Toyota Sienna Dimensions Interior (Measured)

One popular vehicle designed to have a spacious interior and large cargo space is the Toyota Sienna.

The Toyota Sienna has optimized cargo and cabin space which can contain up to eight passengers. No wonder this SUV is a great fit for large families. This family-friendly vehicle is built to have foldable roof sheets, allowing the cargo space of the SUV allowance to expand.

In this guide, we will be measuring the Toyota Sienna dimensions interior also bringing and the many benefits it offers.

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Let’s get to know more about the Toyota Sienna Dimensions Interior also considering its cargo space.

What are Toyota Sienna Headroom Interior Dimensions

Another important element of the passenger cabin space is the headroom. Enough headroom increases the comfortability of the vehicle during long trips as passengers can easily have conversations with themselves and make various motions with their upper body.

From the back, the Toyota Sienna offers 37.4 inches of headroom at the third row of seats, 39.9 inches at the second row, and 40.1 inches at the first row of seats.

What are Toyota Sienna Shoulder Room Interior Dimensions

If you need maximum allowance for upper body movement, your shoulder room should have wider dimensions; the Toyota Sienna offers its passengers a whopping 58.0 inches of shoulder room in the third-row seats, 62.7 inches of shoulder room, and the second-row seats and 62.4 inches of shoulder room the first row seats.

What are Toyota Sienna Hiproom Interior Dimensions

When traveling on Cross country field trips that are long and exhaustive, you need to bend and twist your body occasionally. The hip room creates the necessary allowance to make certain upper and lower body movements; therefore, if there are not enough people, the vehicle will be uncomfortable for most long trips. The Toyota Sienna offers a hip room of 50 inches for the third-row seats, 62 inches and the second-row seats, and 59.6 for the first-row seats.

What are Toyota Sienna Legroom Interior Dimensions

The leg room is very vital for every vehicle. Large legroom means that passengers will feel less cramped. People above 6 feet tall usually prefer cars with excessive legroom, and Toyota Sienna offers that.

The Toyota Sienna offers 36.0 inches from the back in the third row of seats,39. 0 inches in the second row and 40.3 inches of legroom in the first row.

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What are Toyota Sienna First/Second/Third Row Interior Dimensions

By folding the seats, you can increase the cargo space of the third row to 50 cubic feet, the first row to 87.1 cubic feet, and the second row to 70.0 cubic feet

With the upright seats, the total cabin space will equal 159.7 cubic feet. However, the first row has an entire cargo space of 39.0 cubic feet, the third row has a total of 33.5 cubic feet, and the second row has a cargo space of 38.0 cubic feet when all seats are up in their respective rows.

What Is the Interior Height Dimension of the Toyota Sienna?

The Toyota Sienna can carry some objects standing upright as far as the seats are upright, allowing things to stand within the cabin.

These objects cannot exceed 37.5 inches, the vehicle’s maximum internal height dimensions. Some people call the Toyota Sienna an SUV, but it is best described as a minivan because of its height and the number of people it can carry.

In essence, the Toyota Sienna is taller than sedan cars, with its height at 68.5 inches without roof rails, but it can be as tall as 69.7 inches if the roof rails are installed.

Toyota Sienna Dimensions Interior

What Are the Interior Cargo Dimensions of the Toyota Sienna?

The Toyota Sienna is a large vehicle capable of transporting large amounts of cargo. Another great benefit of the Toyota Sienna is the flexibility of its cargo space.

If you ever need to carry large cargo that could take up your entire cabin space, you could easily fold the second and third-row seats to attend an extra 101.7 cubic feet of cargo space.

Although if the load is not so big, you could hold only the third-row seats and gain an extra 72.5 cubic feet of cargo space.

Traditionally Toyota Sienna office 33.5 cubic feet of cargo space behind the third-row seats is large enough to get a few grocery items for the household or travel with a bag or two.

How Wide and Long is the Toyota Sienna Cargo Area Dimensions in Inches?

Understanding the cargo area length and width can let car owners know what cargo size will fit in their vehicle. The Toyota Sienna can provide many objects, including bicycles, furniture, appliances, and building materials.

The Toyota Sienna can only do most of the abovementioned things because it has an internal cargo width of 50.5 inches and an internal cargo length of 72.0 inches.

Toyota Sienna Dimensions Interior

Does Toyota Sienna Third Row Interior Dimensions Affect Cargo Space?

One sign of a well-designed SUV is the third-row seats. The Toyota Sienna has 3rd-row seating, just as comfortable as second and first-row seats.

As mentioned earlier, if the third-row seats of the Toyota Sienna are in use, then the vehicle’s cargo space will be reduced to 33.5 cubic ft. But on the bright side, the third-row seats of the Toyota Sienna are very accessible as you only need to open the rear door and fold down the second seat to an inclined angle before accessing the third-row seats.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Toyota Sienna Dimensions Interior

How spacious is a Toyota Sienna?

The Toyota Sienna is a spacious minivan that contains up to 8 passengers and still has about 33.5 cubic feet of cargo space. The total interior volume of this vehicle is about 195. 9 cubic feet. Therefore, it has enough legroom, headroom, shoulder room, and hip room for all its passengers.

How long is cargo space in Toyota Sienna?

The Toyota Sienna has an internal cargo width of 50.5 inches and an internal cargo length of 72.0 inches. However, the size of its cargo space can be tweaked to suit your needs by folding the second and third rows.

Can a full-size mattress fit in a Sienna?

The Toyota Sienna can only fit a full-size mattress into its cabin space if the second and third-row seats are removed from its cabin.

Conclusion – Toyota Sienna Dimensions Interior

The Toyota Sienna is one of the most spacious minivans on the market, and in addition, it is still a strong vehicle that can be used for road trips and cross-country adventures. If you wish to use the Sienna for running errands, it can still offer you about 87.1 cubic feet of cargo space. Finally, the Toyota Sienna is a family-friendly vehicle mainly because of its interior cabin space, about 159.7 cubic feet.

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