RAV4 Trunk Dimensions (Measured)

What is the Toyota RAV4 trunk dimensions?

Toyota automobile company has produced a lot of great cars over the years. One car that is loved by both the old and new Toyota fanbase is the Toyota RAV4.

The Toyota RAV4 which optimizes passenger space and cargo space was designed to solve the problem of users who need to transport their families and friends over long distances by road and still feel comfortable carrying some extra load.

This article will help you understand the design of the Toyota RAV4 and its dimensions. It will also focus on the load-carrying capacity and trunk dimensions.

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What are the Interior Dimensions of Toyota RAV4

The Toyota RAV4 is designed to have a large interior cabin that is comfortable enough to fit an entire family.

Here are the interior dimensions of the Toyota RAV4;

  • The cabin volume usable by passengers in the Toyota RAV4 is 105.0 cubic feet.
  • The cargo volume behind the first rule is about 38.0 cubic feet, and the cargo volume behind the second row is about 70.0 cubic feet.
  • The cabin space of RAV4 can accommodate only five passenger seats
  • Headroom for the front row is 39.0 in. Headroom for the middle row is 38.0 inches. Headroom for the rear roll is 37.0 inches
  • The shoulder room for the front row is 57.0 in. The shoulder room for the middle row is 55.0 inches. The shoulder room for the rear roll is 54.0 inches
  • Hip room for the front row is 55.0 in. hip room for the middle is 53.0 inches. hip room for the rear roll is 50.0inches
  • Legroom for the front row is 41.0 in. Legroom for the middle row is 38.0 inches. Legroom for the rear roll is 37.0 inches.

How Big Is Toyota RAV4 Trunk?

The 2021 model of the Toyota RAV4 has one of the biggest cargo spaces with 38 cubic feet. However, many other models have different trunk sizes, but an average of 50.0 inches x 34.0 inches x 28.0 inches can be estimated across all RAV 4 models.

The initial cargo size of the Toyota RAV4 model is 35 cubic feet, even seen in the first RAV4 model.

RAV4 Trunk Dimensions

What Can A Toyota RAV4 Trunk Carry?

Toyota RAV4 is an SUV for trips, including camping and cross-country with family. You might need to carry some load when going on these trips. But, do you know how much you can carry in a Toyota RAV4?

This section wheel describes the different features and dimensions of the Toyota RAV4, highlighting the maximum allowable size of the load you can carry with your RAV4.

Toyota RAV4 is well known for its flexible cargo space and other great features that make it stand out among other crossovers. It also has a low cargo floor, improving the vehicle’s center of gravity and loading capacity.

The Toyota RAV4 has a cargo space of about 20.5 cubic feet behind the rear seats and 60 cubic feet when the rear seats are folded.

The maximum weight a Toyota RAV4 can carry depends on what model you drive; however, an average across more modern models with higher payloads is estimated to be around 1200 pounds.

This SUV is designed to carry non-industrial wrote, including travel bags, family groceries, and sport utility equipment, rather than bulky and heavy tools like small generators or large chainsaws.

The RAV 4 is unsuitable for carrying bricks or bags of cement, which causes excessive stress on the suspension system. However, The RAV4 is a vehicle that supplies activities like hiking, surfing, or motorbiking.

Most families prefer to travel with their pets, and the Toyota RAV4 offers enough space to carry small pets like rabbits and birds without exceeding the maximum size of a mid-sized dog.

RAV 4 is also a great camping vehicle as the cabin and cargo spaces can be merged into a small room. The seat can be reclined and adjusted for more space.

The dimensions of a RAV4 also allow it to carry certain furniture sizes like midsize tables, chairs, and nightstands.

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How Many Suitcases Can a Toyota RAV4 Trunk Fit?

Many factors determine the luggage capacity of your Toyota RAV4, and one of the primary factors is the luggage arrangement in the car’s trunk.

When the seats in the Toyota RAV4 are adjusted for maximum cargo space, you will be able to fit nine different suitcases with other little loads; however, if the seats are left in their natural position, you might just be able to fit in a maximum of four large suitcases or five medium-sized suitcases.

What is RAV4 Trunk Dimensions When the Seats Are Folded Down?

Most recent vehicles are designed to have adjustable chairs to improve the cargo space of that vehicle.

The Toyota RAV4 is one such vehicle. In essence, whenever a car owner needs to carry more loads, there is an option to readjust the seats so that longer and bulky loads can enter the vehicle’s trunk.

The Toyota RAV4 has a cargo volume of about 70 cubic feet when all the 2nd-row seats are adjusted; however, it naturally comes with a cargo space of about 38.0 cubic feet when all seats are placed in their natural position.

Model of Toyota RAV4 With Lager Trunk Dimensions

The Toyota automobile company has produced meaningful models of the RAV4 over the years, but when it comes to having more cargo space, the 2021 RAV4 model will stand out among the rest.

The 2021 RAV4 model was designed to improve comfortable ability and create more space within the cabin and cargo area; therefore, it was designed to be slim, unlike its other counterparts, which are designed bulky for increased durability.

Is RAV4 Trunk Dimensions Big Enough For Sleep?

When going on camping trips, you may wonder if you should carry your camping tent along for sleeping purposes even after driving to the campsites with your Toyota RAV4.

Truthfully, there will be no need for your camping tent as you can sleep in the trunk of your RAV4; however, to make this possible, a few adjustments must be made, and limits must not be exceeded.

Before sleeping in the trunk of your RAV 4, all seats must be adjusted and folded so that you can effectively combine the vehicle’s cabin space with its cargo space.

However, if you are taller than 6 feet, you might have issues sleeping comfortably in the trunk of your RAV4

RAV4 Trunk Dimensions

How Much Weight Can the Toyota RAV Trunk Carry?

The Toyota RAV4 has a payload of about 1,500 pounds; however, it is safe not to exceed 1,200.

Although they are different models and have some variations across all of them, they can all carry at least 1,000 pounds.

Do Toyota RAV4 Have Enough Space?

The Toyota RAV4 was designed to offer its users comfort; therefore, it has enough cabin space, and since it was also designed for family use, the cargo space feature is designed to carry family-sized domestic loads.

In a comparison of this truck with its counterparts Toyota RAV4 is spacious.

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Frequently Asked Questions – RAV4 Trunk Dimensions

How big is the RAV4 trunk?

The standard trunk volume of the Toyota RAV4 is 38 cubic feet, its maximum cargo volume is 70 cubic feet, and the maximum cargo length is 40 inches.

How big is the RAV4 trunk with seats down?

When the back seats are folded down, the Toyota RAV4 strong can become as wide as 70 cubic feet.

How big is the inside of a RAV4?

The passenger volume of the Toyota RAV4 is 98.9 cubic feet, with a rear headroom of 39.5 inches and a front headroom of 37.7 inches.

Conclusion – RAV4 Trunk Dimensions

Modern models of the Toyota RAV4 are every family’s choice for the perfect road trip. It is designed to be spacious and comfortable, great for various activities like shopping and camping on road trips. The RAV4 has a maximum cargo space of about 70 cubic feet and a maximum allowable payload of 1200 pounds. Reading this article must have given you more insight into the dimensions of the Toyota RAV4’s trunk.

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