Who Makes Kirkland Batteries (Answered)

Having a battery that gives you value for less amount of money is something every battery user would seek out for. With Kirkland batteries, this is achieved even more. Costco owns all Kirkland products, but who makes Kirkland batteries?

Costco is the brand name for all Kirkland products, from hair shampoo and frozen food to car batteries and all other accessories. This company’s headquarters is in Kirkland, Washington. Before 2009, Costco’s Kirkland batteries were manufactured by Johnson Controls. Clarios took up production from 2009 to date.

You will discover the actual manufacturer of Kirkland batteries and if these batteries are of good quality and suitable capacity as well as more details about Kirkland’s batteries.

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Therefore, it is good to know that Duracell is Costco’s Kirkland AA batteries producer. This company specializes in the production of alkaline batteries rechargeable and specialty cells.

Duracell first came to light in the 1940s but was launched in 1965. You might find this hard to believe a bunny has been a trademark since its inception, and the company has been known to provide long-lasting, durable shelves with trusted warranty periods.

Fun fact, the Duracell battery was the first battery on the moon during the Apollo 11 moon exhibition in 1969. In March 2006, Duracell became a permanent member of the board of directors of the Hathaway group.

who makes kirkland car batteries

Kirkland Signature Batteries: Who Makes Them?

Johnson Controls originally produced Costco Kirkland’s battery from its inception until it sold its battery production line (power solutions) to Brookfield business partners. (BBP) Brooklyn business partners renamed power solutions to Clarios while its production facilities remained unchanged.

About hundred and fifty million units of Costco Kirkland batteries are being sold annually. Although the company’s name isn’t popular, it is one of the best automobile battery producers. Its annual sale of battery amount to one-third of the total industries outfit.

So, it may be a wonder why a company with a high turnout in sales will remain under the radar for so long. The reason is that the company doesn’t sell under its name but under other brand names to sell its batteries.

The most prominent partners are Varta, LTH, Heliar, Optima Batteries, Delkor, and MAC Batteries. 

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Are Kirkland Signature Batteries Good?

Clarios makes high-quality and durable batteries through their premium brands, but can a search be said about Kirkland batteries? The answer to this question is Yes. Costco will not allow inferior products to make the final product cheaper. Costco’s marketing strategy makes its products more affordable than the competition.

How? This feat is possible because Costco does not run any advert for the product as your product is being sold in their stores without any adverts and zero marketing cost.

The fact that Clarios needs a significant amount of battery but not of the same level as the other brands’ production is instituted on the same production line by just relabeling the name tag differently. The most critical factors when obtaining a car battery are the battery’s Warranty and specifications. It is ideal for some vehicles to have specific cold crank power and dimensions for their battery, but the brand to obtain it’s totally up to the user.

Kirkland Signature batteries have one of the best warranty policies in the battery business. The warranty policy also includes replacement of the battery cell within the first four years of purchase and use, 4 to 5 years. You get a 50% refund on the actual purchase price.

Show the battery fails within the 67th to 100th month of purchase, and then usage, you get a 25% refund. When comparing Kirkland Signature batteries’ purchase price and warranty policies to other products, you will see why Costco Kirkland Signature batteries are the best options.

Are Kirkland’s AA Batteries Manufactured as Rechargeable?

Kirkland’s AA batteries are strictly not rechargeable, and caution is to be taken not to attempt to recharge them after use to avoid an explosion in some rare cases. It is advisable to recycle them and not just throw them away.

Should You Go For Kirkland Batteries?

Almost every battery producer uses the same chemical energy to electrical energy format for production. What sets Kirkland Batteries ahead of the others in the market is its reputation and experience. 

Kirkland batteries last longer and run a lesser risk of explosion, thanks to The storm’s-unique rounded corner feature.

The alloy ensures that the batteries are efficient in service during low temperatures. This unique feature was infused because the Kirkland batteries aim for assurance on their life cycle.

Also, Kirkland batteries are designed to perform best at actual altitude and last beyond the warranty periods.

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How to Choose the Right Kirkland Battery for Your Vehicle?

When choosing a battery for your car, there are keynotes regarding what makes a good battery. When the battery use is aware of this fact that makes up a good battery, selecting the best quality battery won’t be an issue. 

Check the Reserve capacity: Reserve capacity is the number of minutes a battery will last at 80 degrees Fahrenheit with 25 amp current drawn from it while maintaining 10.5 v discharge. This information lets us know how often the battery needs to be recharged.

Cranking amps and cold cranking amps: The 24-hour automotive Kirkland signature battery is ideal for extended travelers and deep sleepers. These batteries offer up to 700 cold-cranking amps in a reserve capacity. This feature is a parameter that determines if the vehicle will remain functional in cold weather.

Check the Battery Type: It is ideal to know the type of battery you are purchasing.

Is the Discharge Capacity Good: Discharge Capacity is the lifeline of the battery. It depends on how much charge the battery can handle, which is also an essential factor to consider in the choice of battery.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Who Makes Kirkland Batteries

Are Kirkland batteries good enough?

Kirkland brand batteries have good quality, as has been affirmed by reviews gotten by Costco in the wholesale stores.

What is the difference between Costco Interstate Batteries and regular Interstate Batteries?

Yes. Costco interstate batteries are the same as regular interstate batteries, but the difference is that different warranty policies apply.

What makes Costco batteries cheap?

Their batteries are cheap because Costco keeps a few batteries in stock and is careful in the quality and varieties of batteries for sale.

Conclusion – Who Makes Kirkland Batteries

Kirkland Batteries’ signature brand is produced by one of the best battery producers, Clarios. These batteries are of good quality and cheap compared to other battery brands at stores. Different warranty policies are attached to several types of Kirkland batteries.

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