Who Makes Autozone Batteries (Answered)

AutoZone is among the most prominent vehicle distribution companies, with several distribution networks and over six thousand retail shops in and around America.

Despite having thousands of battery production companies and different car batteries, when it comes to how well they perform, we can only boast of a handful of batteries, and luckily for most, AutoZone’s Duralast batteries are among the best you’d find in the market. But the question is, “Who makes Autozone Batteries?”

This article will give you fascinating information regarding the company that manufactures Autozone batteries, its product types, and other products they manufacture.

Let’s begin!

The AutoZone Duralast battery is a car battery sold by the AutoZone retail chain. Duralast batteries have been given so much credit for their durability, reliability, and long lifespan.

Duralast batteries are usually available in various sizes and configurations to fit several kinds of vehicles. They come with a limited lifetime warranty that covers defects in materials and quality for as long as you own the battery.

Moreover, many Duralast batteries feature more sophisticated and advanced technologies such as power frame grids, high-density oxide compounds, and enhanced electrolyte suspension systems to improve their overall performance and lifespan.

Exide Autozone Batteries 

Exide being 4th on the list of global lead acid battery manufacturers for the automobile industry, has gained international recognition by having their HQ in Kolkata, India.

One company that manufactures AutoZone’s Duralast batteries is Exide.

Exide is known to make AutoZone’s Duralast batteries. Still, they have their brand of batteries, including making Original Equipment (OE) for tech companies and making BOCSH batteries, another famous brand. All production is done in the US.

Clarios Autozone Batteries

Generally, the batteries do not bear the name Clarios but are branded by the company they are distributed to.

The Clarios company was formerly known as Johnson Controls until Brookfield Business Partenera acquired them in 2019 and carried on the battery manufacturing operations while changing the name to Clarios.

And now Clarios has become a world-class lead acid battery producer with shipments of over a hundred and fifty million vehicle batteries per year, which makes up a third of the world battery supply.

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East Penn Manufacturing Autozone Batteries

East Penn is one of the dominating car battery distributors in Canada and the United States. Although it may not be as large a company as Clarios, it still has its place among the top car battery distributors globally.

East Penn Manufacturing is known for making AutoZone Duralast batteries, but they are mainly known to produce Deka batteries. They are also affiliated with Walmart. Some of their other products include Duracell, MK battery, Napa, and last but not least is Intimidator.

They also specialize in making AGM, Flooded lead acid batteries, and lithium-ion batteries, which virtually every telecommunications company uses. They have several complexes situated around the world. Two such complexes would be the one in Pennsylvania and Berks County.

What Shelf Life Are Autozone Duralast Batteries Made to Have?

Duralast is made, no doubt, to last. But how long your battery lasts depends on how well you take care of it, which involves the charging and discharging cycles, the position of the battery while in use, and the extent to which you use the batteries under extreme conditions.

Under normal circumstances, your Duralast battery should last 3 to 5 years, based on several factors.

Comparing Autozone Duralast Batteries: Which Should i Go For?

Duralast batteries can only be found in three primary forms. Either it’s the Duralast or the Duralast Gold, or the Duralast Platinum. We’ll go right into what makes them so different.

Duralast: The Cheapest

Duralast is the cheapest of them all. The Duralast offers the least warranty. It has a pretty good lifespan, possesses a certain degree of vibration resistance, and supports a quick start function. I’d say this is a pretty standard battery with reasonable pricing. Selecting this for whatever reason wouldn’t be a bad idea as it could serve domestic and even occupational purposes.

Duralast Gold: Moderate Capacity

The Duralast Gold, a step higher than just the ordinary Duralast, offers an excellent design and capacity far exceeding the former. The battery lasts relatively longer than the Duralast battery, and you may never experience the issue of a flat battery even after extended battery usage for other peripherals in the car.

The battery life of the Duralast Gold does not just supersede the Duralast. It is also resistant to damage caused by excessive vibrations due to the kind of material it’s made from.

The Duralast Gold can also deliver up to 750 Cold Cranking Amps (CCA), enabling you to start up and even drive your vehicle in icy weather conditions. And lastly, the battery could last for five years and not give any issues, possibly due to its low self-discharge capacity.

Duralast Platinum: The Best

The Duralast Platinum is the best form of the Duralast battery type. Its design and build are more sophisticated as it uses a flat plate Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM), which gives the battery an edge over the other Duralast types. Moreover, this battery has a special seal, making it spillproof.

Lastly, because the battery’s sturdy, you can use it even in extreme weather and physical conditions, such as freezing weather and unstable platforms. Also, know that the Duralast Platnium has up to double the capacity in the Duralast Gold batteries.

Who Makes Autozone Batteries

Duralast 124R-DLG Gold battery

The Duralast Gold lead acid battery is helpful for SUVs and regular cars and can be relied upon for everyday use. Its high 770 CCA rating makes it well-suited for driving in cold weather conditions.

Merits & Demerits Autozone Duralast Batteries


  1. The Duralast battery types are each made with an exceptionally sturdy material, making them resistant to damage caused by excessive vibrations.
  2. They have a long battery lifespan when compared to most lead-acid batteries.
  3. They can work even during frigid temperatures thanks to their high CCA rating.
  4. They are high-end batteries, so they offer a warranty spanning several years.
  5. They also have a low self-discharge capacity and can be stored for extended periods without developing faults.


  1. There have been some Duralast batteries that don’t have a high storage capacity which causes them to discharge rapidly.
  2. And many of the Duralast batteries do not have handles, making it difficult to transport them from one place to another.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Who Makes Autozone Batteries

Do I need a receipt for the AutoZone battery warranty?

Not having a receipt could make the whole process of returning a product tedious and frustrating. But does it give up too early because if you have your warranty or an employee could get their copy of your product’s receipt, you might just be safe?
But if you still experience any difficulty doing this, dial the AutoZone Customer Care line at 800-288-6966.

Can I return the battery to AutoZone?

In short, yes, you can return your faulty Duralast battery to AutoZone, but only if they are within the conditions of the warranty 90 days after purchase and if you have your receipt and the battery is in its original packaging and condition.

Who is the manufacturer of Duralast batteries?

Three leading companies manufacture AutoZone’s Duralast batteries. They are companies that specialize in making Original Equipment for many tech companies. The leading company is Clarios, formally known as Johnson Controls International PLC; the other two are Exide and East Penn.

Conclusion – Who Makes Autozone Batteries

So basically, Duralast batteries are not made by one company. They are manufactured across three different manufacturing companies- Clarios, Exide, and East Penn Manufacturing – so the batteries available to you may vary based on where you are located and which company they are from.

Generally, the closest production facility will supply AutoZone in your area. Duralast batteries are known for their high RC and CCA ratings and ability to work in extreme conditions, and because of this, they have become a popular choice in the industry worldwide.

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