Trac Off Lexus (What Does VSC Light Mean)

The Lexus automobile brand is popularly known for its budget-friendly yet luxurious interior finishing. But the icing on the cake is that these cars are also integrated with other safety features like a Vehicle Stability Control System or the Trac Off Lexus light.

Whenever the Vehicle Stability Control System malfunctions, the Trac Off light on the dashboard will come on. This VSC light can be likened to the Trac Off light in other vehicles and must be treated with the same urgency.

This article covers everything you need to learn about the vehicle stability control system, why it malfunctions, and how to reset it whenever it malfunctions.

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Meaning of the Trac Off Light on Lexus

The Vehicle Stability Control System is no longer active whenever the VSC light comes on. In other words, there will be no traction control in your Lexus car to help prevent your vehicle from slipping or skidding off the road.

Additionally, if your Lexus Vehicle Stability Control System is inactive, there will be no compensation for over-steering or under-steering when driving on the road.

Once you see the Trac Off signal on the dashboard, you must treat it with the same urgency as a Check Engine Light because, without your vehicle control system, it will be impossible to drive safely in extreme weather or on bad terrain.

Also, the VSC off/Trac light can turn on if your Vehicle’s ABS (Anti-lock braking system) malfunctions or is being interfered with. For example, if ice covers the ABS sensors during the winter season.

The VSC is so important that it can reduce single-vehicle accidents by up to 67 % for SUVs, as The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics reported. Therefore do not take the appearance of a Trac Off-light on your dashboard lightly.

Trac Off Lexus

What Does Lexus Trac Off Light On Mean?

Whenever your VSC light indicator is on, all Lexus vehicle ceases to have any traction control, which can be dangerous.

Your VSC can also turn on if any systems collaborating with the Vehicle Stability Control System have been compromised or malfunctioned. The car brake and engine control Systems work hand-in-hand with the Vehicle Stability Control System.

However, here are some situations that can cause your VSC light indicator to turn on.

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Your Mass Airflow Sensor Is Bad

The mass airflow sensor, like your vehicle’s throttle body, can cause irregularities with your combustion chamber as false information regarding the airflow into your system cause many driving challenges. Your VSC light will come on, and you will also experience driving challenges.

Solution: If your mass air flow sensor is faulty, you must replace it. Replacing the mass air flow sensor with a new one is relatively easy; however, you must be careful not to break any holding clips or other parts. If you lack the technical knowledge to pull this off, it is always advisable to seek the help of a professional expert.

Your Throttle Body is Bad

The VSC light will also turn on if the ECU detects any problems with the throttle body. Angle sensors and other sensitive materials on the throttle body ensure your vehicle’s engine runs normally.

The total amount of air in your combustion chamber is determined by the information the sensors on your throttle bodies relay to the ECU, which controls your vehicle’s engine stability.

The Accelerator Pedal is Bad

A faulty accelerator pedal is another common situation that can make your VSC light indicator turn on. You might not know immediately that the problem is your accelerator pedal. Still, symptoms like increased fuel consumption, rough idling, and sometimes the check engine light coming on can ascertain that your accelerator pedal is having an issue.

The accelerator pedal position sensor is one of the components in the accelerator pedal that usually becomes faulty. Since the accelerator pedal determines how fast your vehicle drives, if it is damaged or defective in any way, it could cause your car to jerk or seem as if it’s skidding. Thus, your VSC light will turn on.

Fixing this kind of issue depends on how the accelerator pedal is damaged. If only the accelerator pedal position sensor is damaged, you could install a new one, if possible. However, if the damage is more severe, you must replace the whole accelerator pedal assembly.

The ABS Sensors is Bad

The Vehicle Stability Control System aligns with the anti-lock braking system (ABS); therefore, the VSC indicator will turn on if the ABS should experience any problems.

The ABS sensors are found in many cars, including Lexus cars. These sensors monitor the speed of each wheel and relay this information to the Engine Control Module (ECM). Once the ECM notices discrepancies in the rates of the four wheels, adequate countermeasure information is sent to the ABS to regulate the speeds of all the tires according to the specific need of the vehicle.

Solution: If you have a problem with your ABS sensors, you must replace every faulty one. It costs you about $100 to buy a new one and fix it yourself; however, it might cost you more if you employ an expert’s services. Using the services of an expert is always advisable.

The ECU of Your Car Need Fixing

Your VSC light will come on if the ECU malfunctions. You can reprogram or repair damaged ECUs, although it is very expensive. The total labor cost for fixing a damaged ECU ranges from $1000 to $3000. If a new ECU is to be bought, then it could cost way higher.

You must understand that many other things can cause your VSC off the light to turn on, but one way to be sure is by using a scan tool to troubleshoot your vehicle. The scan tool displays some error codes, and you can quickly check these error code online to know what they mean.

Lexus Trac Off and Check Engine Light On

Whenever you see the engine check light and Trac Off light on your dashboard, your vehicle is experiencing a fault that affects both the VSC and engine control systems.

You must also understand that the VSC system and engine systems are integrated; whenever one is affected, there is a high probability that the other will be affected.

If there is a problem with your fuel or brake system, you will most likely see your Trac Off the light and your check engine light on. This scenario will occur because the faults in the systems mentioned above affect the engine system and the Vehicle Stability Control System directly or indirectly.

Trac Off Lexus

How to Fix The VSC Light?

Here are simple steps to resetting your VSC light light:

  1. Pull over and shift to the park.
  2. Find the VSC button close to your steering wheel or gear stick.
  3. Apply pressure on the VSC button for some seconds.
  4. Hold the button until the Trac Off and VSC light indicator lights appear.
  5. Press the button again until the VSC light lights turn off.
  6. You are good to go once these lights turn off, as your systems are engaged.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Trac Off Lexus

What causes traction control to malfunction?

One major cause of a malfunctioning traction control system is a sensor compromised by dirt or corrosion.

Does traction control affect acceleration?

If you lose traction control, your acceleration will decrease.

What do you do when your traction control light comes on?

Reset your traction control light by pressing the reset button, usually close to your steering wheel or gear shift stick.

Conclusion – Trac Off Lexus

Lexus is a great brand that produces great cars integrated with mind-blowing safety features. Some safety features include the Vehicle Stability Control System and the Engine Control System. The VSC system helps prevent swerving and improves the driver’s vehicle handling.

If your Trac Off light comes on, it means its VSC system has been deactivated and must be reactivated as soon as possible to avoid an accident. You can visit your local mechanic and get it fixed, but the information in the article above should help you understand why your Vehicle’s VSC off light is on.

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