TRAC Off and Check Engine Light Toyota Corolla (Solved)

Have you ever been in a situation where your TRAC Off comes on? What about your check engine light showing on the dashboard of your Toyota Corolla?

These signs indicate some issues that need to be attended to, and if you want to know what they imply, then you are in the right place.

 The TRAC Off Check Engine Light Toyota Corolla issue can be a result of some faults in the vehicle, and this article aims to explain some of the reasons why the lights come on and ways to rectify the problem.

Let’s get started!

Let’s get to know what can cause this issue and ways you can employ to fix this.

TRAC Off and Check Engine Light Toyota Corolla Explained

The Check Engine Light is another warning indication usually shown on the dashboard of the Toyota Corolla. Whenever you see this warning signal on your dashboard, it simply means your vehicle’s engine is not in proper working condition.

Problems as simple as a loose radiator cap or an improperly connected spark plug car can cause the Check Engine Light to activate.

The traction control light displayed on your dashboard informs the driver that the traction control system has been deactivated because the traction control sensors have identified that a wheel or more is slipping.

Once the TRAC Off Light comes on, the brakes are activated on the slipping wheel to reduce power loss from the engine and send more power to the other vehicle wheels.

TRAC Off and Check Engine Light Toyota Corolla

When Does the Check Engine Light Come On in Toyota Corolla

Here are some common challenges your engine may face that will cause your Check Engine Light to come on on your Toyota Corolla.

When there is a Bad Oxygen Sensor

Over time your oxygen sensor might fail due to extensive exposure to exhaust fumes.

Once the oxygen sensor fails, it will automatically reduce the performance of your car’s engine, causing the Check Engine Light to come on.

When there is a Bad Mass Air Flow Sensor

The mass airflow sensor monitors the amount of air that enters the engine’s combustion chamber; therefore, it helps the ECU optimize the air-fuel mixture needed for combustion.

False data will be sent to the ECU if the mass air flow sensor becomes faulty, and combustion will become less effective.

The engine’s performance will drop whenever this happens, and the Check Engine Light will turn on.

When There is a Loose Gas Cap

If your gas cap is not tight enough or not there, it could cause your Check Engine Light to come on because the gas in the tank will find it hard to reach the injector nozzles, reducing the gas entering the combustion chamber. A loose gas cap cause the fuel in the tank to evaporate, creating more work for the fuel pump as fuel pressure will be low.

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When There is a Bad Spark Plug

The spark plug in your Toyota Corolla aids the combustion process, and when it becomes fouled or dirty, your engine’s efficiency is reduced, which can result in your Check Engine Light coming on.

Also, if the spark plug wires get damaged, it will reduce the amount of current flowing to the spark plug, thereby reducing the effectiveness of the spark plug.

A faulty spark plug would affect your vehicle’s fuel economy performance and cause your engine to misfire.

TRAC Off and Check Engine Light Toyota Corolla

The Catalytic Converter is Bad

A failing catalytic converter can reduce your engine’s performance and increase your vehicle’s fuel consumption.

The catalytic converter helps reduce emissions from your exhaust system; therefore, it gets clogged with oxides and other debris afterward.

Your Check Engine Light will come on whenever your catalytic converter develops issues.

When Does the “Trac Off” Light Come On in Toyota Corolla

Here are some of the causes of the “Trac off” Light turning on in the Toyota Corolla

When there is a Bad Brake Light Switch

The traction control system works hand in hand with your car’s brake system. For this reason, the antilock braking system is activated whenever the TRAC Off Light comes on.

If you have a faulty brake light switch, then it can cause your traction control system to remain off while driving. Hence, the TRAC Off light turns on.

When there is Low Oil Level or a Low Tire Pressure

Other things that can make the Trac Off Light come on include oil level and tire pressure.If One tire pressure is lower than the others, it will tend to sleep more, causing TRAC Off Light to turn on.

Also, if the oil level is low, the engine of the Toyota Corolla will overheat and cause the TRAC Off Light to come on.

When the Traction Switch is Bad

The traction switch can cause the TRAC Off Light to turn on if it develops a fault. The traction switch activates and deactivates the traction control system. If the traction switch is faulty, it must be replaced before your traction control system works properly.

There is an issue with the Shift Lock Solenoid

Whenever your vehicle is in park mode, its traction control system will not be able to engage; therefore, if the shift lock solenoid malfunctions, then the TRAC Off Light comes on.

The shift lock solenoid helps lock the vehicle’s transmission in park mode. The shift lock solenoid can be found under the center console of your Toyota Corolla.

Ways to Avoid TRAC Off and Check Engine Light on Toyota Corolla

Updating Your Vehicle’s Software can prevet this. Your Trac Off Light may be on due to glitches and bugs in the software your car is currently running on; therefore, if you constantly update your vehicle software, you would have less chance of experiencing bugs that cause your Trac Off Light to come on.

Avoiding bad driving conditions can reduce this.  Even though your traction control system helps your Toyota Corolla prevent swerves and slips. It is still advisable not to drive-in extreme terrains and conditions.

In essence, you should avoid driving on muddy or icy terrains.

How to Fix TRAC Off and Check Engine Light on Toyota Corolla

Whenever the TRAC Off and Check Engine Light turns on or displays on your dashboard in your Toyota Corolla, it is always advisable to visit your local mechanic or employ the services of an expert to diagnose the condition of your engine and know exactly what caused the warning signal is to be displayed on your dashboard.

Always ensure that you visit your local mechanic for routine maintenance. The maintenance of your Toyota Corolla should include adjusting your tire pressure to the manufacturer’s recommendation and servicing your car’s engine. A professional mechanic will ensure that every bolt, nut, and screw is well-tightened using a torque wrench.

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Frequently Asked Questions – TRAC Off and Check Engine Light Toyota Corolla

Why are my Check Engine Light and traction control light on Toyota?

Your traction control light and Check Engine Light are on because there is a malfunction in your traction control system that is affecting your vehicle’s performance.

Is it safe to drive with TRAC Off Light on?

Driving with your Trac Off Light ‘on’ is generally safe but not in extreme driving conditions.

Can an engine misfire fix itself?

An engine misfire can not fix itself and, if left unattended, can cause more severe damage.

Conclusion – TRAC Off and Check Engine Light Toyota Corolla

When there is a malfunction with vehicle safety features or the engine, warning signals appear on your dashboard. These signals include the Trac Off and the Check Engine Toyota Corolla Light. In this article, we have examined the possible causes and fixes of these warning signals. Remember, visiting your local mechanic whenever you experience or see any of these signals on your dashboard is always advisable.

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