Temporary Fix for Exhaust Manifold Gasket Leak

What is a temporary fix for exhaust manifold gasket leak? The exhaust manifold gaskets help prevent leaks at the junction between the cylinder head and the manifold, hence the importance of good care.

A leaking exhaust manifold gasket will cause the vehicle to suffer from increased emissions, fuel efficiency reduction, and engine performance.

This article will help Car owners understand how to maintain, prevent and fix (temporarily and permanently)all issues relating to the exhaust manifold gasket.

Let’s start!

Here are a few methods to temporarily fix an exhaust manifold gasket leak;

Using a Permatex Ultra Copper RTV Silicone Gasket Maker

The ultra copper RTV silicone gasket maker is another way to seal a leak from your exhaust manifold gasket quickly. Using this product, you can form an airtight, watertight, and oil-resistant seal that can withstand high temperatures after it cures in 24 hrs.

Using an Electrical Tape

Electrical tape can also temporarily fix an exhaust manifold gasket leak.

Although it might not last as long as the rest, it can buy you enough time to repair the leak properly.

It is advisable to visit your local mechanic or employ the services of an expert if you do not have enough confidence or enough technical knowledge to perform a temporary fix on your exhaust manifold.

Fix with Aluminum Tape

Applying aluminum tape on the exhaust manifold gasket leaks is another way of temporarily fixing the leak.

To fix the leak, apply a strip of aluminum tape and press it down gently until it is sealed completely.

Perform a JB Weld

The JB weld is another product used to temporarily fix a leak from your exhaust manifold gasket. This product has many applications, from filling holes to rebuilding small parts.

While using the JB weld, there are some conditions you must pay attention to, and these conditions include

  • Ensure the application area is dry and clean before applying the world
  • Wait for the weld to cure completely before starting the car
  • Check the weld occasionally for any defects

Use a Gorilla Tape

Another temporary solution is applying gorilla tape to the exhaust manifold gasket leak.

The gorilla tapes are very strong with excellent adhesive properties, which can help you manage the gasket leak until you fix it permanently.

Use a Gasket

You can fix a temporary gasket between the cylinder head exhaust manifold gasket and the surface of the exhaust manifold to tame the leak for a while. Gaskets come in different colors, but their general characteristic is that it is a rubber film that can create a tight seal for gasses.

Use a Silicone Caulk or Epoxy

Like the Permatex Ultra Copper RTV Silicone Gasket Maker, the silicone Epoxy can temporarily seal leaks from the exhaust manifold gasket. It is applied as a silicone jelly; however, it cures quickly, and once it hardens, it can withstand high heat.

How Do I Know My Exhaust Manifold Gasket is Leaking?

A Smoke Machine Can Help

One way of identifying a leak from your exhaust manifold gasket is by using a smoke machine to produce a dense cloud of smoke over the suspected leak area.

Soapy Water Test

Identifying a leak by spraying a soapy water solution using a spray bottle around the area you suspect a leakage. Air bubbles will form around the faulty or leaking area.

Temporary Fix for Exhaust Manifold Gasket Leak

What are the Signs and Symptoms of a Bad Exhaust Manifold Gasket

Before every exhaust manifold gasket leak becomes severe, some signs and symptoms are observed; these symptoms must be heeded to prevent further damage.

Here are some of the symptoms of a faulty exhaust manifold gasket;

You Might Experience Hissing Noises

Similar to how gases escape from a deflating balloon, unpleasant hissing noises will continue emanating from the exhaust manifold gasket leak as the engine keeps firing.

In addition, you must understand that the air released from this leak is usually very hot and could cause structural damage to bolts, nuts, and any other metal it comes in contact with.

So whenever you hear a hissing sound from your engine, a leak from your exhaust manifold gasket might be the problem..

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Drop in Fuel Economy

Another symptom that will confirm or signify the existence of an exhaust manifold gasket leak is a drop in your vehicle’s fuel economy.

Suppose your vehicle could travel 10 miles with a liter of fuel; it can only travel 6 to 8 miles with the same fuel.

The fuel economy is poor because of the exhaust gases’ back pressure on the engine. Normally the exhaust gases are meant to have a free flow. However, the leak continually sucks air into the exhaust manifold, causing restrictions. This fault will result in the PCM readjusting the quantity of air-fuel mixture that enters the engine to increase generated power to overcome the backpressure caused by the exhaust gases.

In addition to the bad gas mileage, there will also be a drop in performance and incomplete combustion, which you will notice as black dust from the exhaust leak.

The Check the Engine Light Comes On

The check engine light will surely come on for every engine issue, and the exhaust manifold is an assembly part of the engine.

In addition, a faulty exhaust manifold gasket will directly impact the oxygen sensors, which sit just behind the exhaust manifold.

The oxygen sensors relay vital information to the p c m that regulates the intake of the air-fuel mixture.

Therefore, if the exhaust manifold leak causes the oxygen to relay wrong information, there will be inappropriate adjustments to the air-fuel mixture intake.

This situation will cause the engine to perform poorly, activating the check engine light.

A Noticeable Drop in Engine Performance

An exhaust manifold leak’s last and least observable symptom is a slight drop in engine performance.

Observant drivers will notice that the vehicle will experience some unusual drag whenever they try to accelerate.

The cause of this drag is the regular flow of exhaust gases over the oxygen sensors.

Generally car engine works better when there is a rich and uninterrupted flow of exhaust gases through the exhaust pipe; however, once there is a leak and the flow of these gases starts to fluctuate, it not only affects the functionality of the oxygen sensor but also causes a drop in the performance of the engine.

How to Change an Exhaust Manifold Gasket

Remove the Engine Cover: Use wrenches, ratchet, and breaker bars to remove the engine cover.

Next, Detach the Exhaust Pipe From the Manifold. Also, use the necessary tools to detach the exhaust pipe from the manifold carefully.

Clean the Surface of the Manifold: Once the exhaust manifold is detached from the engine cylinder, you can have access to the old gasket. Remove it and clean the surface of the manifold.

Temporary Fix for Exhaust Manifold Gasket Leak

Apply the New Gasket to the Manifold: Install the new manifold in a similar format to the old one. However, apply a thin layer of gasket maker to both sides of the gasket before installing.

Next, reattach the exhaust pipe to the manifold

Replace the Engine Cover. If you have a broken or missing engine cover, now is the time to replace it.

What is the Cost of Fixing an Exhaust Manifold Gasket Leak?

Replacing an exhaust manifold gasket costs about $300 to $400, depending on a vehicle’s model and brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Temporary Fix for Exhaust Manifold Gasket Leak

Can you duct tape an exhaust leak?

Do not use duct tape to fix an exhaust leak. It can melt and become flammable.

Can you drive a car with a leak in the exhaust manifold?

You can drive your car even though it has an exhaust manifold gasket leak; however, you will suffer from poor performance, poor fuel economy, and air pollution.

Will a leaking exhaust manifold damage the engine?

A leaking exhaust manifold can damage the engine over time if not attended to as soon as possible.

Conclusion – Temporary Fix for Exhaust Manifold Gasket Leak

Having a failing gasket at your exhaust manifold can be pretty frustrating; however, every exhaust manifold gasket leak can be managed with temporary solutions until a more permanent solution is found. There are many ways to fix an exhaust manifold leak temporarily; some of these have been highlighted in the article above.

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