Who Makes Toyota Batteries (Answered)

Do you want to replace your car batteries? Are you wondering who makes Toyota batteries?

Toyota is known to be one of the biggest car production companies and arguably the most significant production company globally, with about 8.5% of the market share worldwide.

In the case of replacing the Battery in your Toyota automobile, ensure to change it with a TrueStart battery to get all the necessary warranty requirements.

Here, you’ll learn who and where the Toyota TrueStart batteries are produced.

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Who Makes Toyota Batteries?

Different manufacturing companies have managed the TrueStart Toyota batteries. Nevertheless, it has remained consistent with its long-lasting capacity and quality performance, unique to Toyota automobiles.

Johnson Controls International shared its business idea with a Canadian-based Brookfield Associates LP in May 2019. Johnson Controls has also changed its right of ownership brand, internet site, and brand mark to New Clarios.

Exide was the previous manufacturer of batteries for Toyota automobiles, but it failed to meet Toyota’s requirements since its lifespan was less than a year. Due to this setback, Toyota charged Johnson Controls with producing their batteries.

Who Makes Toyota Batteries

Where Are Toyota Batteries Made

As part of the company’s vision, Toyota plans on establishing about ten battery facilities all over the globe by the year 2025. Before the company’s plan, it launched its facility in 2021. This facility manufactures batteries for its electric cars in North Carolina, in the United States.

The North Carolina facility produces batteries for Toyota hybrid automobiles. However, the company intends to manufacture batteries for all its electric cars in this facility. More than twenty percent of the vehicles sold by Lexus and Toyota in 2020 are plug-in hybrid and hybrid models.

Toyota also included that the ten proposed facilities to be established will be capable of producing about 800,000 EVs of lithium-ion battery packs yearly once they kick off the manufacturing process by 2025.

The company, however, has been criticized for failing to venture wholly into electrical automobiles, just like some other production companies. Even though hybrid cars are cleaner than gasoline engines, according to the Department of Energy, they still constitute Joe Biden’s government to encourage and support the domestic EV supply chain. It is still unrealistic for the United States to reduce world battery capacity’s growing demand by ten percent in 2025.

In addition, Toyota plans on establishing a facility in the Southside of Greensboro. This action will create close to thousand seven hundred and fifty job opportunities with a statistic of earning over 435 million dollars from the state/local government as a reward for supporting economic growth in twenty years if only the project materializes within the said time frame.

Also, many states are becoming famous because of the recent establishment of plants supporting electric vehicle chains. Such States include; Tennessee, Georgia, and Kentucky.

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What Kind Of Battery Does Toyota Truestart Manufacture?

TrueStart’s Battery is an absorbed glass mat lead-acid battery modeled in a square shape. The TrueStart battery does not require water addition occasionally, so you can change them without bothering topping water them. The Battery also comes in varieties of sizes for different vehicle fittings.

TrueStart batteries are made up of six cells, each with an output of two volts, which means that your vehicle uses a TrueStart battery. The Battery also has Cold Cranking amps (CCA), which range from 240 to 950. It is very suitable for all weather conditions, and you don’t have to bother about your vehicle not starting in freezing weather.

TrueStart batteries have reputable and good quality, and you don’t need to do much market survey to get a suitable battery for your Toyota automobiles. This Battery accommodates the loads from all your car’s electric systems.

Who Makes Toyota Batteries

What is the Battery Life of Toyota Batteries

One of the advantages of having a Toyota TrueStart battery is its longevity capability. However, even with the extended battery life, one still needs to know how long a TrueStart battery can last.

The Toyota TrueStart battery has a battery life of about six years. However, it depends on factors like; corrosion accumulation, climatic and environmental conditions (like moisture and heat), and regular short-distance travel.

Is Toyota Truestart Battery Considered a Good Buy?

Yes, it is! The Toyota TrueStart battery has been tested and trusted for its longevity, extended warranty of about eighty-four months, high resistance to corrosion and vibration, and reliability. However, the battery life has significantly decreased for temperate countries, but this doesn’t change the fact that the TrueStart battery serves its purpose and meets Toyota’s requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Who Makes Toyota Batteries

Who Are The Suppliers Of Toyota Battery?

CATL produces lithium-ion batteries for Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Peugeot, Volvo, Tesla, and BMW. The Chinese company has about one-third of the global electric vehicle batteries. Also, CATL, which happens to be a significant supplier of batteries, stretched out its global market share from thirty-two percent to thirty-four percent from 2021 to 2022.

How Long Should It Take Before Replacing Your TrueStart Battery?

Before replacing your car battery, you must consider the cost of purchasing and installing the Battery. Your Toyota battery has a life expectancy of about 3-6 years; therefore, within this range, your car battery may be due for replacement. However, the lifespan of your Battery may be reduced due to wear and tear and not just aging. Also, Whittier Center experts provide various services for your car battery.

What Is The Life Expectancy Of A TrueStart Toyota Battery?

When carefully used, a brand-new TrueStart battery is estimated to last 3 to 6 years. The battery life depends on several factors; however, your battery life, amongst others, is what you need to look out for in your vehicle.

Conclusion – Who Makes Toyota Batteries

TrueStart batteries currently remain a famous battery brand globally. Even as you are offered an eighty-four months warranty, you can enjoy 24 months of free replacement if your Battery develops a fault within this period.

Johnson Controls International has been charged with supplying TrueStart batteries since it began selling its power solution business. But with the change in the franchise to Clarios, it is not sure if the new franchise will continue the supply of TrueStart batteries.

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