Who Makes Douglas Tires (Answered)

The Douglas Tire brand is a Walmart-exclusive product that offers one of the best tires that money can buy. But as a car owner, you might want to know who makes Douglas Tires. What makes it stand out amongst others?

Considering the vast number of tire manufacturers worldwide and the many tire products available on the market at some point, you can’t keep count of who makes what.

So, in this article, we’ll be exposed to the early history, the makers or manufacturers of Douglas tires, and what makes the brand as good as most people make it sound.

Let’s begin!

The Goodyear tire company stands among the top tire manufacturing companies. They are a company that makes standard and quality Original Equipment (OE) tires for many automobile companies. A prevalent example of one of the companies that patronize their tires is Jeep, and you can most certainly spot their tires on the Jeep Wrangler.

Also, if you’re having any doubts about whether your tires are original, you could always confirm using the DOT code, which can be found somewhere along the sidewall of the tires. Go to the NHTSA website on your mobile or computer to confirm the code.

Are the Douglas Tires Regarded to Be of High-Quality Value?

The Douglas tires have a yearly warranty of about 40,000 to 45,000 miles. They are appropriately designed and manufactured by Kelly-Springfield production company located in Fayetteville, reputable to be one of the best globally.

One can’t say the Douglas tires are of superior value, but they have quality value, and their cost is considered fair based on their quality.

What you Get when Going for Douglas Tires

Over the years, American citizens have come to trust many premium brands, which brings us to the main question, how good are the Douglas tires, and is it worth putting their trust in the Douglas tire brand?

Therefore, on platforms like World Tire Review and Driving Press, the Douglas tire brand has received many positive reviews and almost no bad reviews, and without wasting much of your time, let’s look at some of the features that Douglas tires offer.

1. You Get Excellent Warranty

If you ever encounter any issues with your new set of Douglas Tires, you don’t have to worry so much, as Walmart offers a tremendous 45,000-mile treadwear warranty. If your case qualifies you for a chance to claim your warranty, then without any haste, you will be given an entirely new set of Douglas tires without having to spend a dime.

The only reason you’d have to pay them is for tax mandated by the state on goods and the service cost for installation. And what’s more, this warranty covers all kinds of Douglas tires you get, irrespective of the price.

And also, the tires would have been mounted at Walmart at the time of purchase, or else the warranty wouldn’t cover it.

Who Makes Douglas Tires

2. They Are Readily Available

Regarding availability, you need not worry, as Douglas tires can be found virtually in every Walmart branch near you. And it would also interest you to know that there are over four thousand Walmart stores worldwide, so wherever you find yourself, I’m sure getting a Douglas tire wouldn’t be much of an issue.

3. You get Lots of Safety Features and Excellent Handling

The guaranteed safety many premium brands offer is one reason customers avoid lower-quality tires. The truth is that one can never know how safe a product is unless that product has been put on a very tedious trial, and this is what makes the Douglas Tire brand so reliable when it comes to safety.

The Douglas tires are put through a series of tests to know the extent to which the tires can handle stress. And they do this severally before putting these tires out for purchase. 

4. They are Budget-Friendly Tires

Of course, the price of Douglas tires is also one of the features we’d have to consider. No matter how much customers desire the best quality, they cannot always go out of their way to get a premium good. Still, when it comes to Douglas tires, you are offered premium tires for a reasonable cost, making them well sought after by many customers.

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What Warranty Does The Goodyear Give for Douglas Tire

Your Douglas tires can last for as long as four years if you drive at a mileage of about 10,000mpy. For your Douglas to give you the best service and mileage, you should change the four tires at least every four years.

With proper maintenance and servicing of your Douglas tires, the company provides a 45,000-mileage warranty. This milage is the extent to how reliable the tire is.

It would be best if you also looked out for your balance and rotation service records, and these services, as well as different tire services and wheel services, can be provided in most Walmart stores without any challenge.

The cost of services at Walmart’s relatively lower than other service centers, and their services are also fast and reliable. They also help provide you with recorded data about your tire if it develops any issues.

Who Makes Douglas Tires

When is My Douglas Tire Made?

You can use the Department of Transportation code (DOT) Imprinted on the tire’s surface to decipher how old the tire is. The DOT is a four-digit code where the two figures in front of the DOT number represent the week the tire was produced, while the last two figures represent the year the tire was made.

Locating the DOT number may appear easy to some tires where the abbreviation “DOT” comes before the digits, making it easy to identify. Sometimes, one has to look for a four-digit number where the last two digits resemble the previous year’s number.

To do this, log on to the NHTSA website on your mobile or computer, and click the form on the right side of the webpage to reveal the product types you want to check.

Then proceed to select in the equipment section; Tires. You will then be required to input the first two numbers of your tire’s DOT code, and once you search, all the information about your tire will be displayed.

You are advised to get a new tire once it exceeds a minimum of six years, even though it is not yet worn out. Always look out for your tires’ age and not just wait to see them wear out.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Who Makes Douglas Tires

Are the Douglas tires inexpensive?

To change the complete set of your Douglas tires, you can do so for about $200. But for other more expensive brands, you can replace all four tires for about $300 to $500.

How durable are Douglas tires in the rain?

The Douglas tires have a good grip on the road even when it rains. These tires can also withstand heavy rain, which may cause road flooding.
Therefore, the Douglas tires are good tires to use in the rain.

Are Douglas tires made in Germany?

The Douglas Tires company is headquartered in Germany and located in Düsseldorf’s beauty and lifestyle hub. The Douglas company was first a soap-producing facility in Hamburg in 1821.

Conclusion – Who Makes Douglas Tires

Douglas tires are worth trying when considering getting a tire that can convey a considerably short mileage. However, you need to consider a tire with better quality if the purpose of your purchasing it is for a long distance high way driving.

Douglas tires have been on sale for more than 25 years now. To date, Walmart has yet to provide concrete information on where it was first manufactured and why there are many contradictions about the reliability of these tires’ qualities and their long-lasting potential.

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