Wash Car With Simple Green (Everything to Know)

Washing your car requires a lot of care to avoid using a cleaning agent that would cause damage to its exterior, especially the paint. Either causing the color to fade out or break out, as we’ve seen in most cases when the wrong cleaning agent is used.

Simple Green is a multi-purpose cleaning agent suitable for cleaning dirt from any surface around the house, even in washing dishes, now comes the question, can you wash car with Simple Green? 

In this article, you will know if you can wash your cash with Simple Green, how to use the cleaning agent, and also its effects when used on the exterior or paint of your vehicle.

Let’s get started!

Simple Green is an easy-to-use formula for washing your car’s interior and exterior parts. To clean the interior, which consists of the steering wheel, dashboard, seats, and other interior areas, visit their website and pay close attention to the directions and instructions provided on how to wash the inside of your car with Simple Green; follow step by step to avoid damaging any part of your vehicle.

In washing the exterior part of your car with Simple Green, here are some steps to ensure the process is easy and wouldn’t damage your vehicle.

Close Your Car Door: Ensure your doors are properly closed, then wet your car’s exterior surface by pouring enough water, ensuring everywhere is wet.

Mix Water With Simple Green: Follow the instruction on the bottle on the ratio of water to the quantity of Simple Green you are to mix. You are to Mix 1 oz. Simple Green Wash & Wax with 4 liters of water in a bucket, Stir until they are properly mixed.

Use Mixture To Wash: Get a clean towel or sponge (a soft one), dip it in the mixture, and then wash the exterior of your car. Ensure you wash section by section to follow the next step.

Rinse the Car: Rinse immediately after washing to avoid sticky dirt or foamy water from drying up on the car’s surface. To avoid sudsy water drying up, you are advised to wash it section by section.

Dry With Towel: Use a microfiber cloth or a clean towel to dry the car immediately after rinsing.

Simple Green is an easy-to-use alternative when you cannot visit the car wash but still have to drive a clean, sparkling car.

Wash Car With Simple Green

Is Simple Green Good for My Car Exterior

Keeping your car clean by regular washing might not require specially formulated auto cleaners, which will be more expensive than the common cleaners available in stores. Simple Green is an acceptable cleaning agent developed for any surface and can also be used to wash a car’s interior and exterior parts.

Simple Green is safe to use on a car’s exterior as it is a non-abrasive formula specially designed to be a handy product for homes. Although it is not a specially formulated product for vehicles, it will do a thorough cleaning job without causing any damage to the car’s paint and spark.

Simple Green is formulated to deliver that shining and sparkling view of your vehicle without breaking your purse or wallet.

A car owner’s pride is to see their vehicle in good shape without spots. Simple Green can be used to wash and clean every area in a car, including the windshield, windows, and side or rear mirror. However, even though Simple Green rarely causes damage to a car’s paint, there are tips to apply in using Simple Green to wash your car.

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Are there Long-Term Effects of Washing Car With Simple Green

Simple Green is a non-abrasive and non-corrosive substance, making it an excellent surface cleaning formula. However, when using it on the car’s exterior, it is advised not to let the foamy water dry up on its surface, as it could harm the paint over time.

Although Simple Green has been said to be safe on surfaces with a Safe Choice Label authenticated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), with time and constant usage, however, there have been complaints that continuous use of simple green can be harmful to car paints and rims, especially those made of aluminum, suede, leather, and even pearl. Regardless, simple Green has not been proven to be the cause of this.

Wash Car With Simple Green

Can You Wash Car With Simple Green in a Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are designed to remove the toughest stains, long overdue grease, and grit from vehicles, especially in the engine and some areas that human hands find very difficult to locate or talk more, giving attention to for a thorough wash.

Simple Green is a perfect combo for a pressure washer. It can be used with a pressure washer without fear of damaging your car. Simple Green is mild and gentle on surfaces and will cause no harm, even in a pressure washer. However, it advised that cleaning formulas and solutions be diluted before using a pressure washer.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Wash Car With Simple Green

Can simple Green be used to wash cars?

Simple Green is a multi-purpose cleaning agent designed to remove tough surface stains. This special formula is non-abrasive and non-corrosive, so it can be conveniently used to wash cars on interior and exterior surfaces.

What you shouldn’t use Simple Green on?

Although Simple Green is a multi-purpose cleaning agent designed for any surface tough stains, and dirt, some surfaces are also advised not to use Simple Green. Some of those surfaces are opals or pearls, suede, leather, and unfinished wood.

Is Simple Green anti-plastic and metal?

Simple Green is safe to use on both plastic and metal surfaces and objects without causing any damage to their properties. The formula is non-corrosive and can easily penetrate surfaces for a clean wash.

Can you use Simple Green on a car’s exterior?

Simple Green can be used on many surfaces, and cars are no exception. Simple Green is a non-abrasive formula that is mild on both hands and textures and can, therefore, not cause any damage to the exterior of a car.

Conclusion – Wash Car With Simple Green

Simple Green is a multi-purpose cleaner used on many home surfaces and cars. It is a non-abrasive and non-corrosive substance making it a fine choice for car washing.

It is also vital to follow the manufacturer’s directions and instructions when using the substance in your car’s interior and exterior parts to avoid damage after usage.

It is also essential to dilute Simple Green before using it with a pressure washer. Despite being a multi-purpose or all-purpose cleaning agent, some surfaces are affected negatively by constant usages, such as aluminum, leather, suede, and opals. 

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