White Car With White Wheels

Have you ever imagined how aesthetically attractive a white car with white wheels would look? Do you want to purchase a car but are still thinking about what car color to go for?

If you are in any of the above questions, then you have come to the right place. Here, you would learn about car colors that call the attention of the public to “class.”

This article lists the best rim colors for your white vehicle, giving you ease to pick the car rims for your white car according to your personal color preference.

On this note, let’s get started.

White Car With White Wheels

White cars are one of the most usual car colors, you’d see in traffic these days. In addition, numerous research has shown that it is the most popular car color in the United States, with black being second.

Not only do white cars have a classy and elegant appearance, but you also do not have to worry so much, when your car is outside in a hot summer. This is because white cars do not absorb so much energy from the sun.

What is the Best Rim Color for a White Car?

Now that you’re aware that you can go creative with your white car by designing the wheels, let us now look at some colors that would go well with your white automobile. This would make your white vehicle stand out and look classy because picking the wrong color would make it look shabby.

1. Bronze Rims

Choosing to paint your white car wheels bronze, would make your white car stand out from other white vehicles. Although many wouldn’t go for bronze, bronze is one of the most beautiful choices for your white car wheels.

Your white sedan and even your white coupe like the BMW 5 and Nissan GT-R, would look great on a bronze rim.

2. Gunmetal Rims

If you want your car to always look clean and sleek, then this should be your choice of rim color.

This color has a smooth, bright appearance, and it would give your white car that feeling of great power, firmness, and class.

Not only would this color match a white coupe, but a black car would also go well with it.

3. Black Rims

Black rim colors may not be an option for you, but on second thought, this color would do great, especially if you want your car to flow with your bold personality.

Going for black wheels would be a good choice, because white and black complement each other.

4. Silver Rims

If you’re having a hard time deciding what rim color to use, why not go for silver?

Not only does this color easily match any color, but as we all know, you would also save yourself any stress and cost in painting your rims as most car rims are manufactured with silver.

5. Copper Rims

Copper rims would do the magic best if you wanted to grab so much attention and show just how classy you are.

Because cars with copper rims aren’t that common, you can make your white vehicle stand out from other white cars, when you go for copper rims.

6. Two-toned Rims

If you’d want to be more creative with your white car, going for a two-toned rim wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Two-tone colors are becoming more popular these days. Such colors like silver and black or silver and gun-metal would go well.

7. Red

For those of you who would want your white cars to appear bold and flashy, and not dull, red should be your choice of rim color.

With a red-colored rim, your car dazzles and creates a good effect. Painting your white car rim red will also give your vehicle a sporty look.

White Car With White Wheels (check for snippet)

How Can I Paint My Car Rims White?

Painting the rims of your car yourself is not advisable, as it could turn out very awful. But if you would rather not wait for a professional, and are confident you can do it yourself, then first you should get these critical items ready, before starting:

Hand gloves, Eyeglasses, Large plastic sheet, Respiratory mask, Dry cloth, Mineral spirits, Soft sponge, Degreasers, Overall, Mild dish soap, Bucket, Warm water, Sandpaper, Wire tools, Steel wool., Newspapers, Masking tape., Jack stand, Lug wrench, Paint sealers, White car wheel paint, and Car wheel paint primer.

Now that we have gotten our tools ready, let’s move on to getting the job done.

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Step 1: Lift the car

First, you have to lift your car using the jack stand and lift by a few inches to be able to remove your wheels for painting.

Every car has its different jack points, so you must find out where your car’s jack point is.

Using the lug wrench, loosen the nuts, which keep the wheels in place with the hub, to remove the car wheels.

Don’t try to do the painting without raising your car, as this would spoil your work, making it look poorly done. Instead, use the jack stand to increase your car, which must be on leveled ground.

Step 2: Clean your wheel

Lay the wheels you just removed and place them on the broad plastic covering, to clean them in and out using the soft sponge and mild soap, and then rinse off, using warm water. You can also scrub your tires if you didn’t separate them from the wheels.

Next, to remove the dirt buildup, and dust on both the inner and outer sides of the wheel completely, the degreasers should be applied and then left to dry up.

Step 3: Get Ready for Painting

To prepare for painting, the old paint and the wheel’s rust should be removed, using the wire tool and then wiped clean with a dry cloth.

Next, using 1000-grit sandpaper, create abrasion (create tiny abrasions that can’t be easily seen on the wheels), so that the paint can stick well with the wheels, then rinse the wheels with water, and then use the mineral spirit to remove any remaining particles.

The next thing to do after cleaning your car’s wheels is to cover the entire tires using newspapers, masking tape, and plastic sheets before painting. Unless you have the tools that will enable you to start painting without covering the tires, ensure to cover the tires before painting.

Only the sides you are painting should be left uncovered, which are your rim and the back of the wheels.

Step 4: Paint

Now put on your safety wear, which is your hand gloves, eyeglasses, respiratory mask, and overalls, and begin the painting.

First, apply the wheel paint primer evenly multiple times, to avoid rust. Because all primers have differing time intervals between each coating, you should never forget to read the guide on the wheel paint primer, to know the time interval between each coating.

Once the wheel paint primer has dried, apply the car wheel paint in multiple intervals as the wheel paint primer was done. Each of the coats must be light and evenly coated.

As some cars would need sealing, the car sealer should be applied once the paint has dried up completely, and in multiple intervals like the primer and car, wheel paint was done.

Step 5: Fixing the tires

You must leave the painted wheels for a day so that they can dry up completely, and then you can remove the masking tape, newspapers, and plastic sheets used to cover the tires.

Now the tires can be mounted back on your car.

White Car With White Wheels

How can one Take Care of White Wheels on a White Car?

Although having white wheels on your white car is a great choice, it has downsides because white wheels get dirty easily, due to brake dust. You require much effort to keep them clean, so they always look their best.

Below are some ways you can maintain and keep your white wheels clean:

1. Use of ceramic brakes

Since almost all the dirt on the car wheels comes from your car’s brake pads, using ceramic brakes will prevent the inner surfaces of your wheels, from accumulating much dust and dirt from the brake pads.

2. Be familiar with your terrain

Knowing your environment can save you a lot of stress, in maintaining your wheels. Avoid muddy surfaces as this will stain them easily, and washing off muddy stains from your car wheels isn’t easy.

3. Use Wax

Waxing your white wheels will give them smoothness and shine. This will prevent dust and dirt from sticking to them, making it easier to clean them when dirty.

You should ensure to wax your white wheels regularly, as the wax can also wear off easily depending on the kind of wax.

Combining regular waxing and the right brake pads will reduce the dirt on your wheels, as long as you don’t wear and tear your car around rough roads.

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Frequently Asked Questions – White Car With White Wheels

What color wheels go best with a white car?

White as a neutral color can go with any color. Colors that would go well with your white car are silver, bronze, copper, black, gun-metal, and two-toned colors. Red is also an excellent choice if you want your white car to pop and stand out.

What is the best color for alloy wheels?

Silver will fit just fine for your white car. Not only does silver go with any car color, but it is also effortless to maintain, and will give your car that class and elegance you need.

Do black wheels look good on a white car?

Because black is a natural and neutral color, black wheels will go well with any car color. However, with a white car, black wheels will give a bold appearance as both colors contrast each other.

How much does a wheel rim cost?

The cost of a car rim depends on the car model, and whether it is a steel or alloy wheel. If you do not wish to spend around $200-$500 to replace a wheel, you can save costs by buying fairly used items on Craigslist or eBay.

Why does everyone have a white car?

White cars are in trend these days, because of their classy and elegant appearance, and because white is a good reflector, white cars do not absorb heat easily from the sun. So, it is a great choice for those who live in hot environments.

What are the disadvantages of a white car?

White cars get dirty much easier, and if you always want your car to look good, white cars require great effort in maintaining and keeping them clean, especially if you live in a muddy or dusty environment.

What does a white car say about you?

White cars can show how neat and organized a person is. It shows that a person has a good taste and is very classy. It shows that a person is of a high standard.

Conclusion – White Car With White Wheels

Choosing the best rim color for your white car is entirely your decision. You can use what we’ve provided, to help decide the color you want for your car rim.

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