing you to spend a lot of money on repairs.

Following the laydown instructions and direction of usage provided by the Cataclean manufacturers can go a long way to save a lot of stress and problems.

To use Cataclean successfully, you must follow, please lay down instructions;

  • First, remove the Cataclean container’s seal
  • Next, feel your fuel tank to its half mark
  • Pour the Cataclean into your fuel tank in its appropriate proportion.
  • Start your vehicle and drive for about 15 minutes to ensure that the Cataclean gets into the nook and cranny of your vehicle, touching all components.
  • While driving, occasionally rev your engine to a very high RPM to ensure that every contaminant and carbon buildup is expelled effectively from the catalytic converter.

Once you have followed this guideline, your vehicle will be clean from the inside out.

Should I Use Cataclean For My Engine?

Cataclean is one product that has changed the narrative for many automobile enthusiasts and mechanics.

Before this product’s invention, cleaning carbon buildup within the engine for a system and exhaust system was a tedious task requiring overhauling.

However, with products like Cataclean, this process becomes easy and stress-free.

In addition, Cataclean is viewed as one of the best exhaust cleansing agents among its counterparts on the market, and this tells us that there are many reasons why you should use Cataclean; some of them include;

  • The cleaning results of Cataclean can rival that of the expensive steam cleaning technique.
  • It helps to improve the lifespan of your catalytic converter while cleaning your engine and enhancing its performance.
  • It is very easy to use as instructions and guidelines are properly outlined in the body of the product.
  • Cataclean can be used in various forms, including bottle spray, kit paper, and gel. These different forms of Cataclean make its use very flexible.
  • Cataclean is rated higher than most of its counterparts on the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Problems After Using Cataclean

Does Cataclean make your car smoke?

Yes! One way you can confirm that Cataclean is doing an excellent job in your fuel and exhaust systems is the dense white Smoke it produces from the exhaust after or while driving. However, the Smoke produced by your car will just be temporary.

Can catalytic converter cleaner cause damage?

Cataclean is a very useful automobile product; however, misusing it can lead to certain damages. Some of these damages may affect the oxygen sensor and the catalytic converter.

How many times can you use Cataclean?

Cataclean is very useful; however, it should be used only four times yearly. You can use it once every three months or once every season.

Conclusion – Problems After Using Cataclean

The Cataclean product is a useful cleaning technology that lets a car owner keep his fuel and exhaust systems free of carbon buildup. However, using Cataclean comes with its advantages and disadvantages. More importantly, misusing Cataclean can because various damages to your engine, but its usefulness in preventive maintenance is outstanding.

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