Subaru Is From Which Country (Answered)

In the North American market, many other automobiles Giants like Honda and Toyota have stamped their dominance; however, Subaru is a new player gradually and steadily gaining recognition.

Many people will know about Subaru but can’t tell if Subaru is from which country or region, and probably no idea about its origin story or the location of its facilities globally.

This article aims to shed more light on the need to know details of the Subaru automobile company, history, location and what they produce.

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The name Subaru comes from a constellation of stars named Pleiades. However, the origin story of how the company Subaru originated is an interesting one

Subaru Automobiles was not always an automobile company; its facilities were owned by an aircraft research laboratory known as Fuji heavy industries.

1915 Subaru was known as the Fuji heavy industries until 1932 when they went by the name Nakajima Aircraft Company Limited.

This company played a pivotal role in World War 2 for Japan as it was one of the major aircraft manufacturing companies for the Japanese military.

After the war, there had to be many changes, and Fuji Sangyo Co took ownership of the then Nakajima Aircraft Company, Ltd. The company’s name was then refined to just Nakajima Aircraft.

The transition from an aircraft company to an automobile company started in 1946 when unusually, the Nakajima aircraft produced an automobile scooter called the Fuji Rabbit.

As time went by, several mergers happened, and the Nakajima aircraft company was reborn as Fuji Heavy Industries, which team went on to manufacture the first Subaru car, the Subaru 1500

Where Is Subaru Manufactured?

The Subaru automobile company has two major plants where their cars are assembled. The major facility is in Japan, while the minor is in the USA.

Here is the precise location of all the Subaru manufacturing plants and what they produce ;

The Gunma Plant – Ota-shi, Gunma Prefecture, Japan

Here are some products built in this facility such as the Engines and transmissions, Subaru Forester, Subaru WRX, Subaru BRZ, Subaru Outback, Subaru Legacy, Subaru Impreza and Subaru Crosstrek.

Subaru Is From Which Country

Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc (Lafayette, Indiana, USA)

Some products built in this facility are, Subaru Legacy, Subaru Impreza, Subaru Ascent and Subaru Outback.

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When Did Subaru Enter the American Market?

The Subaru automobile company did not enter America until 1968.

At this time, they initially sited their first facility in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania. Since then, they have moved through different locations till they settled in their current area at Camden, New Jersey.

The other locations where the Subaru corporation cited your facility include Pennsauken, New Jersey, and Cherry Hill, New Jersey(1986).

In early 1990, the owners of the Subaru corporation finally decided to settle in Camden, New Jersey, and since then have achieved some milestones in research, development, and environmental preservation.

Where us the Headquarters of Subaru Manufacturung?

Subaru is a Japanese Brand whose official headquarters is also in Japan.

Still, in Japan, the Subaru corporation has three main sites that oversee all the company’s dealings.

These sites are located in Ebisu, Shibuya, and Tokyo, Japan.

Is Subaru a Product of Toyota?

Most people think the Toyota brand owns Subaru Corporation, but this is a misconception.

The truth remains that the Toyota brand does not own the Subaru corporation but is a company within a group of Fuji-heavy industries.

However, the Subaru Corporation has a very interesting relationship with the Toyota automobile company. This relationship results from the 20% ownership stake Toyota Toyota initially acquired in Subaru corporation in 2005.

Toyota and Subaru have worked together on the production of some Subaru automobile models in the past, but in recent times the ownership stake Toyota owns in the Subaru corporation has dropped to just around 16%.

Fuji Industries owns a majority stake of about 50.09% in the Subaru Corporation, while the Toyota motor corporation owns a minority stake of 16.51%

Is Subarus Worth Buying?

The integration of tech features into the Subaru vehicles has gone a long way to creating a devout fanbase for the automobile company, and some of these tech features include

The integration of Bluetooth technology is now a Norm in all the models of the Subaru automobile company. This integration allows all its users to answer calls and listen to any music they choose from their devices.

The Subaru motor corporation understands that crisp and clear sounds are pleasing to the ear and has integrated one of the best sound systems globally. The Harman Kardon Premium Audio System offers its listeners surround sound and a high-quality audio experience that is one in a million.

Bluetooth technology is one innovation that has gained popularity over the years and is used by all tech enthusiasts.

With technology, users of the Subaru vehicle can connect and control their cars with devices, tablets, smartphones, iPods, and any Bluetooth-enabled device.

Subaru Is From Which Country

Is Subaru Safe to Drive?

Safety is priceless in the automobile business, And the Subaru brand makes safety a top priority in your design considerations for all their products.

Another addition to the Subaru feature is its Advanced Protective System.

Subaru as an automobile maker always designs a backup plan for scenarios where accidents are certain.

These Advanced Protective Systems in Subaru cars include multiple airbag locations that can protect Passengers, drivers, and small compartments in the Subaru car where delicate materials are kept. The Subaru cars are designed with about eight or more airbags.

The Subaru rear vehicle detection is a safety feature gaining much popularity. Without the hassle of shoving your head backward, you can still see blindspots and receive rear cross-traffic alerts when reversing your vehicle.

EyeSight®driver-assist technology is a groundbreaking technology that helps mitigate collisions on the road.  Eyesight technology is very useful for avoiding common road hazards. It also constantly watches the road with a second pair of eyes( cameras ) to prevent collisions while driving.

How Expensive Is Subaru Maintenance?

Subaru vehicles are built with unique and expensive parts, directly affecting maintenance costs.

Most parts used in the production of Subaru vehicles are sturdy and resilient; however, they are unique only to the Subaru vehicle and are not easy to replace when they go bad.

Is Subaru A Popular Brand?

As mentioned earlier, One major reason why the Subaru vehicles are not popular in America is that most people try to avoid them due to their high maintenance cost, as their parts are not readily available in the aftermarket.

Another reason the Subaru vehicles struggle in popularity is their thin production line. With the Subaru motor corporation only able to offer the public a limited lineup of car models that are majorly utility vehicles, it will be hard to compete with automobile Giants with a larger lineup that includes sports cars, sedans, and special edition vehicles.

Although efforts are being made to catch up with the big players in the game as Subaru has recently expanded its production lineup.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Subaru Is From Which Country

How long do Subaru cars last?

On average, Subaru vehicles last up to 250,000 miles with proper maintenance.

Is Subaru Japanese or American?

The Subaru corporation has its headquarters in Ota, Japan, north of Tokyo; however, it produces vehicles both in Japan and America.

Who is Subaru’s biggest competitor?

Subaru’s competitors include Nissan, Ford Motor Company, Honda, Toyota, and Volkswagen.

Conclusion – Subaru Is From Which Country

Subaru is an automobile brand gaining popularity in Asia and also North America. The brand is well-known for its sturdy products and the unique design of its automobiles. This Japanese-owned car company produces different models of all-wheel drive vehicles and also integrates these vehicles with premium safety features and wonderful tech features. Subaru automobile corporation is not as big as the Giants in the automobile industry yet, but they are slowly gaining ground.

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