What is RAM 5500 Weight? (1500, 2500, 3500 and 4500)

Many automobile companies produce high-quality pickup trucks with great engine performance, and the DODGE RAM brand is one of them.

RAM pickup trucks are multi-purpose trucks that anyone can use for industrial and domestic purposes.

With the production of a wide range of RAM truck models in 2022, with each varying in trim options, configurations and curb weight, it is critical to understand the maximum load capacity that each truck can bear in loading or towing situations.

This article will highlight the different curb weights of various RAM pickup trucks produced in 2022 and provide vital information that will help you understand the weight of the RAM vehicles in depth.

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What is the Curb Weight for 2022 RAM 1500 

The 2022 RAM 1500 is another great truck built on the RAM production line. This truck offers a simple yet attractive aesthetics with powerful engines for multi-purpose tasks.

RAM 1500 is produced in different trims that offer various distinctive features. There are six different trims of the RAM 1500 in total. The Ram 1500 also uses five different types of engine models across its six trims.

Some trims come in 4×2 and 4×4 wheel drives; however, those trims that come in 4×4 wheel drives have a higher curb weight.

RAM 5500 Weight

What is Curb Weight for 2022 RAM 3500

The 2022 RAM 3500 is classified as a unique truck among its counterparts. This particular truck has quite a different interior aesthetic, and it’s designed to produce great power from its engine.

RAM 3500 can be found in five different trim options with wonderful features. However, most of the engines of the RAM 3500 come cummings diesel engines with a horsepower rating of about 400 and a torque output of 850 pounds per foot.

The heaviest trim amongst the five trims is the RAM 3500 limited trim that has a mega cab 8-inch box, and this weighs 7536lbs, while the lightest RAM 3500 trim is the Regular cab 8’box which weighs 6056lbs

In addition, the Tradesman and Bighorn trims of the 2022 RAM 1500 come with the quad cab feature.

Finally, the least heavy of the six trims of the RAM 1500 is the Quad Cab 6’4 ′ box Tradesman trim which is a curb weight of 4775lbs, and the heaviest of them all is the Limited Crew Cab 6’4 ′ box.

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What is the Chassis Cab Curb Weight for 2022 Ram 5500 

One of the high-performance trucks produced by RAM automobile company in 2022 is the RAM 5500 Chassis cab. This truck comes in different trim options, namely;

  • Limited
  • Laramie
  • SLT
  • Tradesman

One of the unique features of the RAM 5500 is its large towing capacity; however, most people may confuse this truck with the RAM 4500.

Each trim option of the RAM 5500 has distinct features. One outstanding feature is the weight of the tradesman trim option: its amazing weight is higher than any other. The tradesman Crew cab is 84 inches long and weighs about 7555 pounds.

What is the Chassis Cab Curb Weight for 2022 Ram 4500 

The 2022 RAM 4500 pickup truck is a special edition primarily made for commercial heavy-duty work. The pickup truck is built to withstand various stress patterns; however, this truck also has different trims that offer amazing features.

The RAM 4500 has different engine and transmission options, offering users a wider choice pool. Another good thing about the RAM 4500 is it can be customized to suit the car owner’s needs.

The lightest trim among the 2022 RAM 4500 is the regular Crew cab 60 inches tradesman, with a curb weight of 6798 lbs. However, the heaviest RAM 4500 model is the tradesman 84-inch Crew cab with a curb weight of 7520 lbs.

What is the Curb Weight for 2022 Ram 2500

The 2022 RAM 2500 curb weight is another very good truck that has a great performing engine and can be used in a wide range of applications; just like the RAM 1500, it has the same cab and bed configurations, but its horsepower torque and towing capacity for exceeding that of the 1500.

The RAM 2500 also has various trims; however, the heaviest trim is the ‘limited’ trim with the mega cab 6’4 ‘ box. This specific truck’s weight is around 7414 pounds.

How to Explain Vehicle Weight Ratings

Vehicles with ratings have confused many car users over the years, and it is a very important factor in deciding many activities we use our trucks for. The car’s weight is described in various measurements, each impacting a particular activity with your vehicle.

Here are some vehicle weight measurements of your vehicle and their in-depth meaning

  • Curb Weight – A vehicle’s curb weight describes a car’s actual weight but includes the weight of a full fuel tank. The curb weight is usually assigned to a vehicle when it leaves the factory. The curb weight of any vehicle does not consider the cargo carried by the car in its trunk nor the weight of the passengers in the car’s cabin.
  • Tongue Weight – A car’s tongue weight is vital, especially for towing activities. The tongue weight is the maximum load a vehicle’s tow hitch can handle. Suppose a weight greater than the tongue weight of a vehicle is placed on the tow hitch of that vehicle. In that case, there is a high probability that the tow hitch will reach its breaking point and, depending on the circumstances, can cause a distasteful accident.
  • Payload – the payload of any vehicle is described as the total passenger and cargo capacity that the developer and carry. For pickup trucks, the payload will also include a cargo bed.
  • GVWR – The full meaning of GVWR is Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, which describes the vehicle’s total weight when you add the curb weight payload and towing capacity. The gross vehicle weight rating describes the limits of loaded weight your vehicle can handle. Whenever you load your vehicle beyond the GVWR, you are setting up your vehicle for an unsafe condition, which can eventually lead to an accident.
  • Dry weight – Just as the name sounds, the dry weight of a vehicle is the weight of a car when all fluids are non-existent. In essence, you can get the dry weight when there is no engine coolant, brake fluid, fuel in the gas tank, engine oil, transmission oil, torque converter fluid, hydraulic fluid, or windscreen washing fluid in the car.
  • Towing Capacity – The towing capacity of a vehicle describes the maximum load-bearing capacity of that vehicle during a towing activity. Towing a load above your vehicle’s towing capacity can lead to different structural damages and even cause accidents in critical cases. The towing capacity does not necessarily have to do with the weight of the vehicle; however, it describes the weight of any objects you will be attaching to the vehicle for towing purposes, be it another vehicle or a trailer. Most manufacturers use the combination of GT, GVWR, and GAWR to determine the towing capacity of a vehicle.
  • GTW – The full meaning of GTW is gross trailer weight. GTW describes the total weight of all loads towed by a vehicle. Therefore irrespective of what the vehicle tows, be it a boat, another car, a generator, small or big, or multiple trailers, the sum of those loads will represent the Gross Trailer Weight.
  • GCWR – The GCWR refers to the vehicle’s Gross Combined Weight Rating. This weight rating means that All the different weight measurements of the vehicle are combined, and their sum is referred to as the GCWR (Gross Combined Weight Rating). Unlike the GVWR, the GCWR combined the tongue weight of the vehicle, the GTW, the curb weight, and the payload.

RAM 5500 Weight

RAM 4500 and RAM 5500 Trucks Differences

Most 2022 RAM models look very similar, especially RAM 3500, RAM 4500, and RAM 5500.

However, you can differentiate these trucks from one another in certain ways, and the trick lies in the weight of the trucks and their towing capacity.

GCWR (Maximum Combined Weight of Trailer, Vehicle, and Load)

  • RAM 5500 weighs 43,000 lbs.
  • RAM 3500 weighs 33,000 lbs.
  • RAM 4500 weighs 37,500 lbs.

Trailering (Towing Capacity)

  • RAM 5500 has a towing capacity of 35,220 lbs.
  • RAM 4500 has a towing capacity of 29,770 lbs.
  • RAM 3500 has a towing capacity of 25,890 lbs

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Frequently Asked Questions – RAM 5500 Weight

What is the towing capacity of a 2021 Ram 5500?

The towing capacity of a 2021 mod3l of RAM 5500 is 35,220 lbs.

How much can a Ram 5500 pull?

The 2022 model of a RAM 5500 can pull 35,220 pounds.

How much horsepower does a 2021 Ram 5500 have?

The 2021 model of a ram 5500 with a 6.4 l v eight gas-powered engine produces about 370 horsepower.

Conclusion – RAM 5500 Weight

The 2022 models of RAM pickup trucks have a great variety of features in their different trim sizes. However, understanding the weight differences among the trim sizes will help advise you on using these trucks during different activities.

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