VW Atlas Cargo Dimensions in Inches (Measured)

Vehicles come in different shapes and sizes, and it is appropriate to know The dimension of your car. This information will help you better understand your car’s interior and exterior features.

The VW Atlas is categorized under the midsize range. Though it’s an SUV slightly larger than its counterparts.

This article brings to the table everything to know about the VW Atlas Cargo Dimensions in inches.

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The Volkswagen Atlas is also a convenient SUV, especially if you have a large household and need to go to the market to purchase many things occasionally.

You could easily create more cargo space by reducing passenger space in ratios of 60/40 with the 3rd and 2nd rows folded.

You could also decide to split your cabin space in ratios of 50/50 with just the third row folded.The Volkswagen Atlas Cargo Space  is impressive, and what is more amazing is how adjustable it can be.

The Cargo Space Behind the 2nd row with 3rd row folded is 95,90 cubic feet, the Cargo Space Behind the 3rd Row is 20.6 cubic feet and the Cargo Space Behind the 1st Row with 2nd and 3rd row folded is 96.8 cubic feet

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VW Atlas Cargo Dimensions in Inches

What are the Interior Dimensions of the Volkswagen Atlas in Inches

Starting from the vehicle’s rear, the Volkswagen Atlas has a cargo space of about 20.6 cubic feet, enabling the Volkswagen Atlas to store up various kinds of cargo, ranging from household items to family luggage.

The third-row seat in the Volkswagen Atlas offers a leg room of about 33.7 inches, allowing passengers to sit comfortably at the back of the vehicle.

The second-row seats, which are just behind the driver seat, and the front-row passenger seat offers its passengers legroom of about 37.6 inches.

The front-row seats give the driver ample space to move around, with a legroom of 41.7 inches and a shoulder room of 61.5 inches.

Suppose you were to exclude the volume exhausted by the seats. The Volkswagen Atlas still offers passengers about 154 cubic feet of interior space, allowing them to move their bodies around while riding.

VW Atlas Cargo Dimensions in Inches

What are the Dimensions of the Volkswagen Atlas Passenger Section in Inches

Taking long road trips with your family in a car with small cabin space can be exhausting as you would most likely be in a particular position for a long time. Everyone can get cranky, and the trip can become dull over time.

But this will not happen if you should take that same road trip in a spacious SUV like the Volkswagen Atlas. You won’t need to worry about the distance because everyone will be in a jolly mood and have enough space to move around during the trip.

With a total of 154 cubic feet of passenger space, the Volkswagen Atlas offers a front headroom of 41.3 inches, a front legroom of 41.7 inches, a rear legroom of 37.6 inches and a rear headroom of 40.4 inches.

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Frequently Asked Questions – VW Atlas Cargo Dimensions in Inches

How big is the VW Atlas inside?

The Volkswagen Atlas is a big midsize SUV in the market with a big cabin size. A Volkswagen atlas offers passengers a whopping 154 cubic feet and over 20.5 cubic feet of cargo space. Its 3-row configuration allows the vehicle owner to tweak the SUV space to his preferred choice.

Can you sleep in the back of a VW Atlas?

The Volkswagen Atlas has a 3-row configuration which allows the vehicle owner to tweak the SUV passenger and space to his preferred choice. Therefore, with a passenger space of 154 cubic feet and over 20. 5 cubic feet of cargo space, three people can sleep in the vehicle comfortably with the proper adjustments.

Is VW Atlas a reliable car?

Reliability is one factor that drives the dominance of a vehicle in the market space, and Volkswagen motor company is known to produce reliable cars. The Volkswagen Atlas will not be different as it is expected to have an average new car reliability.

Conclusion – VW Atlas Cargo Dimensions in Inches

There are many beautiful features of the Volkswagen Atlas, but the parts that stand out the most are its spacious capacity and flexibility in handling passengers and cargo.

This family-friendly SUV can transport seven passengers with enough cargo to fill up about 20 cubic feet of space. Irrespective of the vehicle being 200 inches long and about 79 inches wide, it can still offer its passengers 154 cubic feet in cabin space and cargo space of about 20.6 cubic feet, which can be increased to 96.8 cubic feet.

The Volkswagen Atlas also has a proper ventilation system that keeps the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rows properly ventilated, creating absolute comfort for its passengers.

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