Small Chunk of Tire Sidewall Missing (Solved)

A comfortable car ride depends on your tires’ working condition. Tires without any structural damage will create a great driving experience.

Small Chunk of tire sidewall missing is not often experienced structural damage, unlike punctures, wear, and tear on the tire. However, having small chunks of your tire sidewall is just as dangerous as having a puncture, if not more dangerous.

Fixing damages relating to losing pieces of your tire sidewall depends on the extent of damage; in most cases, you will need to replace the tire entirely.

This article will help you understand the causes of damaged tire side walls, what to do when you notice a small chunk of tire sidewall missing and different ways to fix your tire side wall.

Let’s get started!

Why is a Small Chunk of Tire Sidewall Missing?

There are many causes of a damaged tire sidewall, and they are usually streamlined to either environmental conditions, deliberate human actions, or the driver’s driving pattern.

  • Curbing your tires- making sharp turns that will cause your sidewalk to scrape against the curb will cause structural damage to the sidewall of your tire. This action will puncture or crack the tire side wall after the impact from the curb.
  • Your tire sidewall can easily be cut or punctured whenever you drive over Sharp pieces of materials like broken Glass or metallic shards.
  • Exposure to extended radiation from the sun- if your tire is exposed To intense rays of the sun for prolonged periods, it will fail as all moisture in the tire will be vaporized and cause it to crack
  • Driving recklessly on rough terrains and into potholes can cause structural damage to your tire sidewall. Damage will be caused quicker if the driver drives at an increased speed on an unpaved or rough road.
  • Sudden and massive rise or fall in temperature: when you tired undergo sudden and extreme temperature changes, it’s good cause The sidewall to become brittle and crack

Whenever you observe that one of your tires is losing a chunk of its tire side wall, inspect every other tire on your vehicle.

Small Chunk of Tire Sidewall Missing

Should I Use Super Glue When Small Chunk of Tire Sidewall Missing

Super glue is a great adhesive and can fix many broken things, including ceramics, rubber, metals, and wood.

However, due to the chemical composition of your tires, it might not be a very safe option.

In addition, the pressure within the tire is usually very high, and superglue might not withstand such stress for an extended period.

Still, you can use it to fix other parts of your vehicle, like plastic parts of door panels, your AC vents, and certain parts in the engine bay.

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Is My Car Safe When Small Chunk of Tire Sidewall is Missing

No! Driving on a tire with a missing chunk is very dangerous as it can lead to an accident or create a difficult driving experience.

Whenever a chunk of the tire sidewall is missing, the tire wheel probably blows out completely whenever you drive with it. Of course, the damage becomes so severe that it cannot be repaired anymore and would require a replacement.

In addition, driving with this type of tire will be very uncomfortable and is an experience no driver wants. Even if the road is smooth, you will feel as if you are driving on a bumpy road, and even worse, when there are pebbles or potholes on the road, it becomes the most distasteful experience you can have.

Driving with a tire that has lost a chunk of its side wall will only damage the tire more as it wears down faster.

Be advisable thing to do is to swap the damaged tire with you a spare and get a hired expert to diagnose the extent of damage before deciding if it is due for replacement or repairs.

Can Small Chunk of Tire Sidewall Missing be Fixed?

Fixing a tire sidewall is very difficult and is not successful most times. However, if the damage’s severity is small, a seasoned professional can get the tire patched.

You must understand a low-quality tire patch can damage the sidewall of your tires more. So, the best option when you experience missing chunks of your tire sidewall is to replace that damaged tire.

If you want to use a DIY method to fix your damaged tire, here are the simple steps to follow;

  • Uninstall the damaged tire from the car’s wheel
  • Observe every inch of the tire for any other damage
  • Once you have confirmed the extent of the damage, if it is minor, it is possible that repairing the tire with a tire patch kit will fix the situation.
  • If the damages are beyond your technical skill level, you should take it to a professional for repairs.
  • Finally, re-install the tire back on your vehicle once it has been fixed.

Fix Small Chunk of Tire Sidewall Missing by Using a Tire Patch Kit.

If the damage to your tire sidewall is minor, then you could patch it up using a tire patch kit and following the process of the right DIY method.

But it would help if you understood that no matter how minor the issue might be, it is always advisable to employ the services of an expert.

Here are the steps to repairing your tire using a tire patch kit;

  • You must ensure the area around the missing chunk of tire sidewall is tidy. You can clean it with alcohol or soapy water.
  • If you use soapy water, dry the area with a dry rub to ensure that the patch will hold tightly to the body of the tire wall.
  • Cut out all frayed edges around the point of damage on the tire sidewall
  • Next, get your tire patch and peel off the protective layer covering the adhesive side
  • Using the adhesive side of the patch, press the part until the hole on your tire sidewall.
  • Smooth the patch and ensure no air bubbles between the patch and the tire’s sidewall.
  • Finally, apply pressure with your hand or a roller to firmly ensure the patch sticks.

You must understand that using a tire patch kit to patch your tire is only a temporary solution that will enable you to drive your car until you can get a more permanent solution.

Small Chunk of Tire Sidewall Missing

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Frequently Asked Questions – Small Chunk Of Tire Sidewall Missing

Can I Drive With A Chunk Out Of My Tire?

It is still dangerous to drive with a structurally damaged tire. Visiting your local mechanic and properly diagnosing the issue is advisable.

Is It Safe To Patch Sidewall Of A Tire?

It is not safe to patch the sidewall of a tire, but it is a temporary solution that can help you get by until you can replace the tire.

How Do You Know If Your Tire Sidewall Is Damaged?

You will know that your tire sidewall is damaged when you see a bulge bubble or hole on your tire sidewall.

Conclusion – Small Chunk Of Tire Sidewall Missing

Missing small chunks of your tire sidewall, it’s not a situation any car owner would love to be in, as damages to the tire sidewall could mean the replacement of that tire. Tire sidewall damages are difficult to fix and are usually not advisable; however, if the damage is minor, you can temporarily fix it with the abovementioned procedures. However, it is always advisable to seek the service of a professional mechanic whenever you experience problems with your tire sidewall.

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