Stiles Stilinski Jeep (Everything to Know)

Have you seen Teen Wolf series? If yes, you will remember the lovable character of Stiles Stilinski.

The plot of the Teen Wolf movie around the like horrors however one thing that catches the eye is how Stiles and his Jeep are practically bonded throughout the series.

However, you might still be wondering what kind of Jeep Stiles Stilinski drove. Is Stiles Stilinski Jeep even real if you want to get one for yourself?

This article aims to answer any questions about Stiles Stilinski’s Jeep, including other related details you need to know.

Let’s start!

What Kind of Jeep Does Stiles Stilinski Drive?

What will be difficult is to know the model of the Jeep he drives, but in this section, we dive deeper into details about Stiles Stilinski Jeep.

According to Wealth Rector and Through the Teen Wolf series, Stiles rode in a robin egg blue-colored 1980 CJ5 Jeep. This Jeep was a fan favorite as it was seen in most teen wolf series, which ran from season 1 to season 6.

Stiles’s Jeep, popularly called Roscoe, also had an odd plate number. Most people may not have noted this plate number, but more observant watchers of the series will remember it was 60GM387. This Jeep was one of a kind and gave car lovers who were also teen wolf fans a sense of thrill and nostalgia.

However, some funny scenes made the Jeep seem unreliable as it was always fixed with duct tape. Essentially Stiles wasn’t a mechanic in the series and was an Advent lover of his Jeep who preferred to fix everything with ducted. Funny as it may sound, duct tape usually saved the day in the series.

Stiles duct tape repairs did not last long and caused problems for the team of Friends later. These problems somehow added a hint of thriller which gave fans overflowing emotions.

Nearing the end of the series, Stiles parted ways with his Jeep, lending it to his best friend Scott McCall and moving on. But one thing is certain- Stiles and Roscoe are a spectacle to watch even though they display a bit of lunacy in the Stiles character as we will see him talk to his car in a manner that suggests that the car is alive.

Stiles Stilinski Jeep

Which Jeeps is Like the 1980 CJ5 Stiles Jeep

If you would like to get the 1980 CJ5, it might be a little expensive as it is now a classic car; however, some Jeep models look similar to the 1980 CJ5.

Here is a compiled list of Jeep models that are like the 1980 CJ5 owned by Stiles in the Teen Wolf series;

The CJ5 Jeep

The CJ5 is a Jeep product line that comes in various models. The 1980 CJ5, popularly seen in the Teen Wolf series, is just one.

The production of CJ5 models spans 28 years, having its first model built in 1955 and subsequent models built every year until 1983.

Therefore if you want to ride in a car similar to the Stiles 1980 CJ5, any of these models would be a great option, as they all have similar body structures and parts.

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The CJ7 Jeep

The 1980 CJ5 Jeep model also looks like the CJ7 Jeep model and can be used as close substitutes for one another. Due to its improved style and features, the CJ7 Jeep model overtook the CJ5 models in demand.

One feature that stood out was the incorporated doors on the vehicle’s frame.

The CJ7s we are only produced for ten years spanning from 1976 to 1986, and during this time, it gathered a huge fanbase which also put it in the classic car category.

The CJ8 Jeep

The CJ8 Jeep model is another car with features similar to the 1980 CJ5 model driven by Stiles in the Teen Wolf series.

Even though the model was only produced for five years spanning from 1981 to 1986, it is still a great substitute for the 1980 CJ5

The Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler is a more modern version of the CJ Jeep models and is easier to find on the market than the CJ models, usually classified as classic cars.

Even though the Jeep Wrangler does not look the same as the 1980 CJ5, it is still a great vehicle with outstanding features.

One outstanding feature of the Jeep Wrangler is disassembling your car doors and reassembling them according to your preference.

What is the Speed of Stiles Stilinski Jeep?

You might also wonder how fast the 1980 CJ5 runs in real life because, throughout the series. The Jeep was depicted to have a sluggish speed which often allows villains to catch up with Stiles.

The 2.5 L CJ5 can hit 60 mph in 14.5 seconds, while the 4.2 L CJ5 can hit 60 miles per hour in 13.1 seconds.

From the above data, you can conclude that the 1980 CJ5 is not that fast in real life, and this is because it was built to be rugged rather than fast.

Who Bought Stiles Stilinski Jeep?

There have been some controversies about how Stiles got the Jeep in his possession. As seen from the earlier part of the seasons, Stiles’s father constantly scolded him for driving the car around and into trouble, but the Jeep has a more significant meaning as it was given to Stiles by his mother, Claudia.

The Jeep is named Roscoe and what’s more or less a partner in crime with Stiles, Scott, and the gang.

Why Does Stiles Stilinski Get So Attached to His Jeep?

Most fans of the Teen Wolf series are still in awe of Stiles’s relationship with his Jeep. Regardless of the Jeep saving McCall’s pack from various human and supernatural disasters, there’s still a conscious Bond between Stiles and his Jeep.

This Bond between Stiles and his Jeep was brought about by Stiles’s love for his late mother and her innate desire to will the Jeep to Stiles.

Therefore whenever Stiles came of age, he would automatically own the Jeep, but more than that, the Jeep was a reminder of his mum.

Did Dylan O’Brien Get To Keep the Jeep From Teen Wolf?

Dylan O’Brien is the fan-favorite actor who played Stiles Stilinski in the Teen Wolf series. Most fans still wonder if Dylan O’Brien kept the 1980 CJ5 after the series ended.

During an interview aired on YouTube, Dylan O’Brien revealed that he still possessed the Jeep and some other materials from the set of Teen Wolf.

This revelation was not so shocking as people had already about his attachment to his role as Stiles Stilinski. He even jokes about stealing the Jeep of the set when the series is over.

Stiles Stilinski Jeep

Does Stiles Stilinski’s Jeep Breakdown Constantly?

CJ5s are naturally reliable jeeps; however, during the later end of the Teen Wolf series, the Jeep began to break down a lot.

According to the plot of the series, the status of the Jeep was in that depicting Stiles’s emotional state throughout the series.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Stiles Stilinski Jeep

When did Stiles name his Jeep Roscoe?

Dylan O’Brien named the Jeep Roscoe when asked if he’d give her(the 1980 CJ5) a name at a convention, and since then, the name stuck.

Did Stiles give Scott his Jeep?

In the cause of the Teen Wolf series, Stiles gave his best friend Scott his Jeep; however, Scott returned the Jeep in the final episode of the entire series.

How much does a Jeep CJ5 cost?

A CJ5 Jeep model can be purchased at an average price of $18000

Conclusion – Stiles Stilinski Jeep

Stiles Stilinski and his 1980 CJ5 Jeep model created spectacular scenes for car lovers throughout the Teen Wolf series. And this fanbase has created a lot of love for the 1980 CJ5, pushing it into a classic car category. It’s not hard to imagine that you would want a Roscoe for yourself.

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