Subaru Eyesight Not Working (Symptoms & Fix)

Technological innovations by Subaru have made it possible to be aware of what is in front of your car while driving, whether you are actively looking at the road or not.

This technology is known as the Subaru eyesight system – a system that uses a camera mounted as eyes at the back of your rearview mirror, offering the driver visual and audio warning that alerts.

Do you have a Subaru eyesight not working Issue? Sometimes the Subaru eyesight system malfunction and stop working normally.

This article will examine everything you need to know about the Subaru eyesight system, its common problems, and ways to reset and deactivate it.

Let’s begin!

The Subaru eyesight system is a modern innovation that supports the driver to focus on the road ahead.

This system helps the driver prevent auto crashes while keeping the driver from many potential hazards.

Without saying much, the Subaru eyesight system helps boost the confidence of drivers and their passengers while reducing the probability of encountering an accident on the road.

The working principle of the Subaru eyesight system is based on scanning images and obstructions. In the vehicle, two cameras are mounted on the back of the rearview mirror just behind the windshield.

The data collected by these cameras are sent to the central processing of the vehicle, analyzed via synopsis, and feedback is sent to the driver like you want or safety measures.

The Subaru eyesight system can also measure the distances of objects from the car, which is very handy for drivers.

Subaru Eyesight Not Working

Why Is My Subaru Eyesight Not Working?

Your Subaru eyesight system malfunction does you too many reasons. Some of these reasons include;

There is Bad Climatic Conditions

Any weather affecting the road’s visibility can prevent the Subaru eyesight system from functioning properly.

Whenever the weather condition affects the visibility of the Subaru eyesight system, it becomes temporarily unavailable until the weather clears up and starts working again.

Some examples of weather conditions that might affect the visibility of the eyesight system include snowy, misty, foggy, rainy, and sandstorm weather.

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Your Battery Needs Charging

Another thing that can cause the eyesight system to stop is the loss of electric power. The major power source for the eyesight system is the battery; whenever drained, it stops working until it is charged again.

A Sensor Needs Fixing

The sensors used in the Subaru eyesight system and visual sensors, also known as cameras. The cameras will be unable to pick up or detect objects ahead of them if it malfunctions due to obstructing the lenses by debris or disfiguration of the windshield.

If the cameras are obstructed by dirt, then it will be easy to fix this issue by cleaning both cameras properly.

How to Know the Cause of Subaru Eyesight Not Working

Here are the steps to successfully carry out a troubleshooting procedure;

  • Firstly Ensure all views connections are free of corruption and tight. Next, find the eyesight control unit by consulting your owner’s manual
  • Disconnect the fuse of the eyesight system from its terminals
  • Ensure all wire connections to the eyesight control system are tight and corrosion-free.
  • Replace the fuse for the eyesight system if it is damaged

How to Switch Subaru Eyesight Off

If you want to turn off your Subaru eyesight, locate the eyesight button on your steering wheel and press it for 6 seconds before releasing it. This action will turn off the Subaru eyesight system.

How to Turn Subaru Eyesight On

Your Subaru eyesight system may turn off for many reasons, including you putting it off yourself intentionally. However, if you want to put it back on, here’s what you got to do

  • If you are driving, first, you need to park your car.
  • Next, press the multifunction control button on the left of your steering wheel to access a control LCD.
  • Next, select the i/SET switch on the menu
  • toggle using the up and down button until you find an eyesight settings
  • Activate the eyesight warning and set it to your preference

Subaru Eyesight Not Working: Clean The Lenses

Here are simple steps to follow if you want to clean your Subaru’s eye lens

  • If you are driving, stop and park
  • Locate the eyesight system cameras
  • Use a soft dry lint-free cloth to wipe the surface of the camera lens.
  • If debris or fingerprints are still on them, use a lens-cleaning solution.
  • Don’t spray a lens cleaning solution on the lens; apply it on the dry cloth, and use the material to wipe the lens.

Be careful not to scratch the lens as you dry them.

Some Common Issues with Subaru Eyesight

In this section, we will be highlighting all the problems that the Subaru eyesight system has faced over time.,

So, here are some of the problems;

The Weather Could Affect it

As mentioned earlier, weather conditions can affect the visibility of the cameras. Therefore there is no assistance duty driver as they struggle to see through the bad weather.

Besides rainy weather, the eyesight system can also be affected by dense fog, intense sunlight, or dust.

Your Vehicle Warning Problems Can Cause it Issues

Another problem the Subaru eyesight system faces is the continuous and uncomfortable warning signals the driver receives while driving.

The lane monitoring system is sensitive, and when the greens are not properly drawn or when a suspect the driver has gone off track. A string of warning messages tends to disturb the driver’s focus.

It May Be Difficult to Trust By Users

In general, drivers could not trust the eyesight system to prevent collisions because eyesight detection and traffic control were dysfunctional.

In essence, there will be a high possibility of a crash if the driver has placed his trust in the eyesight technology and it cannot detect a stopping vehicle.

It May Be Difficult to Go In Revers Directions Using this

You remember that the cameras for the Subaru eyesight technology are placed behind the rearview mirror facing the car’s windshield, and there is none behind the vehicle to help with reverse direction movements.

In essence, the eyesight technology becomes useless whenever the driver wants to move in the reverse direction.

It Follows the Breaklisght Defective Sign

In previous models of the Subaru eyesight system, the brake light was used as a warning signal whenever the system stopped working. You can imagine the problem this will cause if the eyesight system stops working while driving down the highway.

It Comes in Black and White Pictures

The Subaru eyesight system also faced a peculiar problem of lack of colors in its signal. Previous models of this technology could only pick up white and black pictures, which drastically reduced the technology’s capabilities.

Subaru Eyesight Not Working

It May Obstruct the Front View

Some models of the Subaru eyesight technology use bulky dual cameras, which can obstruct the driver’s view.

Warnings are very annoying, especially if you know the reason for the one inside because the lanes on the road and not drawn properly or have faded.

Its Camera is Limited

Some models of the eyesight system also have limited distance coverage and work with a small visual angle.

A short distance coverage will not allow the eyesight system to detect obstructions quickly enough while driving at higher speeds.

How Much to Fix Subaru Eyesight Not Working?

If you wish to calibrate your Subaru eyesight system, it can cost you an average of $250 to $300. However, depending on your car and model, some dealerships may charge you higher.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Subaru Eyesight Not Working

At what speed does Subaru EyeSight work?

Subaru eyesight works perfectly at speeds below 20 mph.

Where is the Subaru EyeSight camera?

Two Subaru eyesight cameras are behind the rearview mirror, fixing the windshield.

Does Subaru EyeSight record footage?

The Subaru eyesight also records footage every 22 seconds in a loop.

Conclusion – Subaru Eyesight Not Working

The Subaru eyesight system is a technology that aims to both assist and keep the driver safe. Although it has advantages and disadvantages, the Subaru eyesight system generally improves the driving experience for every driver. Reading this article, you should understand some basic things about this wonderful technology and how to leverage it.

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