Walmart Oil Change Prices

For vehicles to perform effectively, the oil has to be changed regularly to avoid breakdown or friction of some essential components of your car.

Knowing that your oil type determines how frequently your vehicle is due for an oil change is also necessary. There are many companies in the United States that offer such services and at different costs.

However, in this article, we will explore the current Walmart oil change prices, factors that determine its price, how to get an oil change, and other related information.

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Walmart is among the most prominent and significant retail stores in the United States. The company is best known for its enormous staff and the wide range of services it renders to the public.

Besides being a retail store, the company also provides car maintenance services across the states such as car oil change. Walmart oil change services are fundamental to the well-being of your car as they employ the best mechanics and technicians to handle your vehicle.

It is essential to know that every oil change service at Walmart comes with an oil filter change, which is part of the price for the service rendered.

At Walmart, they offer a variety of oil-changing packages to their customers, which include the Walmart Pit Crew Oil Change, the Walmart Standard Oil Change, the Walmart’s High Mileage Oil Change, the Walmart Synthetic oil change and the Walmart Semi-synthetic oil change.

What is Walmart Pit Crew Oil Change Price?

Walmart Pit Crew Oil Change costs around $19 – $22. this package is the most basic for vehicles with less than 30,000 mileage. They make use of conventional oil to perform this service. However, at the owner’s request, synthetic oil can also be used with a price increase.

What is Walmart Standard Oil change Price?

Walmart’s standard oil change costs around $29 – $32. this package includes the use of conventional oil and a change of the chassis lube.

What is Walmart’s High Mileage Oil Change Price?

Walmart’s high mileage oil change costs about $35 – $38. this service is only required by vehicles with over 75,000 mileage. Walmart uses semi-synthetic or 5 quarts of high mileage oil to perform this service, which allows the car to function more effectively. This package also comes with chassis lubricator replacement.

Walmart Oil Change Prices 2023

What is Walmart Semi-Synthetic Oil Change Price?

Walmart’s semi-synthetic oil change costs about $39 – $42. this package entails using synthetic blend oil in servicing the vehicle, with a new filter and a new chassis lubricator which is all-inclusive in the price.

What is Walmart Synthetic Oil Change Price?

Walmart synthetic oil change costs about $49 – $52. This package is the most advanced oil change package provided by Walmart. This package entails the use of purely synthetic oil. This service is quite expensive because of the oil used. However, car users save more when using synthetic oil as it doesn’t require frequent changes like conventional oil.

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Which Walmart Oil Change Should I Go for?

Many factors determine the cost of changing oil; however, at Walmart, the main factor determining the cost or price of an oil change is the type of car, filter, and oil type.

The type of car being serviced also determines the cost of the oil changing service. Most sophisticated cars require specific oil types. Larger engines require more amount of fat than smaller engines.

The type of filter the vehicle uses also determines the cost and the type of oil, as semi-synthetic and synthetic oils are far more expensive than regular or conventional oil.

These factors determine the price or cost of oil changes at Walmart.

When Should I Get a Walmart Oil Change?

Oil is a crucial component of every vehicle. The more you use a particular car, the more it requires regular servicing and oil changes to avoid breakdowns on the road. However, there are some indications or signs you see and feel while driving that signal the need for an oil change. Some significant symptoms include excessive noise, high mileage, and smoking.

When the sound of the vehicle changes, producing excessive noise, it is a sign that the engine needs lubrication and, therefore, oil change.

Shortage of oil or bad oil can lead to smoking in a vehicle which requires a change. And when the mileage is high, it is also a sign to change oil.

These are a few signs indicating a need for an oil change. It is, however, essential to take your vehicle for an auto check regularly to ascertain the car’s current state and what needs to be done next.

Walmart Oil Change Prices 2023

Is Walmart Oil Change the Best?

There are so many reasons why people trust and choose Walmart auto care center. The company hires certified auto technicians to handle your vehicles, giving little or no room for errors, their service is quick, and the price is very affordable. It is a place that guarantees customers satisfaction.

At Walmart no need for an appointment to get your car fixed. It is convenient, fast, and safe. “Why-not” if not Walmart auto care center for your vehicles.

How to Get A Walmart Oil Change

Getting an oil change at Walmart is pretty straightforward. First, you must locate one of their auto care centers; if you need help, visit their website and search for a store closest to you.

Having located one of their auto care centers, drive in, park your vehicle, and notify the attendant of the service you need, and when it gets to your turn, your car will be worked on.

The auto care center is usually busy, so customers can book appointments online before visiting the center.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Walmart Oil Change Prices

Is Walmart a good place to change your vehicle’s oil?

Walmart is a big brand, and they care about its name and reputation; therefore, they employ the best technicians in every department to ensure the satisfaction of their customers. Consequently, it is an excellent place to get your oil changed.

How frequently should car oil be changed?

Before taking your vehicle to an auto care center for an oil change, certain factors should be considered. If the engine isn’t noisy, the car isn’t smoking, and the mileage is low, there is no need to change your oil. But when you notice these signs, quickly visit an auto care center. In addition, you should change the oil between 7,500 to 10,000 mileage.

What oil is better, synthetic or semi-synthetic?

Synthetic oil is the best oil available in the market today; it is better, and it last longer. The more synthetic oil in your vehicle, the better the performance and the longer your engine’s lifespan. However, if your car performs well with regular or conventional oil, then there is no need for synthetic oil.

Conclusion – Walmart Oil Change Prices

Walmart provides the people of the United States with over 2500 auto care centers to fix their vehicles. Regular checks and changing of car oil are necessary for the adequate performance of any vehicle.

At Walmart auto care centers, they deliver expert services at an affordable rate. Walmart auto centers are found in most Walmart stores across the country. Therefore, if you are searching for Walmart auto care, visit the Walmart website and search for the stores nearest to you.

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