Why Is Volvo So Expensive (Is it Worth It?)

Why is Volvo so expensive? Cars, in general, are not cheap to acquire, and nor are they inexpensive to maintain. Among the wide variety of car brands, some are more expensive than others. One of these expensive car brands to acquire and maintain is Volvo.

You have to understand that Volvo is a very reliable car brand, and it is known for its premium quality in manufacturing. However, this does not negate that when Volvos are compared to similar brands within the same category, Volvos are always more expensive.

Therefore, if you are in the market for a new car with high quality, luxurious and reliable but still helps you cut costs, then Volvo is not the brand for you.

This article will examine the factors contributing to the high cost of acquiring and maintaining a Volvo car.

Let’s get started!

We would be exploring some reasons why Volvo brands are expensive to acquire

1. They Have High Performance

A majority of Volvo cars are performance cars. Obtaining high-performance vehicles is very costly; however, Volvo has produced these for over 26 years.

Since 1996 over has been working with a tuning company known as Polestar. Polestar helps Volvo produce high-performance cars from 1996 to 2015. Before they were fully acquired to become a department in the Volvo automobile company.

Why Is Volvo So Expensive


2. Lifetime Warranty Cost Money

Another reason Volvos are expensive is that a lifetime warranty is attached to devolve forecast by its manufacturer.

The only condition where you lose your warranty is if you have an auto repair or maintenance in a shop or dealership not registered with the Volvo company.

This warranty covers the vehicle’s lifespan, which is about ten years. However, the warranty doesn’t cover damages caused by accidents.

3. You Cant Install Parts From Other Manufacturers

Another huge factor that causes the high cost of maintaining the Volvo car is that third-party parts would not work if installed on your Volvo.

Volvo vehicles are programmed only to allow factory-recommended parts to be installed as replacements in the Volvo vehicle.

Therefore, non-recommended replacements would never function, even if they are cheaper automobile parts that could be used as more affordable alternatives to Volvo’s original parts. The Volvo proprietary software ensures that only volvo approved parts are used on the car.

4. Luxury Comes with Top Dollar

Luxury around the world is known as an expensive commodity. And when any brand offers luxury, their prices are usually high. Volvo is not the best luxury car in the market, but it provides some luxurious features which affect its price.

These features include advanced infotainment systems, heated seats, dual-zone climate control, and excellent interior finishing.

5. They Have Expensive Parts

Volvo parts are expensive in the aftermarket. The reason for its high cost in the market is the attention and detail put in to make the aftermarket replacements sturdy during the manufacturing process.

Compared to American and Japanese automobile brands, Volvo parts are expensive but last longer.

Nothing is meant to last forever; sooner or later, some parts in your Volvo vehicle feel and will need replacement.

6. They Are Built to be Safe

Every automobile product on the market has its Factor of safety. Volvo’s Factor of safety is relatively high, making its cars quite safe to drive.

Volvo has many safety features integrated into different models of their cars. These safety features include blind spot protection in the 2003 model, automatic object detection in the 2008 model, and emergency braking in the 2008 model.

In addition, Volvo runs many car crash tests, which have helped them significantly improve their passengers’ safety.

7. You Might Need An Approve Dealership for some Repairs

Volvo-approved dealerships have a Monopoly on specific repairs in Volvo vehicles. Therefore your local mechanic would not be able to perform some routine maintenance.

You would need to visit a dealership to carry out those repairs, which will require a higher cost as these dealerships charge much higher labor rates.

The Volvo proprietary software ensures only the Volvo dealership can perform these repairs.

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8. They Might not Cost Much Afterall

Irrespective of the high maintenance costs, Volvos are still great cars to drive. Safety measures and reliability are in-built into a Volvo vehicle to create a balance, making maintaining a Volvo less expensive than you would have imagined.

Volvo’s maintenance and repair cost average $769 annually. It is cheaper than luxury brands like BMW, which are above $790 annually.

Why Is Volvo So Expensive

9. DIY are Sometimes not Needed

As mentioned earlier, Volvo’s proprietary software ensures only Volvo dealerships can perform specific repairs. This Factor rules out any hope of cutting costs using DIY methods.

The license for this software is crazy expensive, costing about $8000 annually.

The Monopoly is so strict that even if you want to troubleshoot your vehicle, it will be impossible without first paying for the software license that allows you to use an OBD II scanner on your Volvo vehicle.

Why Is Volvo Maintainance So Expensive

There are some factors that could increase the cost of maintaining a Volvo car. Neglecting a Volvo’s payload specification could easily lead to short-lived maintenance of your suspension system. Overloading for any vehicle, in general, is terrible as you could affect parts of the drivetrain.

Braking at high speeds could also destroy the braking system within a short time. It is more advisable to downshift before pushing down the brake pedal.

Neglecting warning signals on your dashboard could lead to severe damage in various parts of your vehicle. Whenever there is a warning indicator on your dashboard, please pay attention to it and get the problem sorted out immediately.

Improper parking could also cause your parking pawl to deteriorate faster than expected. Once your parking pawl gets worn, your gear selector will become loose. This scenario can be avoided by using your parking brakes.

How to Reduce Volvo Maintainance Cost

Maintaining your Volvo cars can be very cost-effective if you pay attention to preventive measures. Paying attention to warning signals on your dashboard can also help reduce the number of repairs you will experience in the future.

Even without technical knowledge, replacing worn-out parts when due could prevent huge maintenance costs like replacing an engine when you could have replaced the serpentine belt 3 months earlier to avoid knocking the engine. As a serpentine belt transmits power to the water pump that helps cool the engine and if it starts sleeping, the engine could overheat and get knocked.

Finally, paying more attention to your suspension system could help you cut down on expenses, as this is the system where repairs are needed the most.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Why Is Volvo So Expensive

Is Volvo considered a luxury?

Volvo is a luxury car maker, but it is not the best luxury car in the market. However, it offers some luxurious features which affect its market price.

Is Volvo car a good buy?

Volvo is a very reliable car brand, and it is known for its premium quality in manufacturing. In addition to its reliability, it is safe and luxurious, although it is on the high side. In general, Volvo is a good car.

Is it expensive to fix a Volvo?

With Volvo’s maintenance and repair cost averaging $769 annually, maintaining a Volvo may not be as expensive as you would have imagined.

Conclusion – Why Is Volvo So Expensive

The Volvo brand represents reliability, safety, luxurious finishing, and high performance. In addition to its beautiful features, it also offers a lifetime warranty. Irrespective of all these great features, Volvo is expensive, especially if you like good driving habits and drive in poor weather conditions.

Volvo is also expensive to acquire compared to its American and Japanese counterparts. However, the money spent acquiring a Volvo is worth it.

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