Which Tesla Has Butterfly Doors (Answered)

Tesla is a massive automobile company with many cars on the market. This company produces vehicles for different purposes, but what kind of doors are on their cars, and which Tesla has butterfly doors?

Generally, vehicle doors are identified by their design and working mechanisms. One of the most recent car doors on the market is the Butterfly door. These doors are usually designed and installed into luxurious cars.

The butterfly door is similar to doors like the falcon and gullwing doors. However, the butterfly door is unique as it features hinges at the top forward corner, allowing you to open it elegantly.

In this article, we would look at which Tesla has butterfly doors, how Tesla built its butterfly door, problems faced with this door, and lots more.

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With sufficient storage and towing capacity of 5,000 lbs, Model X is built for maximum utility. this car is built with easy usage in mind, having features to ease different forms of stress during its use.

Why Tesla Adopted Butterfly Doors in Model X?

Butterfly doors were first seen on classy and rare sports cars in the late 1990s. Its emergence caught the eyes of many automobile industries, and since then, various car makers have implemented the design.

The reason behind its name “butterfly doors” is its similarity in motion to the wings of a butterfly whenever the door opens or closes.

The placement of the door hinges achieves this unique motion. Butterfly doors have hinges placed at the top forward corner of the door aligned with the car’s roof. When opening a butterfly door, It will rise upward and move toward the car roofline.

This unique motion creates greater clearance than conventional front-hinged doors, hence its adoption in the Model X.

Which Tesla Has Butterfly Doors

Advantages of Butterfly Doors in Tesla Model X

The advantages which the butterfly offers are pretty much. Some of these advantages include the fact that The door provides greater clearance when leaving or entering the car, It also makes vehicles look more attractive than others.

This doors Improved aesthetics feel on the door handle and the The entry adds a bit of luxury and exclusivity to any vehicle.

Disadvantages of Butterfly Doors in Tesla X

While they offer some advantages regarding convenience and style, they also have disadvantages. These disadvantages may be the fact butterfly doors are more difficult and expensive to manufacture.

Furthermore, they usually create more wind noise when opened and these doors can obstruct the driver’s view at the rear window because Whenever the pair of winged doors open, they usually meet at the rear.

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How Tesla Built Its Butterfly Doors

The Tesla butterfly door is similar to the gullwing and Falcon wing doors. However, it is unique in that its hinges are on the vehicle’s roof, opening upward instead of swinging outward like the gullwing car.

The Tesla butterfly doors are susceptible to poor leak protection but similar to the Falcon wing door as it swings upward; however, the Tesla butterfly door has one hinge less than Falcon Wing doors. This feature has a theoretical advantage whereby Tesla butterfly doors cannot open in tighter spaces than the Falcon doors.

Car Doors That Are Similar to Tesla’s Butterfly Door.

Some doors are similar in design and operation to the Tesla butterfly door. These doors include the Gullwing Door and the Falcon Door.

Gullwing Doors

The door is unique in its way. Although the door opens upward, it is hinged along its vertical edge, in resemblance to the wings of a gull. This unique mechanism and how the car is open and closes in tight parking spaces also don’t pose any risk for two pedestrians who work by the side of the door when it is opened.

Falcon Doors

Falcon doors are also similar to both gullwing and butterfly doors. However, the Falcon doors are more oversized in size than either the gullwing or the butterfly doors. Exercise contributes to the enormous space it provides both the passenger and driver when leaving or entering the car.

This unique door is hinged at the top along the car’s roof, which enables the door open upward. The entry is also aided by a spring or hydraulic mechanism, which reduces the effort applied whenever a person opens or closes the door.

How Many Tesla Models Have Butterfly Doors?

Only one car in the Tesla family has a butterfly door. This car is the Tesla Model X. Although many Tesla models are high-end in nature, sadly, none have a butterfly door.

Some may think that the Tesla Model Y should have a butterfly door, but due to its small size, it has a regular car door.

As mentioned earlier, Falcon doors need large spaces to be installed, and the butterfly door is more similar to the Falcon door. Therefore, the Tesla Model X is bulkier than the Tesla Model Y, and the Model X can incorporate a butterfly door in its design.

Nevertheless, the Tesla Model Y is still regarded as a high-end Vehicle.

Which Tesla Has Butterfly Doors

Problems of the Tesla’s Butterfly Wing Doors

One of Tesla’s major selling points is its ability to open and close up in tight spaces. They’re other sweet benefits like the self-driving feature named “Tesla Model X smart summon feature.” This feature allows a driver to call or park their car without touching the steering wheel or even sitting in the car.

Even with all the great features mentioned above, Tesla butterfly doors still have slight issues. One of the significant issues is the inability of the car to open up whenever an object obstructs it. This characteristic of the door is due to the automatic radar sensor system, which prevents the vehicle from hitting obstacles. Therefore, if the car should be in an accident, you would not be able to get out if there is any object in front of the door.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Which Tesla Has Butterfly Doors

How much is the Tesla with the butterfly doors?

You may think that a very cool butterfly would be very expensive; however, Tesla Model X costs about $81,190 with a delivery fee of around $1200

Which Tesla has wing doors?

Tesla butterfly doors are similar to the gullwing door and the Falcon wing door, but the Model X has a pair of large winged rear doors with great aesthetics and visual impression. However, there are other mind-blowing features within the Model X.

Do Teslas have butterfly doors?

Only one Tesla car possesses butterfly doors: the Tesla Model X SUV. The butterfly doors are on the rear side of the vehicle. However, there are many other Tesla cars with winged doors.

Conclusion – Which Tesla Has Butterfly Doors

For those who love winged cars and electric vehicles, the Tesla Model X is the car for you. Among the cars produced by the Tesla automobile company, None have butterfly doors except the Tesla Model X, which has a pair of Butterfly winged rear doors.

We hope that more vehicles from the Tesla automobile company will be produced with butterfly doors.

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