What Color Is Diesel Fuel (Get to Know!)

What color is diesel fuel? This is a popular question due to the several colors of diesel in the market today, which may not be accepted for some purposes.

Many have, at some point or the other, gotten into trouble because of choosing a fuel type from the many available variants.

If you have this concern, relax as we would be bringing to the table everything to know about diesel color, as well as their appropriate usage.

Let’s get started!

The United States Government passed a stringent law prohibiting colored diesel in vehicles other than construction, agricultural and government vehicles.

Although you might come across diesel with different colors, there is a reason for that. The different colors of diesel are a result of the use of the fuel and also for taxation purposes. You may not know this, but you pay tax on all power you buy from the fuel stations, and one way to distinguish the tax on these diesel variants is by adding a color pigment.

what color is diesel fuel

What Color is Off-Road Diesel? 

As the name suggests, it’s diesel for off-road use only. This type of diesel possesses several kinds of colorings. It does contain a higher quantity of sulfur in diesel, unlike other on-road diesel types. It is also referred to as tax-exempt diesel and is used on off-road vehicles such as generators, agricultural and construction equipment. The distinct dyed colors are so the tax authorities can quickly identify them.

What Color is On-Road Diesel?

The on-road diesel is manufactured mainly for vehicles used every day on the road. It is called lucid, but it possesses a slight green coloring. It is the most common diesel type you would ever find, as it is what’s sold at every gas station. It is also taxed like regular gas.

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What are the Different Colors of Off-Road Diesel

Here are the different types of dyed diesel;

Blue Diesel

The blue dyed diesel is a type of diesel similar in chemical composition to regular diesel, but it isn’t designated for off-road use like the red and green-dyed diesel.

There is a common misconception about the different colored diesel affecting a vehicle’s performance. Still, based on research, there isn’t any alteration caused by the color of the diesel. In simpler terms, it doesn’t affect the performance of the vehicle in which it’s used.

The blue dyed diesel is used strictly by the US government. It isn’t available to the general public.

Red Diesel

The red-dyed diesel is dyed in either solvent red 164 or 26, which gives it its characteristic red color. It is used on non-road vehicles such as forklifts, Cranes, boats, planes, earthmovers, excavators, and most farm machines.

This diesel isn’t so different from regular-colored diesel; the only difference is its red color, and because of its lowered taxing, it has a lower cost.

Green Diesel

Green-dyed diesel is also manufactured for Off-Road use, particularly agricultural equipment. The law prohibits its use to prevent people from using it on the roads. And like the red diesel, its tax is also reduced, making it cheap.

what color is diesel fuel

Is Red Color Diesel Accepted for My Car?

No! The main reason for this decision is the Government taxation policy.

There are several penalties to be faced if caught using red-dyed diesel; for example, if it is your first time seen using it, you would be fined up to a thousand dollars or about $10 per gallon. You could also be charged with tax evasion, and if you get caught using it multiple times for any reason, you could be taken to court to face even more significant charges.

The tax on diesel is used to fund road rehabilitation and construction projects, which road users use throughout the States. Hence trying to cheat the system using cheaper and less taxed red-dyed fuel would be considered illegal.

Avoiding them at the fuel stations at all costs would be best. You might think it’s the more economical, but wait until you get caught.

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Frequently Asked Questions – What Color Is Diesel Fuel

Why are there different colors of diesel?

The diesel variants are due to the United States government’s effort to reduce pollution and tax the citizens based on which diesel they purchase. The law was passed during the 1990s by the Federal Bureau.

Can you mix red Diesel and normal Diesel?

There isn’t any real difference between red-dyed and regular diesel except for the coloring. So there wouldn’t be any problems with your engine, but if you are caught using red diesel on a road vehicle, it will be considered a federal offense.

What colour is illegal diesel?

Illegal diesel can only be used when an on-road vehicle uses any other diesel except regular diesel. And as far as you use suitable, regular diesel, you are not using it illegally.

Conclusion – What Color Is Diesel Fuel?

Diesel is used in power generation, I hope that by reading this article, you will be fully equipped to explain the difference between diesel colors and their functions. Suppose you could explain the reason for the different diesel colors to someone.

Remember that the suitable diesel to use is clear diesel fuel, as using any other diesel color type would be considered illegal and punishable by the law as it best sees.

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