What Do The Toyota/Lexus VSC Off Light On Mean?

Have you been puzzled about the VCS Off light in your Lexus and how to reset it? Worry no more because we have the answers you need.

Most Lexus vehicles’ vehicle stability control (VCS) system prevents your car from slipping and sliding in challenging climates. However, with extended precipitation, tires may have problems gaining friction because the vehicle would be driven on slippery roads.

The system was responsible for ensuring that your vehicle doesn’t slide around while driving is the VSC, or vehicle stability control system. This system aims to apply brakes to the car’s wheels and ensure the vehicle doesn’t skid while driving.

This article will provide all the information you need about the VSC Light on your Lexus car, why it is illuminated, and how it can be reset.

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What Does the VSC Light Mean on Lexus?

The VSC is the Lexus traction control system. VSC stands for Vehicle Stability Control. This system helps to ensure that your vehicle is steady when driving in adverse environmental and weather conditions by decreasing the power transferred to the wheels. It also applies force to the brakes that need it when swerving.

Also, the VSC tries to correct over or understeer. For instance, if your vehicle starts skidding, the VSC reduces the power transmitted to the car’s wheels. If the car starts spinning, the vehicle stability control will take over and safely steer the vehicle to the outer curve.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, vehicles with VSC are at a reduced risk of having single-car accidents by at least 67% for SUVs and 35% for cars.

The VSC is crucial in ensuring your safety when driving in your Lexus. However, the check engine light and VSC Off light being on simultaneously could be a problem, and you have to find out what the issue is.

The VSC and ABS work together. If you’re driving under a blizzard condition, snow could interfere with your ABS sensors, illuminating your check VSC system.

If the “VSC OFF” sign is illuminated on the dashboard, the traction control has been shut off, and the traction control won’t work if traction is lost.

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TRAC Off Lexus

Why Is My VSC Off Light On?

The VSC is essential. This system could be a lifesaver, and when your VSC is turned off, the traction control of your vehicle won’t be activated. This is why drivers get worried when they notice the VSC Off sign illuminated on the dashboard of their Lexus.

There are various reasons why this light can be illuminated in your vehicle. Your VSC is connected to your car’s brake and the engine control systems so that the car’s traction can be controlled. However, since your VSC is integrated with other systems, if your engine and brakes have any failings, the VSC Off light can be triggered to be turned on.

The significant reasons why a Lexus could have an illuminated VSC Off light are listed below:

Problem With ABS Sensors

An ABS wheel speed sensor is also known as an ABS brake sensor. More simply, it is also known as an ABS sensor. No matter the name, it’s a critical component of the car’s ABS.

The ABS (anti-lock braking system) is a part of most new cars. ABS sensors are connected to the axle or wheels to measure the wheels’ rotation speed. Most ABS wheel sensors consist of a magnet enclosed with a coil and a toothed ring.

When the ring and magnet come in contact, an electric field is created, which converts into a signal transmitted to the vehicle’s ABS controller. The controller then determines the wheel or axle’s speed. Then, the information is sent to the ECM (Engine Control Module).

The ABS will be activated as soon as the ECM notices a locked wheel. The speed at which it operates is breakneck, resulting in a grinding sound and pulsating sensation.


The only solution when ABS wheel sensors are faulty is to change them. Replacing the ABS sensors by yourself with some tools is easy. The sensors can be purchased at an estimated $100.

Issues With the Accelerator Pedal

An unresponsive accelerator pedal is a common sign of a faulty pedal position sensor. This often occurs with the check engine light being illuminated on the dashboard. You might also observe poor fuel economy, shifting issues, or rough idle. The impact of a failing accelerator pedal sensor is undeniable because it directly affects how the vehicle drives and its response to the gas and pedal mileage.


There are certain instances where replacing only the sensor is possible – but on some other vehicle models, the entire accelerator pedal will have to be replaced.

Removing the car’s accelerator can be challenging, but it’s pretty straightforward on almost all car models. An accelerator pedal sensor typically costs about $50 to $200. At a vehicle workshop, the cost of labor is between $50 and $100.

Faulty Throttle Body

There are angle sensors, as well as other sensors, that are installed inside the car’s throttle body. Immediately the vehicle’s onboard computer detects an issue with the signal of your throttle body, it will prompt your VSC Off light to turn on.


You could either service and clean your throttle body or replace it entirely. If you decide to get a replacement, the cost of a new throttle body ranges from $200 and $500, and the cost of labor varies from $50 to $150.

Malfunction in the Car Scars ECU

One of the many signs of a faulty ECU is an illuminated VSC Off light on the dashboard.


Repairing the ECU can be expensive. Purchasing just the part can cost about $1,000 to $3,000. The cost depends on your vehicle’s model and make. Fortunately, it is possible to repair or reprogram the ECU in many instances, so you may not need to replace it.

Faulty Mass Airflow Sensor

A faulty mass airflow sensor could result in a lot of fuel being left in your combustion chamber, leading to untimed detonations. You will experience this in poor drivability, like sudden jerking movements or hesitations, especially during acceleration. This will also cause your VSC Off Light to be illuminated.


It is straightforward to replace or repair the MAF sensor. All you need to do is remove some plastic pieces by unscrewing some bolts, then replace your sensor. You could ask your mechanic to return it if you need more confidence you can replace it. The job shouldn’t be labor-intensive.

If you cannot detect why your VSC Off light is turned on, you could get a car code reader, which will help you diagnose the issue at home. The error codes for different problems differ, but you could search online to determine the meaning of your error code.

Why Is My VSC Light and Check Engine Light On?

If you’ve noticed that your dashboard is glowing, have you wondered what it means when your check engine light and VSC light are simultaneously illuminated?

Car owners could be anxious when they observe several lights on the dashboard. However, there’s a logical explanation for why your check engine and VSC Off light are on simultaneously in a Lexus or Toyota vehicle.

As we discussed earlier, the engine systems and VSC are integrated, so if your engine has a problem, your VSC can fail. The VSC operates by reducing the power sent to the car’s wheels while sending braking power to wheels that need it.

The VSC won’t work effectively if the brakes or engine have an issue. This could be the issue that is triggering the “check engine” and VSC Off light to turn on.

The primary reasons the check engine and VSC Off lights are turned on simultaneously in a Toyota or Lexus are:

  • Faulty or damaged gas cap
  • Damaged O2 sensor

You can take your vehicle to a professional if none of this is the issue, or you could detect the cause using a car code reader.

TRAC Off Lexus

How to Reset The VSC Light?

Resetting your VSC light is a pretty easy fix. It could be an irregular issue causing your VSC light to be turned on. You can try these steps when resetting the VSC light:

  1. First, stop the vehicle and put your gear in Park.
  2. Find your VSC button. It’s often located close to your gear stick. It can also be found at or behind the steering wheel, depending on the model of your car.
  3. Press down your VSC button and hold it for a few seconds.
  4. You’ll now notice that the VSC OFF and TRAC OFF lights are turned on. The VSC and traction system will be turned off.
  5. Press your VSC button a second time and hold it for one second. Your VSC and TRAC lights will switch off, and your systems will reengage.

If this doesn’t work, you have to check your error codes and carry out accurate troubleshooting to detect the issue. Take your vehicle to a mechanic if you need more knowledge to check the codes yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions – TRAC Off Lexus

Can I drive with TRAC off light on?

Although it’s generally safe to continue driving while your traction control light is on, you shouldn’t go it in certain circumstances. For example, if your red brake warning, anti-lock braking system, and traction control light are turned on, there may be an effect on your whole braking system.

Why are my check engine and TRAC off-light on Lexus?

What’s the Meaning When the Trac Off Light is Turned on in a Lexus? If you’re seeing the TRAC OFF message on the dashboard of your Lexus, it means that your traction control isn’t activated. Of course, it’s possible to continue driving your car when your traction control isn’t switched on but doing this will put your passengers and even yourself at risk.

What causes traction control to malfunction?

The sensors are not responding. For example, dirt and other build-ups could interfere with the anti-lock braking or traction control sensors’ magnetic operation. Another common problem with sensors is faulty electrical connections between the vehicle’s computer and the sensors.

Does traction control affect acceleration?

Acceleration can indeed be affected by traction control – but it will make you drive slower and not faster. Sometimes, people incorrectly assume that extra traction would allow you to go faster. They think that traction control can keep the wheels firm on the floor.

Can worn brake pads cause the ABS light to come on?

For clarity, if you have worn brakes, this CAN make your ABS Light to be turned on, but not for the reason you think. Although they work hand in hand, ABS and brakes are different. Although your brakes and the ABS work together, a separate electrical control unit for the ABS is other than the ECU for the braking system.

What do you do when your traction control light comes on?

If the traction control light of your vehicle is turned on, the solution could be to ensure that the traction control isn’t turned off. You can turn it on using an effortless switch which is usually located close to your steering wheel found on your instrument plane.

Conclusion ­- TRAC Off Lexus

If your Lexus vehicle’s VSC light flashes, the issue could be a loose gas cap, a glitching computer system, or the wire and light behind any flashing light malfunctioning.

The VSC system is an acronym for the vehicle stability control system. It turns on automatically when it detects the car swerving in a strange direction. The VSC aids the driver in maintaining control and stability.

When considering the repair cost, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s relatively cheap to repair the VSC OFF light. Some drivers can even improve the light by themselves, so they will not have to consult a mechanic for its repair.

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