Where Is Rav4 Made? (Toyota Facilities)

Where Is Rav4 Made? Will you like to know Toyota facilities across the world that produce the Toyota Rav4?

The Toyota RAV4 is known to be one of the most popular SUVs. Its reputation is not cited for being a faulty vehicle, but the Toyota RAV4 is well known for its unique features; it is also fuel efficient and a suitable vehicle for a big family adventure.

The Toyota models include; the LE, XLE, XLE Premium, Limited, and Adventure. However, the 2020 TRD Off-Road model has been introduced.

You can determine where your Toyota RAV4 was manufactured by checking the vehicle identification number. Will you like to know how to go about that?

Let’s get started!

Let’s move forward to know the different Toyota plants that are located across the world, starting for Japan which has a good number of Toyota facilities.

Where Is Rav4 Made In Japan?

Japan has a good number of Toyota facilities for the production of automobiles, the Rav4 included. Here are some of its facilities which are sited in Japan.

1. Nakagawa Automobile Plant

Established in 1971, the Nakagawa plant has about 4000 employees. They are known for the production of the Toyota RAV4 engines and transmissions. This production facility is located in Toyota City, Aichi.

2. Shimoyama Automobile Plant

The Shimoyama production facility ventured into the production of parts in 1975 with over 1500 employees and is popularly known for the manufacturing of some vehicle components such as turbochargers, engines, catalytic converters

The Shimoyama production facility is located in Miyoshi, Aichi, and is the first Toyota facility to manufacture vehicle components.

3. Motomachi Automobile Plant

This facility comprises about 3000 employees working in the facility. The Motomachi production facility is majorly concentrated on the assembling of vehicles. This facility has been responsible for the assembling of RAV4 cars since 1994.

Although, This facility has been functional since 1963. It is located in Toyota City, Aichi, the Motomachi production facility.

4. Miyagi Ohira Automobile Plant

The Miyagi Ohira production facility has been operating since 1950. They are popularly known for producing varieties of Toyota RAV4 vehicle components. Some of the parts made in this location include; RAV4 body parts, engines, transmissions, auto pieces of equipment, fabrication, Tires, RAV4 production machinery, and tools for measurement.

5. Tahara Automobile Plant

With over seven thousand employees, they are famous for producing the RAV4 body parts and ten other Toyota vehicle models. This production facility is located at Tahara, Aichi, and opened a production line for Toyota RAV4 components in 1979.

Where Is Rav4 Made

Where Is Rav4 Made Outside Japan?

1. Toyota Motor Manufacturing

Toyota motor manufacturing plant has various facilities. All these facilities produce different Toyota components. However, some of the parts made in these facilities include; Body parts for some of the Toyota models, engines, Aluminum casting, and transmission systems. The location of these facilities include; Kentucky, Mississippi, Texas, west Virginia, Alabama, and Indiana.

2. St. Petersburg, Russia

This facility has been producing Toyota RAV4 vehicles since the fourth generation, and several Toyota models have been made in this facility. This plant is a Russian-based facility located in St Petersburg.

The St Petersburg facility was established in 2009, with about 2,000 employees working there.

3. TABC, Inc.

TABC, Inc has been operational since the early 1970s and has been active in producing Toyota parts. Some of the components that TABC, Inc is popularly known for are the production of catalytic converters, steering columns, and stamped parts. The TABC, Inc is known to be the first Toyota plant in the United States and is situated in California (Long Beach).

4. Changchun, Jilin, China

This facility is also involved in producing the third-generation RAV4 to date. The Changchun facility is a Toyota production facility in China located in Jilin. It was established in 2005 and has been involved in producing Toyota RAV4 models since then. The Changchun plant has about 4,000 employees working in this facility.

5. Woodstock, Ontario, Canada

The Woodstock facility was established in 2008 and has produced RAV4 vehicles since the third generation till date. This facility is located in Ontario, Canada, with about 2000 employees.

How to Know Where Your Toyota RAV4 Model Was Made

Deciphering where your vehicle was produced is relatively easy using the Vehicle Identification Number on your car. This information is vital since it provides you with the data history of your vehicle and other necessary details about your car.

The VIN is unique only to your automobile. It comprises 17 characters that provide information about your car, including the vehicle model, makes, trims, engine model, the country it was produced, and the location, amongst other details.

However, designated numbers represent the five countries in which Toyota models are produced. The first character of the VIN represents the country where the vehicle was manufactured.

Therefore, your Toyota RAV4 could have any of the first characters representing the country it was manufactured.

When reading the VIN number, the first character on your VIN might be 2 which represents Canada, Either X0 or X3 will represents Russia, J represents Japan, 4 or 5 represent the United States of America and L represents China

Where was the First Toyota RAV4 Made?

In 1936, Toyota produced its first vehicle ever called the Toyota Sakichi. However, the first Toyota RAV4 was built in 1994 and is known to be the first car designed as an SUV.

Talking about where all the Toyota RAV4 models are being designed, they are created by Japanese designers in Japan.

Where is the Best RAV4 Made: Japan or Europe?

Individual achievements and recognition of the Japanese and European Toyota RAV4 production facilities over time for their vehicles show that none is considered. They have both won different individual awards and accolades for their exceptional vehicle quality level.

Frequently Asked Questions – Where Is Rav4 Made?

The location where the Toyota RAV4 2022 model was produced?

The 2022 Toyota RAV4 SUVs are being manufactured in the Georgetown facility in the United States of America (Kentucky)—the Georgetown facility featured in the manufacturing of the RAV4 fifth generation.

How can I check if my Toyota RAV4 was produced in Japan?

To know whether your vehicle is built in Japan, check your Identification Number for the first character, which signifies the country where the car was produced. If the first character is J, then it was manufactured in Japan. L represents vehicles manufactured in China, X0 or X3 represents Russia, 2 represents Canada, 4 or 5 represents the USA, etc.

Which locations are the Toyota RAV4 manufactured?

The Toyota RAV4 is manufactured in different facilities across five countries, with the Georgetown facility in Kentucky being the recently added facility. The Toyota RAV4 is manufactured in Japan, Canada, Russia, China, and also the United States of America.

Final Thoughts – Where Is Rav4 Made?

The Toyota RAV4 is one of today’s most famous SUVs manufactured in Japan, China, Russia, Canada, and the USA. These countries manufacture the Toyota RAV4 in different locations spread across the country.

They are also known for producing vehicles suitable for almost all weather conditions, with low gas mileage and an interior ideal for a large family for long trips and adventures.

For any model you get, you can check where it was manufactured and obtain other necessary information regarding the vehicle and the vehicle data history using the vehicle’s Identification Number. This code is unique to your vehicle and holds all information about your car.

To know where your vehicle was manufactured, check for the letter or number of the 17 characters in your VIN.

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