Will A 55 Inch TV Fit In My Car? (How to Fit It)

If you find yourself in a situation where you just bought a brand new 55-inch flat-screen television and wished to transfer it to your home you may want to fit this into your car.

Now the question, will a 55 inch tv fit in my car? Can I make do of my own vehicle instead of renting one?

In this article, we will examine everything to know about fitting a 55-inch television in your car, highlight the types of car which could easily transport this item, and simple hacks to enable you to create an enabling space within your vehicle capable of transporting your fragile 55 inch TV.

Let’s get started!

Let’s get to know more about the dimensions of a 55 inch TV and how it compares to your car space.

How Big is a 55 Inch TV Compared to My Car?

Before we start thinking of how to transport a 55-inch TV, you should be sure you understand the dimensions of a 55-inch television.

For a better understanding, a 55-inch TV stretch about 122 cm wide and will stand approximately 70 m in height. These dimensions might vary slightly wary in different brands, but this article mainly aims to know whether a 55-inch television would fit in your car.

Cars can come in different shapes and sizes, but an average car is about 177 inches, equivalent to 4500mm long. The vehicle’s width can vary based on functionality and weight distribution, but an average vehicle is approximately 1820 mm wide, equal to 72 inches.

Although now the answer is obvious, you might want to ask, will a 55-inch TV fit in my car?

Well, this depends on the actual size of your car.

Will A 55 Inch TV Fit In My Car

How Can I Fit a 55 Inch TV In My Car?

As mentioned earlier, a 55-inch television should fit in an average-sized car. However, many other factors will determine if a 55-inch television can fit in your vehicle.

One major factor determining if a 55-inch TV can fit in your car is the size of your trunk—vehicles with larger trunks can carry wider and larger objects naturally.

Even if your trunk is not big and you have foldable or removable seats, a 55-inch television might fit in your car. Televisions are fragile; therefore, transporting the TV without damaging the TV might prove challenging even if the seats are removed.

Most SUVs old accommodate 55-inch TV, but smaller cars like a Corolla or Camry might struggle to accommodate the 55-inch television.

If your car cannot accommodate the 55-inch television, you should explore other options like renting a larger car or, in extreme cases buying a new vehicle entirely.

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Is it Safe to Fit a 55-Inch TV in My Car?

When transporting your 55-inch television, you must be mindful not to destroy it. Flat-screen TVs are susceptible to internal and external damages, but with the proper mode of transportation, you can safely transport your television.

One of the safest methods to transport a 55-inch TV is to wrap the TV carefully in shock absorbers. The shock absorbers could range from foam to bubble wraps.

To improve the safety of the TV during transportation slots, the wrapped television into its box and keep the TV standing Upright during transit. If its a plasma, then you have to be extra careful.

Will a 55 Inch TV Fit In My Toyota Camry Car?

The Toyota Camry is one of the most popular cars drivers use in different parts of the globe. If your car is a Toyota Camry and you’re wondering if a 55-inch television can fit, then you should know there is a possibility.

Your Toyota Camry can carry a 55-inch TV but will be in a tightly packed position. Fitting in a 55-inch TV primarily depends on reclining your seat correctly.

An easier way of transporting your 55-inch TV would be to unbox it; however, such an action is not advisable.

Will A 55 Inch TV Fit In My Car

Will a 55 Inch TV Fit In My Toyota Corolla Car?

Toyota corollas’ models can come in different shapes and sizes but average about 178.35 inches, equivalent to 4,530mm long. The width of the car can vary. An average Corolla car is approximately 1,705mm wide, equal to about 67.13 inches.

With the Toyota Corollas’ dimensions described above, a 55-inch TV can fit into a Corolla. However, several adjustments must be made to fit a 55-inch TV. Some of these adjustments include folding the back seats or adjoining the trunk.

Will a 55 Inch TV Fit In My Honda Civic Car?

The Honda Civic is also a smart car. It is best referred to as the perfect mini SUV for small families.

Depending on the model year’, Honda Civics’ can come in different shapes and sizes but are average of about 183.31 inches and a width of 70.83 inches, smaller than a typical SUV of about 196.5 inches long 78.0 inches wide.

With the Honda Civic dimensions described above, You will understand that a 55-inch TV will fit naturally into this mini SUV. The Honda Civic has a spacious trunk and also foldable seats. They are even adjustments that can help fit a 55-inch TV into a honda civic. However, reclining the backseat creates a flat, safer surface to transport the 55-inch TV without hiccups.

55 Inch TV Cant Fit in My Car: Here are Ways to Solve

Here are different options to explore if a 55-inch TV does not fit in your car; You could book a ride with a taxi with a larger cabin space to help you transport your 55-inch television.

You can also decide to strap It to your roof. Strapping the television onto your car’s roof is valid but very dangerous. Your 55-inch TV will be susceptible to damage from wind pressure to various physical contacts.

Even if you still want to strap the flat screen on your car’s roof, at least two people should support the TV without putting much pressure on the television not to break the screen.

Lastly, you can use Airtasker, Innovative technology has allowed us to outsource tasks we cannot perform and Airtasker is one of the numerous platforms that help you give out jobs and pay a small fee to facilitate their completion.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Will A 55 Inch TV Fit In My Car?

Is it OK to transport a TV lying down?

It is not proper to lie a television down during transportation; instead, keep it upright to help prevent any damage to the screen.

How do I transport a large TV in my car?

You can safely transport your large TV in your car by insulating it in shock absorbers and keeping it upright during transit.

Can you transport a TV on its side?

Yes, you can, but it is dangerous to transport a TV on its side; it is always best to keep the TV Upright during transportation.

Conclusion – Will A 55 Inch TV Fit In My Car?

Transporting a 55-inch TV is possible depending on the size of your car and the adjustability of your car’s interior components to create a safe space for the TV.

However, if your car is not big enough to transport a 55-inch television, you could explore other options, like renting a different car or strapping the TV to the roof of your vehicle. In addition, always be careful when transporting a flat-screen TV as it is a fragile object.

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