What Does Tow/Haul Mode Do? (Explained)

The towing capacity of a vehicle is one primary reason vehicle owners purchase high-performance trucks.

Truck Manufacturers have considered many factors, including towing heavy loads uphill and hauling trailers across rough terrains. They came up with an innovative performance tuning feature that assists the drivers in improving their truck’s towing or hauling capabilities, the Tow/Haul Mode.

But what does Tow/Haul mode do? We will examine the Tow mode here, its functions, how it affects your vehicle and related topics.

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The Haul mode refers to special adjustments that help relieve stress off your vehicle’s transmission when towing heavy loads. It does this by improving your vehicle’s capabilities to handle more load by optimizing shifting cycles to produce more power rather than speed.

Once this mode is activated, you can quickly drive upward and downward hills with increased confidence because your car has been optimized for increased engine braking. This feature offers you better handling and traction when driving on hilly terrains.

Also, your vehicle can systematically increase the engine’s RPM limit before shifting and help the gears shift faster. These adjustments will help reduce stress on the vehicle’s transmission.

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What Does Tow/ Haul Mode Do?

When to Switch to the Tow/Haul Mode

There is a lot of debate about how and when to activate the Haul mode of your truck.

Some events that necessitate using the haul mode include towing a trailer, towing a camper, driving uphill, driving on rough terrain, or towing a boat.

If you are still confused about when to use the tow mode, you should be meticulous to first of all consider certain factors.

One of the factors you must consider before activating your pool mood is the vehicle’s driving condition. Using tow mode when driving on muddy terrain is also advisable, as you need increased traction.

It would be best to use tow mode when driving on hilly terrains, especially when these climbs are steep. Also, It would be best to use Tow mode when towing any vehicle on rough terrain, irrespective of how light the car is.

Important Notes about Using Tow/Haul Mode

It is advisable to engage in the tow mode when you find yourself in a situation where you must haul an overweight truck. As mentioned, tow mode should be used when driving on rough or undulating terrains, busy roads, and high-traffic zones.

Tow mode is more effective when an experienced driver is using it. Improving your driving skills and understanding how to drive towing vehicles is always advisable.

Engaging in tow mode is advisable if Parking on a sloping landscape. Tow mode increases the braking system effectiveness of your vehicle.

It would help if you were vigilant while driving on a highway. Using the haul mode while driving on the road is improper as you can attain high speeds quickly.

Due to the increase in fuel consumption, using the tow mode when hauling an empty trailer is not advisable.

What Does Tow/ Haul Mode Do?

Does Tow/Haul Mode Mean a Safe Car to Drive

Towing trailers can be very dangerous and needs improved handling and safety conditions. Engaging the tow mode in your vehicle might be the only way to satisfy the safety condition. Tow mode offers improved handling and characteristic safety enhancement in your truck. 

There is improved handling once the tow mode is activated, keeping the vehicle steady and other road users safe from unnecessary swerving.

Mechanical failures and engine overheating are also prevented once the tow mode is activated. This move will single-handedly improve road safety by reducing the probability of an accident occurring due to sudden stops caused by these failures.

The tow mode can improve safety on a busy street by elevating your brakes’ function to avoid bumping into other cars.

Fuel Consumption and Tow Haul Mode

A downside to using the tow mode is the fuel consumption increase. Your vehicle will have increased performance and greater torque output when the tow mode is activated. This improved performance is caused by increasing the RPM while changing the gears.

An increased RPM. This term means greater combustion within a shorter period due to increased fuel supply to the engine.

This increase in fuel consumption protects your vehicle’s transmission from being damaged. Therefore, future repair costs are prevented.

How to Activate Tow/Haul Mode

The Tow mode is activated with the Tow Mode button. Once the tow mode button is pressed to activate the tow mode, an electronic signal is sent directly to the vehicle’s ECU(Electronic Control Unit). The Vehicle’s ECU then optimizes certain features to compensate for the extra load exerted on the car’s transmission.

The ECU sends signals to the gear selector to change swiftly at higher RPMs. This step is taken to share the stress exerted by the extra load between the Vehicle’s engine and its transmission.

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Frequently Asked Questions – What Does Tow/ Haul Mode Do?

Does tow/ haul mode save gas?

No! Tow mode consumes more gas.

Does the tow mode give more power?

The tow mode provides greater torque at the expense of increased gas consumption.

Does tow haul mode help in the snow?

There is no significant difference apart from the increased traction your rear tires might get

Conclusion – What Does Tow/ Haul Mode Do?

Tow mode offers the vehicle improved performance when towing or hauling trailers, campers, and other vehicles. This feature helps the vehicle achieve this feat by optimizing the shift cycle of the transmission, thereby protecting it from unnecessary damage.

Usually, the vehicle’s transmission is meant to take the impact of the extra load when gears are changed. By sharing the stress between the vehicle’s engine and its transmission, wear in the gearbox is reduced.

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