Tacoma SR Vs SR5 (Key Differences)

To purchase a Toyota Tacoma, a Tacoma SR Vs SR5 comparison is important to determine if the SR5 or the SR variants has better attributes according to your preference and intended usage.

This article will focus on the Toyota Tacoma and its variants. It will help you distinguish the Tacoma SR5 from the Tacoma SR as well as give you a call in the Tacoma SR Vs SR5 debate.

Let’s get started!

Tacoma SR Features

The Tacoma SR has been on the production line since 1995 and is best described as a midsize pickup truck.

This pickup truck is known to have the ability to accomplish a wide array of tasks, including off-road activities, towing trailers, and carrying heavy cargo.

The Tacoma SR has some amazing features, including producing over 159 horsepower with a 2.7 L 4-cylinder engine. This great pickup also has a towing capacity of about 6900 Lbs.

So many features would make any car lover want this midsize pickup truck. Some of these features that distinguish the Toyota Tacoma SR are outlined below.

  • Tacoma SR also comes in both manual and automatic transmission variants. However, the automatic transmission only has five shift steps, while the manual transmission has six.
  • There are also some technological features in the Tacoma SR, including Bluetooth phone and audio connectivity, a USB port, a telescopic steering wheel, a six-speaker stereo, and a LED daytime running light.
  • Tacoma SR is usually fitted with 16-inch steel wheels and is also regarded as the base trim of the Tacoma lineup.
  • There are also safety features in Tacoma SR that ensure an improved driving experience. These safety features include the lane departure warning, automated emergency braking, and adaptive cruise control.
  • Tacoma SR cabin is furnished with cloth-covered upholstery and manual door and window locks.

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Tacoma SR5 Features

The Tacoma lineup also provides its fanbase with the Tacoma SR5, and some people say it is an upgrade to the Tacoma SR, but you should be the judge.

  • Tacoma SR5 usually has 17-inch aluminum wheels, a power sunroof, and chrome exterior trim—no wonder this is regarded as the top of the Tacoma trim line.
  • This mind-blowing truck can be found in 2 types of configurations, including the normal cab and double cab.
  • The Tacoma SR5 can be used for different tasks and still offer exceptional performance.
  • The SR5, like the SR, possesses a 2.7 L, which can churn out about 278 horsepower; however, the Tacoma SR5 also comes with an inline V-six engine variant.
  • The SR 5 also comes in both automatic and manual transmissions
  • The Tacoma SR5 includes technological features like heated mirrors, front bucket seats, LED fog lights, and many others.
  • Tacoma SR5 has safety features like a Lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and the Toyota safety sense package.
  • For a feel of class, the Tacoma SR5 also includes a top-notch infotainment system which consists of satellite radio HD radio navigation and an amazing 8-inch touchscreen.

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Tacoma SR Vs SR5 Key Difference

Despite being variants of the same Toyota model, the Tacoma SR and SR5 have a lot of differences. As mentioned earlier, one difference between the SR and the SR5 is their trim levels.

In addition, the Tacoma SR is a much older version of the SR5, one of the most recent Tacoma vehicles on the market.

There is also a great difference in the comfort they offer and also their market value.

This section will examine the differences between the SR5 and the SR variant of the Toyota Tacoma.

The Drivetrain

The SR5 is more flexible with its drivetrain options as it comes in six and four-cylinder engines. However, the SR and SR5 have opportunities in two- and four-wheel drives.

Market Value

For pricing, the Toyota Tacoma SR5 is very expensive, with a starting price of about $29000, unlike its counterpart, the Tacoma SR, which is budget-friendly and more affordable, with a starting price of about $27000

The Interior and Technology

Both the Tacoma SR5 and the Tacoma SR have similar interiors and technology; however, there are some differences in the level of technology embedded in each of them.

The SR has a manual window and door lock, while the SR5 is upgraded with automatic door and window locks.

The Tacoma SR and Tacoma SR5 come with the Toyota safety sense aid for driver assistance; however, the lane departure warning system and adaptive cruise control are upgraded in the SR5 with more modern sensors for better responsiveness.

However, unlike the SR, the SR5 possesses additional features like foglights and sunroofs, improving the driving conditions during unique scenarios.

The Engine and Performance

The SR5 produces 278 horsepower with a 2.7 L V6 engine, far greater than the SR offers. The SR produces about 160 horsepower with a 2.7-liter inline 4-cylinder engine.

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Tacoma SR Vs SR5 Similarities 

Irrespective of the differences between the Tacoma SR5 and the Tacoma SR, they still have many similarities.

Some of the similarities are outlined below;

  • Both models can churn out above 159 horsepower
  • Both come with Toyota Safety Sense™ P, including Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Pre-Collision System, Automatic High Beams, and Lane Departure Alert.
  • Both models also use the DOHC 16-valve 4-cylinder direct-injection Atkinson-cycle engine.
  • Both models have towing capacity above 3,500 lbs
  • Both come with a 2.7-liter fuel tank
  • Both come with infotainment touchscreen displays with pre-loaded Amazon Alexa integration, Android Auto™, Apple CarPlay®, and a backup camera.
  • Both models have maximum payloads above 1685 pounds.

Tacoma SR Vs SR5 Smooth Ride Comparison 

The SR5 and the Tacoma SR are designed for rough terrains and possess good shock absorbers and a wonderful suspension system.

Compared to other pickup trucks, both are considered smooth rides. Although if you want quiet rides, opting for the Toyota Tacoma might be a bad idea.

Although both vehicles ride comfortably, their lifted body and large tires might cause a lot of noise. But in general, both models rank the same when it comes to having smooth rides.

Tacoma SR Vs SR5 in Keyless Entry Comparison

The keyless entry is a very modern innovation found in modern vehicles. This innovation cuts down the hassle of getting into your car.

Unfortunately, the keyless entry feature is very modern. Hence, vehicles like the Toyota Tacoma SR will not have it, but the Tacoma SR5 and more recent versions of the Tacoma line possess the keyless entry feature.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Tacoma SR Vs. SR5

What does SR stand for in Toyota SR5?

The abbreviation SR in the Toyota SR5 models is ‘Sport Rally.’
The SR5 is a badge for cars that offer high performance on and off the road. These vehicles can also travel intercity and intra-city without any issues.
Apart from the Toyota Tacoma SR5, there are other Toyota models with the SR5 badge, including the 4runner and Prado.

Is SR or SR5 better?

Concluding if the SR5 is better than the SR is strictly based on the users’ preference. If the model variants, SR5 or SR, fit your idea of a great truck, then there is no need for a debate. But realistically, the SR5 has a better engine performance.

Can you go off-road with SR5?

The SR5 was primarily designed for both on- and off-road Transit; therefore, all trims of the SR5 can drive in off-road situations. Factors contributing to this capability include an excellent suspension system and great ground clearance.

Conclusion – Tacoma SR Vs. SR5

The Toyota Tacoma is one of the most loved tucks on the market, and its multiple models and trim sizes additionally offer its fanbase more options. Both the Tacoma SR and Tacoma SR5 have a lot of similarities; however, there are also some differences between them. After reading this article, you should be able to tell the differences between the Tacoma SR and Toyota Tacoma SR5.

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