P1682 Code: Meaning, Causes, Symptoms, and Solutions

Your car won’t start and is displaying the diagnostic error code P1682. What should you do?

Engine error codes, or DTCs, are the vehicle’s way of informing you when there’s a problem. Knowing about the mentioned five-digit error codes, either generic or manufacturer-specific, can prevent future damage to the car and lower the cost of repairs.

The code represented by P1682 is such an issue that it affects most automobile models. But the significance of this issue varies depending on the vehicle’s manufacturer.

This article will examine the P1682 error code in General Motors (GM) cars, such as those made by Oldsmobile, GMC, Buick, Chevrolet, Hummer, Cadillac, Pontiac, Saturn, and Isuzu. By reading on, you will discover the significance, underlying factors, signs, and potential solutions for issue code P1682.

This means the ignition switch circuit is having a problem, according to the P1682 error code. A wiring issue, a defective ignition switch, or an issue with the Engine Control Module (ECM) might all be to blame for this.

It’s crucial to have your car inspected by a mechanic if you notice this code. In addition, your ignition switch could be having a problem; therefore, it’s critical to replace it as quickly as possible.

General Motors vehicles include a diagnostic (troubleshooting) tool called the P1682 code. Cadillac, Chevrolet, Buick, Holden, and GMC are a few of the brands. The code is set off when there is an open or short in the ignition switch circuit.

The check engine light will come on when this mentioned code is activated, and additional issues with the vehicle could result.

The two mentioned circuits are the circuits in GM automobiles that supply battery power to the ECM. One of the circuits supplies electricity to the car’s Throttle Actuator Control (TAC) system through the ignition switch, relay, and ECM. The second circuit, which powers the ECM’s remaining circuits, passes through the fuse & crank relay.

Simply put, this error number appears when there is a problem with the car’s ignition switch. You must know a few widespread signs to diagnose the P1682 code issue correctly.

What Are the Symptoms of This Code?

1. The engine Fails to Start

The P1682 code’s obvious symptom is a car’s engine that won’t start. This code can completely prevent the automobile from creating when it is activated.

The P1682 Error Code prevents power from reaching the ignition switch, which contains a car’s engine from starting. As a result, the automobile will begin with power.

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2. Car Not Accelerating

The P1682 error code is most likely present when your vehicle isn’t accelerating or moving as it should. Your car’s ability to accelerate correctly may have issues whenever this error code is activated. You may have this code if your automobile cannot move in the dirt.

Typically, the P1682 Error Code prevents electricity from reaching the ignition switch, preventing your car from accelerating correctly.

3. Check the Engine Light On

Among the P1682 code’s most prevalent symptoms is the check engine light, also known as the check engine light. The check engine light may turn on when this mentioned code is activated. This indicates that your car has a problem that has to be rectified.

4. The Dashboard Lights Are Turned Off

Whenever dashboard lights go off, that is another P1682 code indication. This can apply to the dashboard lights, taillights, and headlights. These lights might be turned off whenever this error code is activated.

5. Battery Draining

The P1682 error code frequently destroys a car’s battery. The battery may fast discharge whenever the code is activated. This is because the coding affects how the vehicle operates, and one effect is a depleted battery.

There’s a strong probability that you have presented the P1682 error code if your power appears to be depleting faster than usual.

What Causes Error Code P1682?

The reasons for error code P1682 on most GM models will be comparable. A handful of these reasons are shown below.

1. Faulty Ignition Switch

This is the most frequent reason for the code. The code will disappear if the ignition switch is fixed or replaced.

2. Ignition Switch Harness

The code will appear if the ignition switch harness is shorted or open.

2. Ignition Switch Circuit

The circuit’s electrical connections could be broken or unplugged. In this case, bare wires and damaged insulations can be the problem.

3. Defective Fuses or Fuse Boxes

When left in the sunlight for an extended time, a few fuse boxes have been known to distort. This may cause the fuse box wire to slack or even break.

4. Fuel Pumps

The P1682 error code may also appear on fuel pumps that are broken or not working correctly.

5. Faulty ECM

Sometimes, the Engine Control Module (ECM) may well be broken. You might need to consider a substitute to get the code cleared.

How to Fix the P1682 Code?

As soon as a correct diagnosis has been made, you may try any of the solutions listed below.

1. Change the Ignition Switch

Replacing the ignition switch will probably fix the problem,

and the error code will disappear. To avoid being stuck on a journey, it is advisable to change a defective switch.

2. Change the Fuses or Fuse Box

It’s time for additional checks supposing the first phase doesn’t work. The fuse box is the first location to check for frayed wiring and connector connections.

3. Replace the Relays

Replace them if they’re in bad physical shape to see if the code remains present. If not, check the condition of the fuel pump next.

4. Changing the Engine Control Module (ECM)

Sometimes, there may be a problem with the entire ECM. The only option in this situation is to replace the complete control module, which will be a costly fix.

Is There a P1682 Code on the Chevy?

Chevy’s unique diagnostic code for the mentioned P1682 is P0682. Supposing you have a Chevrolet and receive this code, you should have your vehicle evaluated by a mechanic.

Your ignition switch can be broken, and it’s critical to be repaired immediately.

Are There Other Codes Associated with the P1682 Code?

Yeah, several different codes are frequently linked to the P1682 error code. These codes are, among others:

  • P0600– received false info from the PCM
  • P1600– malfunctioning Engine Control Module (ECM) power relay circuit
  • P0171– The system is too thin

Whenever any of the following codes appear alongside the P1682 error code, a specialist must inspect your car.

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Frequently Asked Questions – P1682

What does code P1682 mean?

In General Motors cars, the OBD II code P1682 is referred to as “Driver 5 Line 2.” This code is activated whenever the ECM detects a voltage difference between Circuits 1 and 2 that is greater than the permitted threshold (In General Motor nomenclature).

How do I repair code P1682?

The P1682 error code can be fixed in several different ways. The ignition switch can be changed as one solution. Alternatively, you could change the fuse. The wire harness can also be altered.

What are some of the possible causes of the P1682 code?

The ECM, a defective wire harness, a bad fuse, and a faulty ignition switch are potential reasons for the code P1682.

What are some of the symptoms of the P1682 code?

The check engine light turning on is the P1682 code’s most frequent symptom. Other signs may include the dashboard lights going out, a flat battery, or issues with how the car drives.

What should I do if I get the P1682 code?

It’s crucial to have your car evaluated by a mechanic if you receive the P1682 code. In addition, your ignition switch may be malfunctioning, and it’s critical to replace it immediately.

Is there a Chevy-specific code for the P1682?

Indeed, Chevrolet’s unique code for the mentioned P1682 is P0682. Supposing you have a Chevrolet and receive this code, you should have your vehicle evaluated by a mechanic. Your ignition switch can be broken, and it’s critical to be repaired immediately.

What does the P1682 code mean?

The P1682 trouble code denotes an issue with the second ignition switch circuit. Several factors, such as a defective ignition switch, may bring this on.

Does P1682 Reduce Power?

The mentioned P1682 error usually does not result in a loss of power. The likelihood of the check engine light turning on or other problems with how the vehicle runs is higher. However, if you detect a loss of power and get this error code, you must have your car inspected by a specialist immediately.

Conclusion – P1682

The P1682 error number denotes a running-related issue with the vehicle. It suggests that there is an issue with the circuit of the ignition.

Numerous factors, such as an issue with the Engine Control Module (ECM), a blown a fuse, a faulty wiring harness, or a defective ignition switch, can contribute to this issue.

Has it been checked out by someone who works with or repairs mechanical parts of motor vehicles immediately if you receive this code?

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