Who Makes Super Start Batteries? (Answered)

A few batteries out there can perform up to expectation and one is the Super Start Battery, but who makes Super Start Batteries?

Super Start Batteries have several types that could fit into any domestic or heavy-duty vehicle. We’ll be looking at one of the SuperStart batteries, the O’Reilly SuperStart battery.

In this article, you would learn about who makes them, where they are made, and other related questions to the O’Reilly SuperStart batteries.

Let’s get started!

Super Start batteries are one of the best in the industry, there is usually a misconception about who makes the Super Start batteries, which O’Reilly markets.

There are two companies that handle the production of SuperStart batteries, let’s get to know more about them.

Clarios Company

As stated earlier, Clarios went by the name Johnson Controls up until a few years back, and they’ve continued manufacturing vehicle batteries. These batteries are not just sold in the US; they are also shipped and sold globally, supplying virtually all countries with their product.

Clarios has since been manufacturing SuperStart batteries since the year 2009. And also provide the marketing company that is O’Reilly with auto batteries in over a thousand supply locations. They are also rumored to produce up to a third of the low-volt cells used in the vehicle industry.

Clarios manufacture car batteries not only for O’Reilly but for other automobile battery companies and brands such as; Delko, VARTA, Optima, and MAC batteries. 

East Penn Manufacturing Company

East Penn Manufacturing is currently known as one of the top car battery manufacturing companies in the US and is in Pennsylvania. They are known to produce top Original Equipment brands such as Duralast, Duracell, Everstart, and Napa, as well as many other notable brands. They have been named the largest facility with a single production site, and they continue to supply vehicle manufacturers with top-notch batteries.

Where Are Super Start Batteries Made?

In a nutshell, O’Riley SuperStart batteries are made in both the Clarios And East Penn manufacturing sites, which are situated around the globe.

Clarios, in particular, has manufacturing plants situated virtually around the world. To be more precise, their manufacturing operations are done on up to six continents.

On the other hand, the East Penn manufacturing site is a single 520-acre plant that is regarded as a world-class plant that produces nothing short of quality batteries.

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Who Makes Super Start Batteries

Which Super Start Battery Do They Make?

Knowing where these batteries are produced and considering that there would be a variance depending on which company makes the battery you purchase, we would look deeper into the different SuperStart batteries.

Although we will also consider that both Clarios and East Penn are not new in the business of car battery manufacture, we will then look at the different levels of quality offered by both companies.

There are different classes of SuperStart batteries, but for this article, we won’t be considering all of them; instead, we’ll focus on the car batteries used in passenger vehicles.

The Super Start Platinum Batteries

So first off, we have the SuperStart Platinum batteries, commonly called O’Reilly’s AGM batteries, which are way better than any of the batteries mentioned earlier. They are available in Reserve Capacity from 35 to 190 minutes, Cranking Amps from 390 to 1050 CA, Cold Cranking Amps from 180 to 950 CCA, Battery group size from 24 to 401

The Super Start Extreme Batteries

The Super Start Extreme batteries, which remain the best of the flooded lead acid batteries sold by O’Reilly, and they still are one of the best premium batteries available in the market. And not only that, it still offers a wide range of battery sizes for various automobiles. They are available in Cranking Amps from 410 to 1000 CA, Reserve Capacity from 35 to 150 minutes, Cold Cranking Amps from 340 to 900 CCA, and Battery group size from 24 to 151.

The Super Start Premium Batteries

This is an upgrade from what the Economy batteries offer. You could get the below power and size configs for the Reserve Capacity of 75 to 165 minutes, Cranking Amps of 530 to 1000 CA, Cold Cranking Amps of 425 to 950 CCA, and Battery group size from 24 to 140.

The Super Start Economy Batteries

And lastly, we have the SuperStart Economy battery, the cheapest O’Reilly battery. You can get them in Reserve Capacity from 60 to 108 minutes, Cranking Amps from 615 to 810 CA, Cold Cranking Amps from 500 to 650 CCA and Battery group size from 24 to 50.

The SuperStart Economy batteries kick off at $119.99, which is a very realistic starting price, and regardless of the Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) rating and group size, the price remains the same.

Should I buy Super Start Batteries?

Compared with other battery manufacturers, O’Reilly’s Super Start batteries are one of the best. Even though they have been providing car batteries for many vehicles for a long time, they are also one of the world’s leading suppliers of car batteries, with a lineup of battery types that suit the needs of many customers.

Not to mention, the level of tech currently embedded in these batteries makes them just the appropriate high-quality premium vehicle battery for everyone. Although they have some battery types that aren’t compatible with every vehicle, the vehicles they can be used are flawless in performance.

And although some might say that these batteries may be overly priced at some point compared to many other generic products, they provide great value for your money with their high specifications and extended warranty periods.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Who Makes Super Start Batteries

Are Super Start batteries Made in the USA?

Many of the SuperStart batteries in the market today are made in the US. Still, there are manufacturing sites all around the world, but even though they aren’t made in the US, they are still very reliable.

Can you return the batteries to O Reilly’s?

Quickly Yes. The warranty offered by O’Reilly puts defective products up for either a repair, replacement, or a full refund. But to be eligible for any of these, you must possess an original receipt for the product, which should have the warranty service.

How Are Super Start extreme batteries maintenance-free?

The Super Start Extreme batteries are protected against extreme weather conditions and have an easy maintenance structure with no complications while offering high quality.

Conclusion – Who Makes Super Start Batteries

Now you know who makes the O’Reilly SuperStart batteries and know the standards of the companies that make them, you can be sure that you won’t be let down for purchasing one of their many battery types.

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