Rattling Noise Front Passenger Side When Driving (Solved)

For every car owner, there is this feeling of peace and calm derived from driving your vehicle without hearing any noise.

Hearing a rattling noise in the front passenger side when driving can cause both the driver and passengers to become worried.

Understanding the process of discovering what causes the rattling noise and the solution to the problem can keep everyone at peace.

In this article, we will look to understand the different scenarios that can cause rattling noise in the passenger side of any vehicle and what to do next.

Lets get started!

What to Check for Rattling Noise On The Passenger Side of Car

A wide range of faults can cause a rattling noise on the passenger side of a car, and a series of steps must be followed to find the origin of the rattling noise.

The first step to finding the rattling noise in your vehicle is to ask some important and relevant questions to help you locate the origin of the rattling noise. These questions include;

Does the rattling noise only sound when I am accelerating?”

“Does the noise disappear when the car is cruising or idling?”

“Does the noise sound louder at the vehicle’s front or back wheel?”

With these questions, anyone can narrow down the origin of the rattling noise in the vehicle. Answering these questions requires intense observation, and it is always preferable that a second set of ears and eyes confirm your observations.

You should also ensure no distractions or obstacles can affect observing the car’s situation. In essence, take the test drive in a quiet environment, turn off your radio and speakers, and open your windows to hear the vehicle properly.

Once set, you can start the test drive and observe the rattling noises critically.

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What May Be the Cause of Rattling Noise on Front Passenger Side When Driving

You are hearing rattling noises from the front passenger side of your vehicle for many reasons. Here are the most common cause of these rattling noises. In no particular order, they are;

Your Catalytic Converter may be Bad

A failed catalytic converter is another cause of rattling noises from your vehicle. The catalytic converter help prevents the hazardous compound from being released into the atmosphere via your vehicle’s exhaust. When it begins to fail, the structural integrity of the catalytic converter drops causing many rigid parts to become brittle and break.

The sound produced by a failed catalytic converter is like shaking small stones in a tin can. The only way to fix this issue is to replace a catalytic converter; however, it is advisable to visit your local mechanic for a proper diagnosis.

Rattling Noise Front Passenger Side When Driving

The Noise Can Be Inside the Car

There is also a great likelihood of noise originating from inside the vehicle at the front passenger seat as some object might have fallen into a pocket within the car.

It May Be the Brake Pads

As mentioned earlier, the brake system can produce rattling noises, but to be more specific, a worn-down brake pad is the first culprit in the brake system.

Right Front Wheel issues

One common issue that causes rattling noises is a faulty front right wheel. Whenever the front right wheel develops any fault, you will hear rattling noises emanating from the front passenger side of your vehicle as the vehicle accelerates. Some issues with the front right wheel include a decaying or worn strut mount or a misaligned wheel disc.

Your Hubcap may be Loosed

You can hear rattling noises emanating from the front passenger side of my car if you are experiencing a loose hubcap.

The hubcaps are secured with plastic clips on the rim of your tires and may get damaged or loose if they bump into obstacles on the way. Also, the hubcaps can get loose if they are not installed properly.

To fix this issue, replace the hubcap if damaged or reinstall it if the plastic clips are loose.

Noise from the Control Arm’s Bushing

You will also hear rattling noises coming from the front right side of your vehicle when the bushing on the control arm is rattling.

Shock Problems

A faulty shock absorber is another cause of rattling noises emanating from the passenger side. Whenever the shocks on your vehicle have exceeded their lifespan, they begin to fail, and at this time, if you encounter a pothole or a bump while driving, you will most likely hear rattling noises coming from the whole front of your vehicle.

Loosed Component of Steering Or Suspension

The steering and suspension systems are vital systems of a car that must never have faulty components to prevent an accident from occurring. Both systems work together to provide great handling and adequate comfort for the driver.

Parts of the suspension system include bushings, shocks, struts, and linkages. These components can produce rattling noises if any of these components experience structural damage or slight deformity like wear. Whenever you observe free play in any of these companies advisable to seek the services of a professional mechanic

The Noise May Be From a bad Idler Pulley

When an idler pulley is structurally damaged, it may also cause the vehicle to make rattling noises when accelerating.

Problem with the Timing Chain

Many people might find this hard to believe, but issues with the timing chain can also cause you to hear rattling noises from your vehicle. You will hear the rattling noise when the car is in motion or idling, and it will originate from the engine; however, you might believe it is coming from the right side of your car.

Fixing a timing chain issue that causes rattling noises can cost around $400 to $1000.

Dirt In the Wheel Well Can Cause Rattling Noise

Another cause of rattling noises at the front passenger side of your vehicle is the presence of small particles or debris in your car’s Hood or wheel well.

Small particles can get caught inside your Hood or your wheel anytime, and they begin to shake and vibrate whenever you accelerate, causing rattling noises. To fix this, you must visually search the wood and wheel well and remove all particles.

The bushing is a car component that allows your wheels to rise and fall without losing steering control. Once the motion of your vehicle feels, it will start producing unpleasant rattling noises, and the only way to fix this problem is to replace the failed bushing with a new one.

A Bad Heat Shield

Heat Shields are a vehicle’s protective equipment that reduces heat radiation from exhaust components to other vehicle parts. This heat shield can fail due to corrosion, rust, or impact by an external force.

When a heat shield is broken or damaged, its parts can linger and vibrate as the car drives causing rattling noises to emanate from your vehicle.

You can fix this noise by replacing or reattaching the heat shield.

Rattling Noise Front Passenger Side When Driving

Sway Bar Link is Going Bad

Another cause of rattling noises at the front passenger side of your vehicle is a deteriorating sway bar link. When a sway bar link fails, it begins to swing, producing clunking noises.

Unfixed Broken Car Component

A vehicle’s brakes are an important component that helps bring cars to a stop, and this process requires high force, which might push a component or two out of place. When these components become displaced, they create noises whenever the brakes are engaged.

Cost to Fix Rattling Noise in Front Passenger Side When Driving

  • Replacing the shocks will cost anywhere between $300 to $600
  • Replacing the sway bar link will cost about $75
  • Fixing the control arm bushing will cost about $650.
  • Problems with the wheel: will cost an average of $750 to fix, including labor costs
  • The engine idler pulley replacement will cost anywhere between $100 to $180

Fixing problems related to your brakes can cost around 200 to 1500 dollars, depending on the problem to be fixed.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Rattling Noise Front Passenger Side When Driving

Why is my car rattling on the passenger side?

If your car is rattling on the passenger side, it most likely has a failing catalytic converter; however, this is not always the case.

How much does it cost to fix a rattling car?

To fix a rattling car, it can cost anywhere from $200 to $2500

Is it safe to drive my car when it makes a rattling noise when accelerating?

Treating every rattling noise when accelerating with urgency is always advisable, even though there will be no short-term repercussions in most cases.

Conclusion – Rattling Noise Front Passenger Side When Driving

Hearing rattling noises emanating from your vehicle while driving can be very disturbing; understanding the possible causes of such noise can direct your actions in fixing the problem early. It would be best to visit your local mechanic when you hear rattling noises in the vehicle’s front passenger side, as your catalytic converter may have some problems.

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