What is TLC For Cars? (Everything to Know)

What is TLC for cars? Is it a necessity for cars? Would there be any repercussions if not duly and systematically followed?

This article is the right one for the above question and more on it. It is a normal question asked by new car users or owners, in our automotive industry and you would be getting details responses here.

TLC means tender loving care and is used by car enthusiasts and practicing TLC on your car keeps it longer. Thus, luxurious cars need more TLC. Car enthusiasts normally make us use the acronym when discussing amongst themselves. However, it is hard for a person of average mind to know what TLC is for vehicles.

In the course of this article, we will explain the meaning of TLC, how to practice TLC, the advantages and disadvantages of TLC, the cost of TLC, etc.

In our automotive world, it describes caring for and maintaining your car. By applying TLC, your vehicle has less tendency to experience a breakdown, the vehicle stays protected, and you can save money rather than go for expensive repairs and replacements.

Every car in the world requires maintenance and care. But, sadly, some people purchase a vehicle and do not take care of it. This is where the need for TLC on vehicles comes into play, especially if your vehicle is a luxury vehicle or one of high performance.

TLC aids in enhancing your vehicle’s life span. The more love you show to your vehicle, the less breakdown it experiences and the longer the lifespan. It is way more costly to spend on repairs than to do frequent maintenance and ensure that you meet your vehicle’s essential requirements.

What is TLC For Cars?

How Can You Give Your Car Tender Loving Care

Change Oil and Filters

Regular filter and oil changes are basic car maintenance tasks one can perform. By changing your oil, you are keeping your engine efficiently running and lubricated. Giving room for running old oil in your engine, leads to contamination and part wear out.

How frequently you change filters and oil, depends on the oil type and manufacturer. From your vehicle’s service manual, you can get recommendations. Nonetheless, most manufacturers believe that conventional oil should be changed after 3,000 to 5,000 miles, as synthetic oil is better for between 7,500 to 10,000 miles. The oil filter change is also carried out exactly as you change the oil, so take a look at the filter every three (3) months.

External Lights

We are all aware of the rear light or headlight Issues, not minding if you are a driver. However, it is best to check the lights with your friend within a few periods.

Ask him to stay seated on the driver’s side, and switch on the engine. Then, stand in front of the car to check these things:

  • Hazard lights/turn signals (ensure you check your wing mirror lights)
  • Sidelights
  • Full beam
  • Headlights
  • Fog lights

At the vehicle’s rear, check these lights.

  • Hazard lights/turn signals
  • Sidelights
  • Brake lights
  • Fog light
  • Rear lights

If either fails to turn on, you will need to get a new bulb.

Conduct Bounce Test

It is a suspension check, done quickly. First, stand around the wheels, then firmly push down on the vehicle’s solid part. Ensure not to break any body panels or plastic trim.

That suspension makes the vehicle immediately bounce up, and reset to its position. When it begins to bounce back and forth without stopping, then there is an issue. Care for your vehicle, and refer it to a mechanic. Your car may need new shock absorbers, wishbones, or springs.

Rotate Your Tires

Tire rotation increases the vehicle’s efficiency, by regulating balance in the tread of the four tires. After every 6,000 – 8,000 miles, one should do tire rotations. Not minding whether you assume the tires to be fine, and there are no signs of wear out. You should rotate them to avoid getting to the point of tear or wear.

Tires in a vehicle’s front axle are given different functions, unlike the rear axle tires, which make their treads uneven. Luxury vehicles require that their tires be rotated as often as possible, instead of low-performance vehicles. To extend your vehicle’s life, rotate the tires.

Inspect/Change Fluids

You need to regularly change and check your engine oil. You should also consider the power steering, brake, coolant, and transmission fluid. These fluids come in different colors; hence you can identify each one when there is a leak.

Based on the type and manufacturer’s recommendations, one must change most fluids regularly. Although, some of them only need to be properly topped off as required. Either way, ensure that all the main systems are moving as expected and efficiently.

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Inspect Battery

A vehicle’s battery does not have an endless lifespan. It lasts for between 3-5 years. As a vehicle’s battery meets its death, it places you in a complex position, mostly if one is going to an important event or meeting. Hence, you can avoid this situation, by extending TLC to your battery.

Occasionally carry out a visual inspection on your battery. It should be in a good state, without any corrosion on your connectors. If so, make use of water and baking soda solution, to get rid of the corrosion.

In addition, many auto parts shops or stores give a free test on your battery, to know its condition. Do not push your car to the limit or drive at an extreme temperature, because both can badly affect the battery. Change it, if there is any sign of struggle to give the car the right amount of power.

• Check Your Brake Pads

Checking the brake pads is one of the regular maintenances, which is important. Above that, if you notice any noise as you are braking or when the brake begins to grind, go to your local mechanic for inspection and possible repairs. Do you need a ticket?

Of course not. Ensure that the lights remain intact and functional. Having nonexistent or dull lights is not safe for you or anyone. Wipe the lenses when they begin to dull, and replace them immediately if it burns.

• Keep both the Exterior and Interior Clean.

You may not realize the importance of keeping your vehicle clean, but it has numerous benefits. As you wax and clean your vehicle, the paint stays at its best.

In addition, cleaning your vehicle regularly makes a big difference. Although the interior part of a vehicle is most important when it comes to functioning, you should also take good care of a car’s exterior parts.

Since you will spend time caring for the Interior of your vehicle (which is needed), the outer part also needs care and maintenance. If there is a scratch or dent, try buffing it out. It will not take a long time, and it will make a difference.

This particular one isn’t mandatory, but if one desires to practice TLC on the vehicle, the car should be waxed once in a while.

Ensure that your vehicle is always looking neat and good. Do not give room for trash to be in the vehicle, collect it and get rid of it. Use the trash bag to collect waste from the vehicle as regularly as possible, and eliminate waste from the seats. Above all, if someone says that a vehicle needs TLC, the vehicle looks very bad. It is simple to notice that a vehicle is not being cared for, and it is also simple to care for a vehicle. Thus, try to always show TLC to your vehicle.

Advantages of Car TLC

When you care for your vehicle, it will care for you. There are numerous advantages to giving your vehicle TLC. They are as follows:

The vehicle runs efficiently- when a vehicle gets the needed TLC, it runs efficiently. So you need not worry about it running slowly, or making noises.

It ensures safety- as you have ensured that the brakes are functioning well, you will be safer. Major road accidents are normally caused by low brake fluid or faulty/worn brakes. Ensure that you fix the brake at any slightest fault.

Improved Fuel Economy

If you ensure that your engine runs at top speed, you will have the better fuel economy. This aids in saving money at a pump.

Your Car Is Less Probable to Break Down

When you ensure that your vehicle is maintained and serviced, the odds are that it will not suddenly break down at the roadside. However, bad things can happen regardless. But it is best to prevent it first.

Regularly applying TLC services prevents future issues. Therefore, when a vehicle gets the needed TLC, it functions efficiently and better for a long time.

Increased Safety While Driving

As has been said, while driving, the vehicle’s general safety and that of other passengers are better.

Imagine driving with a worn-out brake, or the doors or windows failing to lock or close properly. How dangerous can it be?

Nonetheless, supposing the vehicle has improper servicing.

Therefore, a couple of internal issues keep occurring, like a noisy cabin, imbalance, irregular track alignment, and general poor vehicle performance in all aspects.

Besides that, you will save a lot of money, because you do not need to drive straight to a pump house to refill your engine. Therefore, giving the vehicle the needed TLC is mandatory.

What is TLC For Cars?

You’ll Save Money

No person is ready to waste thousands or even hundreds of dollars, on vehicle repairs. You can ensure this by practicing maintenance and routine service regularly.

A vehicle can encounter major or minor external or internal problems, at any time or place. However, the tendency to fix it on a regular budget reduces, as the damage level rises.

Hence, practicing maintenance and routine service when needed, helps prevent little problems from becoming very significant.

As the problem gains intensity, one will have to spend more excessively than he would have spent earlier.

For instance, if the vehicle has failed to reach optimum performance, ensure that you check it out immediately.

TLC Preserves the Car from Degradation

TLC keeps an eye on your vehicle’s internal section, for example, your engine section. However, it also shows balanced weightage to the outside body of the vehicle.

For instance, the body of a vehicle being metal is open to normal rusting, and the intensity deteriorates when you do not care for it.

Rusting affects your vehicle’s build quality, and affects body strength. As rusting increases, you’ll see that it can cause the breakdown of the vehicle after a one-minute hit.

Therefore, invest in TLC for your vehicle, to keep the strength and looks in check.

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Disadvantages of Car TLC

You may think that TLC does not have any disadvantages, but it is not so. There are some disadvantages that you even know.

The most common and first disadvantage of a vehicle’s TLC is that you will spend so much money on it.

When you take your vehicle for frequent servicing, you will have to pay. Secondly, giving your vehicle tender love and care consumes a lot of time.

If you start cleaning the outside and inside of your car regularly, you will spend a huge period doing the cleaning.

Another disadvantage relating to TLC is excessive servicing, and checking of a vehicle sometimes results in a fast but unexpected breakdown.

This can be ascertained because the frequency of checking your car affects the possibility of breaking down. The more you check, the more tendency it breaks down.

Meaning of TLC License Plate?

In NYC, the TLC Limousine Commission license & License Taxi are the licenses that authorize driving passengers that are fare-paying. The TLC-licensed automobiles, have individual/particular license plates, that assure passengers’ safety.

How To Obtain A TLC Plate For Your Car?

Legally licensed TLC plates, assure everyone that the car or vehicle they have boarded is safe. But are you wondering how you can get the TLC plate? Well, we are here to give you a step-by-step guide on getting a TLC plate and the TLC vehicle requirements.

Buy or Lease an Already Approved car

TLC no infer issue TLC licenses; therefore, you can get the license plate when you have

  • Lease to own agreement
  • A vehicle that is battery electric
  • A car that is wheelchair accessible

TLC further categorizes vehicles into limousine, livery, or black. A couple of black vehicle companies are Gett, Lyft, and Uber. To drive either of these, purchase a vehicle that one of the companies can accept.

Link up To The Dispatch Base

The dispatch base is a company you will drive for (like Gett, Lyft, and Uber). Reach out to the company you want, for a base letter that will serve as certified proof of employment, which means that you are working for them.

Purchase TLC Minimum Required Insurance

You will have to purchase commercial liability insurance, for any car with fewer or eight seats. It covers min insurance of $10,000 for each person and $300,000 for each accident.

The min insurance limit for no-fault coverage is $200,000, then the limit for property damage is $100,000. However, insurance does not cover collisions.

Get Ready the TLC License application

Complete the needed files like your I.D, proof of car ownership, insurance certificate, wheelchair-accessible cars, and lease-to-own agreement.

Submit Your TLC Application

As you have gotten the needed documents, next up is to fill out the online documents at nyc.gov/lars/.

Obtain a TLC Plate

The license letter can be received within twenty days of application and submission. Then, pay a visit to the DMV to register your plates and vehicle.

What Is The Cost of a Car TLC?

This will depend on a car’s average range. For example, a car with an average range of 500 miles will cost $550. Although, if it is more than 500 miles, the car’s TLC will cost about $625, including an inspection price of $75.

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Frequently Asked Questions – What is TLC For Cars?

What is minor TLC?

If something or someone requires TLC, they want to be attended to, in a caring and kind way. TLC is terminology for tender loving care or tender love and care.

What is a TLC on a BMW?

TLC means tender love and care, or tender loving care. In the same way, as people need TLC, cars also need the same. The difference is that cars do not need verbal support or hugs, but it needs frequent care and maintenance. Every car needs maintenance and care.

What is the TLC in a car?

When a vehicle owner fails to give the vehicle TLC, it will fall out of optimal shape. This includes keeping good tire pressure, checking fluids, changing oil and filter, washing the Interior, undercarriage, and exterior of the car, etc

How much does an NYC TLC license cost?

You must come with the tender love and care application receipt, driver’s license, TLC application number, and $32 for payment. Then, fill in the needed fingerprinting through an IdentoGo NY website here.

Do I need a TLC license to drive for Uber in NYC?

As opposed to other cities, you will require the TLC special license (Limousine and Taxi Commission), for one to drive with Uber in New York City. The goal is to aid you in getting a license, and a car as soon as possible, at a cost-friendly price and fast. This process should last four to six weeks.

Final Thoughts – What is TLC For Cars?

If you asked what TLC means for vehicles? We have expressly explained not just the full meaning, but also the actual meaning and everything surrounding it.

You should know that it is not sufficient to only know the meaning of TLC; you are advised to practice it on your vehicle when needed. TLC is simple for DIYers.

However, if you are unsure of doing the TLC vehicle repairs properly, you should refer it to a professional mechanic, who will work on it perfectly and add the price to your budget. Always remember that every vehicle needs frequent maintenance, to work efficiently.

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